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Robert Turner’s Will

Source: “Abstracts of the Earliest Wills Upon Record in the County of Suffolk, Ms.,” New England
Historical and Genealogical Register

(14th August 1651.)

The last will & of Robert Turner shoomaker of Boston is as ffolloweth: ffirst halfe of my estate personal and real to wife Elizabeth Turner, and the other halfe of my estate the one halfe of it to sonne John Turner and the other halfe undevided to Habacuk Turner and Elizabeth Turner. Provision is made in case of another child being born, that it shall have a portion out of the whole equal with the two younger children. In case of decease of wife and children, then one halfe of estate is to be given to Abigail Death the daughter of my brother Peter Turner, and the other halfe to Hanna Hill daughter of Frances Hill, my wifes sister. Five pounds to Abigail Death, five pounds to Hanna Hill, and forty shillings unto John Spurrs wife. Wife Elizabeth Turner to be sole Executrix, and friends Vallentyne Hille, Richard Treusdale, Joshua Scotto and Hezekiah Usher to be overseers. Provision is made for other overseers in case his legatees remove to Old England.
witnessed by us ROBERT TURNER
Richard Fairebanck
Joseph Pendelton
Joseph Pendleton deposed before the County Court 3d Dec. 1651 to the above. Recorded on the same day by Edward Rawson, Recorder.
26. (7). 51. Inventory of moveables and goods belonging to Mr Robert Turner shoomaker lately deceased taken by Robrt Scott, Rich Cooke & Benjamin Negus.
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