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Another Letter from Dorothy Clanton Phillips

Source: Dorothy Clanton Phillips to Gregg Leon Mattocks, 6 February 1997.

Dear Mr. Mattocks:

Thank you for replying and thank you for the information. I hope your father is better by now.

I am sending you a little more information that I have. I don’t believe that it is Thomas and Caroline’s son living with Andrew Jackson Raney, because he is shown in the 1860 Washington County, Kentucky Federal Census living in the household of Isaiah and family. Thomas is also shown; so he couldn’t be dead in 1856. Look at the material from Filson Library again. I believe that Caroline was the one that died in 1856, probably in childbirth of her son Thomas. See 1860 Washington County, KY census below.

1860 Washington County, Kentucky Federal Census

Family page #477
District I Mackville, KY
Micro-film page #159
Value of
Real Estate
Value of
P. Property
Colter,(Coulter),Isaiah 83 M Farmer $9,120 $17,680 Brn N.C.
Colter,Rosanna (Burris) 79 F Brn N.C.
Colter, Thomas 40 M Farmer $5,195 KY
Colter, Preston 14 M KY
Colter, Levi 13 M KY
Colter, Burnetta 12 F KY
Colter, George 9 M KY
Colter, Isaiah 7 M KY
Colter, Thomas 4 M Ky

Caroline is not listed.

In 1860 Washington Co, KY Census there is a Roseann I. Coulter age 8 and a Sabra Coulter age 2 living with a Turner Cohuim family. Micro-film page #167 Family #528 District II Willisburg. They coul be Rowan’s daughters.

Mark Colter is not listed in the 1860 census. He must have died. He is listed in the 1850 census. Family #719 Micro-film #181. He was alsoo born in North Carolina. They could be brothers. I find Isaiah Colter (Coulter) in the 1810 KY Census, Washington County Micro-film page #335, also Mark Colter Micro-film page 330. Isaiah and Mark Colter are not listed in 1820 or 1830. They are again listed in the 1840 Census. Isaiah Micro-film page 108 and Mark Micro-film page 106.

found in 1994, first visit to Kentucky July 6-13, 1994. My sister’s name if Joyce Thomas Ellington. We had the same mother, but different fathers. She lives in Oklahoma. I am the oldest. There are no other children.

Court House Springfield, KY Washington County

Probate and Will book:
Isaiah Colter (Coulter)
Settlement of Estate
of $2,118.48
Nov. 21, 1865

M 266 Inventory
M 273 Sale
M 526 Report
M 529 Settlement

Isaiah Colter left in his will $1,820.61 to the following grandchildren. Will in a large book, it is to big to copy.

Levi Colter
Preston Colter
Burnette Colter
George Colter
Isaiah Colter

Thomas is not listed (I believe he is dead by now), son of Thomas and Caroline.

These are the children of Thomas and Caroline Colter, son of Isaiah. This was witnessed by: M.H. Kimberlin — He was married to Burnette by then or was soon to be. M.H. Kimberlin and Burnette Colter Kimberlin are
my great grandparents.

Washington County Marriages. Groom Index.

Isaiah Coulter (Colter) married Rosanna Burress (Burris) April 16, 1818. Isaiah must have been married before. Rowan was born in 1808.

Mark Coulter (Colter) married Nancy Taylor December 18, 1810.

Probate and Will book:

Rosa Colter (Rowan) 1866 L191-N-128 Guardian Settlement
Sarah H. Colter L192
Josephine Colter L193
Elisabeth Colter L195-N86
Thomas Colter L196-N80

This was found by me and my sister’s first visit to Kentucky in 1994. At that time we did not know who Rowan was, but thought he was some kin.

We also found the inventory of Isaiah Colter’s property. It was in a large book, too big to be copied. It looked like his estate had to be sold on the courthouse steps including his slaves. I believe this had to do with something that happened during the Civil War, maybe he couldn’t pay taxes.

We believe that we found the graves of Isaiah and Rosanna and maybe Thomas and Caroline. There are some graves with stones (can’t read the names) in a field with large bales of hay on top of them. They were buried at a farm that was owned by Coulter’s. We got the information from the library in Louisville, Ky (Filson Library).  People a little way from this site told us there were about 15 graves there. We could not see very much for the hay that was on top of them.

We also found the Coulter cemetery close to Willisburg, but the stones were all turned over. We couldn’t find any Colters that we knew. There were some Colter (Coulter) graves there.

I believe this is all I have at this time that maybe you don’t have. I keep looking.

Dorothy Clanton Phillips
Dorothy Clanton Phillips

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