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William Blake’s Will

Source: William B. Trask, “Abstracts from the Earliest Wills on Record in the County of Suffolk, Mass.,”
New England Historical and Genealogical Register 12[1858]:153.

WILLIAM BLAKE.–The last will* and testament of William Blake (being of perfect memory and vnderstanding, the good lord God be blessed and praised therefore,) made the third day of September, in the yeare one thousand six hundered sixtie and one, as followeth.

Imprmise: my will is, yt my body be desently buried in hope of a joyful resurection at the last day. It. I giue and bequeath vnto the towne of Dorchester, twenty shillings, to be bestowed for the repairing of the buring place, soe yt swine and other vermine may not añoy the graues of the saints: prvided it be repaired within one yeare after my decease. The rest of my land, goods, and estate, after my funerall exspenses and debts discharged, my will is, and I doe giue and bequeth vnto my fiue children the one halfe of my lands, goods, and estate, to be equally devided amongst them, by equall portions; not that I disrespect my eldest soñe, for he hath ben and is, soe dutifull a child vnto me as any of my Children, but, because he hath least need of it, and he hath noe Charge. The other halfe of my lands, goods and estate I doe giue and bequeth unto my beloued wife, and doe make her sole executrix of this my last will and testament: And I doe intreat my beloued brethren, brother Edwarde Clapp, and John Capen, yt they would be pleased to be the ouerseers of this my last will and testament, to see yt it be fulfilled and prformed. Finally, my will is, yt my wife doe not dispose of any of her estate, left her by this my last Will and testament during the time of her life, without the advise and Consent of my ouerseers and my foure soñes, or the maior parte of them: yet neverthelesse, in her last will, she may dispose of it vnto whom shee please. In witnes hereof I haue herevnto sett my hand and seale : In the prsence of John Capen.

William Blake

Jno Minott,

who deposed 28 Jan. 1663.
Inventory taken 6th Novr 1663 by William Sumner, James Humfrey. Amt. £224. 12.
Mrs Agnes Blake deposed 29th Jan. 1663, to this estate of her late husband.

*This is an entire copy of the will of William Blake, from the original, on file. T.

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