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Petition to the General Court of Massachusetts, Relative to the War, 1675-6

Source: “Petition to the General Court of Massachusetts, Relative to the War, 1675-6,” New England
Historical and Genealogical Register

To the Right Honoble the Governor Depty Govr Magistrates & Deputyes now assembled in the Generall Court February ye 22 1675.

Honoured Srs we are not Ignorant of yor Ernest and Solicitous Endeavours to have prevented the sad providences that have befalne us by this present Warr: the great Loss that this poore Country have sustained both in the Lives and Estates of many worthy persons, but also in those that are in Captivity under the Heathen, which Doubtless doth Lye Heavy upon yor Spirits as well as ours: And will without the imediate hand of God worke for us: and some Speedy meanes be used by yorselves prove the ruine of us all: And therefore we (as part) freemen and other inhabitants being in the same Danger and Hazard doe presume now to propound to yor Honors these Consideracons following Leaveing you to ye guidance and direction of the All wise God begging of him that you may have supplyes of Wisdome from above: to conclude matters so as may be for the greatest peace & safety of this poore people in this day of our Callamity.

First. Whether it may not be convenient in this Juncture of time to nominate and appoint three or foure meet persons to give Commissions to all partyes that are or shall be sent out with power to give Comissions or Coppyes to such as the Councell of Warr in the field shall thinke meet: with power to act and doe in all things relateing to this present Warr according as the Emergency of the occasion shall require; without farther order.

2. That our Frontiere townes be sufficiently Garrisoned to defend them from the rage of the Enimie.

3. That there be a sufficient army speedyly sent forth and divided into two or three partyes with order to follow the Indians wheresoevr they can heare of them and be able to reach them.

4. That Due incouragemt be given to all such persons as shall be willing to adventure their Lives for the suppressing of the Enimye. And that this be accomplished with all Expedition: For if seed time and planting time be prevented or obstructed we shall be in great Hazard of a Famin.

5. That some Effectual and Speedy Course may be taken for the preventing of the Narragansets possessing their country or returning thither, in regard it is Judged they may have store of Corne there hidd in secret places which the English have not yet found: But if they had no corne there, that is such a place for shell fish and other as is not the like in all these parts: And if God by his providence doe not bring them Low before planting time, many of our men will unavoideably be destroyed & their Habitations Laid in Ashes:

6. That some speedy Course be taken for the removall of those Indians that dwell in and amongst our Plantations to some place farther remote from us.

7. That plowing and sowing be furthered by mutual agreemt of People in Each towneship togather and that they helpe Each other: and have a guard about them untill Each Lott be improved.

8. That unimproved Lands in perticular proprietyes that Lye freer from the danger of the Enimy be planted and sowne by those that are driven from their habitations for the supplye of them selves and Comon Benefitt.

We desire our Loveing friends to present these Consideracons to the Honoble Generall Court:

[Among the signatories:]

Samuell Mattocke.

Cum Multis Allis.—Mass. Archives, Book 68, p. 140.

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