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Soldiers in King Philip’s War

Source: Rev. George M. Bodge, “Soldiers in King Philip’s War,” New England Historical and Genealogical Register 39[1885].

[page 76]

Upon the mustering of forces for the Narraganset campaign, Capt. JOHNSON was placed in command of a company made up of men from Roxbury, Dorchester, Milton, Braintree, Weymouth, Hingham and Hull, seventy-five all told.  Eight more were impressed but did not appear.  The company took part in the memorable march and attack on the fort, as before related, and the brave captain was among the first to fall while gallantly leading his men across the fatal tree-bridge at the entrance to the fort.

[page 77]

Under Capt. JOHNSON, June 24th [1675]

[among others:]

July 24

John SPURR          02 14 00

The following list of Capt. JOHNSON’s company, made at Dedham Dec. 10th, 1675, preserved in Mass. Archives, vol. 67, p. 293, has been published before in the REGISTER, ante, vol. viii, p. 242; but it is here inserted with several corrections, justified by Hull’s Journal.

“List of Capt JOHNSON’s Company”

[among others:]





[page 78]

The following is preserved in the Mass. Archives, vol. 68, page 104:

The names of those soldiers yt were slayne & wounded of Capt JOHNSON’s Compa December 1675

[among others:]

Capt Isa: JOHNSON of Roxbury


John SPUR of Dorchester

[page 383]

Ephraim Tucker [sic], Capt. Oliver’s lieutenant in this expedition, was the son of Robert Turner, who came to Boston, September 4, 1633, in the ship Griffin, with Rev. John Cotton.  Robert is styled “Vintner” in the deed of April 1, 1652, from Richard Fairbanks, conveying the estate upon which he rebuilt or enlarged the house where he established the famous hostelry known as the “Blue Anchor Tavern” for more than fifty years.

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