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Luster Earl Colley to Gregg Leon Mattocks, e-mail, 13 November 1998

Source: Luster Earl Colley to Gregg Leon Mattocks, e-mail, 13 November 1998.

This may be old news to you, but I just discovered it.

Today I scanned the 1850 census of Mason County, VA.  Just as you said, here is the Wears family:

Page 376A; dwelling 212; dated 8 August:
George WEARS 52 M Farmer Va
Martha ” 49 F Va
James ” 25 M Laborer Va
Lucretia ” 18 F Va
George ” 15 M Laborer Va
William ” 13 M Va
Jane A. ” 10 M ”

But here is what brought me to attention:

Page 376A; dwelling 214:
Armisted EMBREY 55 M Farmer Va
Mildred ” 45 F Va
Sanford ” 20 M Laborer Va
Mary J. ” 18 F Va
Jeremiah ” 17 M Laborer Va
Louisa ” 15 F Va
Wilford ” 13 M ”
Martha A. ” 10 F ”
Elizabeth ” 6 F ”

There is only one dwelling listed on this Mason Co. census between these two households.

Now I copy from the 1860 census of Henry county, MO:

Dwelling 7:
George W. WEARS 24 M Carpenter $1000 $80 Vir
Marth A. WEAR 21 F Vir
infant ” 1/12 M Mo

Dwelling 8:
Armsted EMBRY 68 M Farmer $3500 $6890 Vir
Mildred A. ” 55 F Vir
Jeremiah ” 25 M ”

Dwelling 18:
James WEARS 35 M Farmer $1782 $403 Vir
Elizabeth ” 27 F NC
George W. ” 1 M Mo
Richard B. ” 4/12 M ”
Martha ” 57 F Vir
William ” 21 M Carpenter Vir
Jane A. ” 19 F Vir
John T. ” 20 M Carpenter Vir

From the records of Henry County, Missouri

20 December 1851 Richard Jones married Lucretia Weir
20 September 1857 James Wier married Elizabeth Jones
25 February 1858 George W. Wears married Martha A. Emery

I would guess that an extended group of families and neighbors came from Mason Co. VA to Henry Co. MO a little after 1850. The Wears and Embry families seem to have been in the group and probably also the Jones family. I suspect there have been previous intermarriages among these families back in VA.

Everyone seems to be accounted for except John Thomas Wears.  Since Martha Wears has William age 20 and Jane A. age 19 in 1960, there is hardly time for her to have been the mother of John T. age 20. Maybe John T. is a son of a brother of George Wears?

I hope to follow up some of these mysteries. I would be glad to have your ideas.


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