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Henry Withington of Dorchester, Mass.: Additions and Corrections

Source: Frederic Scherer Withington, “Henry Withington of Dorchester, Mass., and Some of His Descendants: Additions and Corrections,” New England Historical and Genealogical Register 76[1922]:26.

Page 143, line 12, for the first read one of the first.  […one of the founders and original shareholders in one of the first ironworks in the American Colonies…]

Page 144, lines 27-39 (1, iv).  Mr. Albert C. Bates, Librarian of the Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, Conn., writes that there is no reason known to him for thinking that Anne (Withington) Bates (1, iv) ever lived at Huntington, Long Island, where, according to this article, she died in 1700.  Mr. Bates states that she died before 16 Feb. 1691/2, when the children of “James and hanah Bate late of haddam deseased” signed an agreement dividing, apparently, “the whole estat of the said James and Anna Bate.”  (Haddam Land Records, vol. 1, p. 22.)  The wording of this agreement, continues Mr. Bates, indicates that Anne survived her husband and had come into possession of his property.  Mr. Bates adds, in regard to the children of Anne (Withington) Bates, that Samuel was baptized 19, 4 mo. 1648, i. e., 19 June 1648, that John was born at Haddam, Conn., in Oct. 1666, that Hannah was born at Haddam 7 Sept. 1668, that Alice, who, according to this article, was born about 1657, is mentioned in 1655 in the will of her grandfather Bate, that the first Mary was baptized in Jan. 1654/5 and that it has been supposed that she was the Mary whom Samuel Hough, born in 1653, married as his second wife, and that James, born in 1662, married Mary Lord.  Mr. Bates asks whether the Mary Bate who was baptized 11 Mar. 1666 (the second Mary) was a child of James and Anne (Withington).  If she was their child, she was born after Margaret, who was baptized in June 1664 or was born (according to the Dorchester town records) in July 1664, and before John, who was born in Oct. 1666, and such a birth appears unlikely.  In reference to these statements of Mr. Bates the author of this genealogy wishes to say that the known records of the family of James Bates, husband of Anne Withington, are very meagre, and that the authorities consulted are not always in agreement.  The late Lothrop Withington (153, ii) wrote that Anne (Withington) Bate died at Huntington in 1700.  The date of baptism (11 Mar. 1666) of the second Mary, but not the place, is given by one of the authorities consulted.  The Haddam (Conn.) records and the will referred to by Mr. Bates were not accessible to the author of this article.

Page 145, line 1 (2, iv), for 1725 read 1723.

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