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Darrell Plank to Gregg Leon Mattocks, 27 April 2008

Source: Darrell Plank to Gregg Leon Mattocks, e-mail, 27 April 2008.

I wrote down the info from the Bible many years ago. It was when I was first getting into genealogy and I really didn’t have any idea how important that Bible was or I would have been much more careful about tracking it over the years. I believe that my aunt got me that info and I thought she actually had the Bible but am not sure. I got hold of her kids and asked them if they knew anything and they haven’t been able to locate it. I’ve got some leads to track down yet, but I’m not sure where it is at this moment.

Anyway, here is what I’ve got written down, unedited:

Absalom F. Johnson B 12-2-1842 D Mar 9, 1907 M 2-8-1865

Rosabelle Raney B Louisville, KY Jan 20, 1847 D July 30, 1929

John Wellington Johnson B near Hortense MO Oct 23, 1865 M 2-20-1889

Wife B Aug 26, 1870

Mary Etta Johnson B Oct 19, 1867

George Walter Johnson B Leesville, MO Jun 6, 1869

Elizabeth Ellen Johnson B Cedar Creek S of Coal, MO Mar 26, 1873 D Oct 25, 1955

David R. Douglas B Sep 12, 1842, D July 30, 1885

Susan Alloway B Sep 18, 1842, D Jun 21, 1881

Rosella Adell Douglas B 12-4-1866, D Mar 22, 1902

Married William K. Kaisely

John Arnold Douglas B May 2, 1869, D Jan 1, 1907

Married Effie May Hillegas

Lizzie Osa Douglas B Jan 4, 1872 M Dec 30, 1905 (the “Jan” in this birthdate may be “Jun”)

Married Joseph Ernest Brent B July 18, 1867

Raymond Douglas B Sep 11, 1879

Mrs. Sarah J. Kelley and David R. Doublas M Aug 27, 1882

If I can locate the Bible and at least get photocopies or verification on what I’ve written here, I’ll let you know.

Thanks for your great info. Especially the death certificate for Rosa Belle. She was my gg-Grandmother as follows:

Absalom Franklin Johnson – Rosa Bell Raney

George Walter Johnson – Lillie Maude Douglas

Charles Ray Johnson – Mary Etta Smith

Stanley Plank – Dorothy Jane Johnson

… who are my parents. Mom claims to remember Rosa Belle sitting in a rocking chair smoking a pipe and claims she was “a very small woman”.

Darrell Plank

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