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Virginia Executive Papers: Selected Items

Source: “Virginia Executive Papers: Selected Items,” Virginia Genealogist 17[1973]:91.

1781, July 18 – At a Court martial held for Stafford County.  Present: Col. James Garrard, Major Gregg, 7 captains.  Tho. G. S. Tyler, returned by Capt. Mason Pilcher as a delinquent and deserting the militia when on duty at Falmouth and Hunter’s Forge on Saturday morning, 7 June last, a majority of the Court were of the opinion that he should serve for the same.

Tyler moved for an appear [sic] to a superior power for a further trial for these causes:  That as a civil officer and clerk of the Court of the said County, he had a right to attend the Court; that being appointed a lieutenant on the day of the Court, he should be considered an officer and not be tried as a soldier; that he was returned a deserter on Saturday morning whereas he did not leave the camp till Saturday evening.

Henry Ward, Lieutenant, Stafford militia, certifies that Mr. Tyler applied to Col. Jas. Garrard to sign the above, which he refused.  Mr. Tyler has served two or three tours in the militia with me and was discharged in the time of the draft as an invalid.

John Gregg, major, certifies that Mr. Tho. G. S. Tyler applied to him at Falmouth Tuesday morning after his leaving camp at that place and informed him that the Court on Monday had appointed him a lieutenant in Capt. Mason Pilcher’s company and asked if he should join the regiment.  I informed him it would not be worth while as they would be discharged that day.

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