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Will of Andrew Edwards: Stafford County, Virginia

Source: George Harrison Sanford King, “Will of Andrew Edwards: Stafford County, Virginia,” Virginia Genealogist 16[1972]:307-310.

… I Andrew Edwards of Stafford County being sick & Weak of body but sound in sence & memory considering the uncertainty of life … to my said Wife [Elizabeth] the use of three negroes Vizt. Nan, a house wench, Phillis & Daniel until my young son comes to the age of twenty one years … my said son Andrew Neale Monkister … this lot, Stafford Old Court house … not to effect the right of my younger son … Land I now live upon purchased of Mr. George Dent, one hundred and seventy acres more or less … I give also for her support fifteen hundred pounds of Well fatted pork & the fat of said Hogs & three hundred weight of fatted beef, with the use of all my milch cows … two bushells of Allum Salt & one bushell of Country or Liverpool Salt & thirty barrels of Indian Corn that be sound & fit for use, ten bushells of wheat one hundred Gallons of Choice Cyder ten gallons of Good Brandy to be delivered to her in s[t]rong tight Casks, four pounds of the best tea, forty pounds of Loaf sugar, thirty pounds of Coffee, sixty pounds of the best brown Sugar, one thousand pounds of Crop Tobacco on Fallmouth inspection, not more than two months old twenty pounds of well washed wool … fire wood in plenty & in convenient season her Lott and Garden kept well inclosed with good fenceing & every repair made about the dwelling & out Houses to render them comfortable & convenient … the Looms, slays, Geers, &c all the feathered fowles, the feathers in my house now out of Beds … I give unto my daughter Margaret the money settled on her by deed, but in Case Robert Lowery Gives up the said money, I give unto my daughter Margaret his wife the negro Esther … my daughter Mountjoy shall have five pounds current money, then the residue of my estate to be divided between my two Children Travers & Sarah Vizt. Traverse to have two thirds … & Sarah the one third … I appoint my two friends Col: Thos. Mountjoy & Mr. Daniel Mason together with my wife Elizabeth my Exors. to this my last Will & Testament this eleventh day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty six.

) Andw. Edwards

Signed Sealed & acknowledged in the presence of us

  • William Berry, John Curtis
  • Thomas Kenna

The words which we were called upon by the late Andrew Edwards on his death to witness were the following that his daughter Anna he gave a Negro Girl by the name of Milley. Given under our hands this 4th of July 1788.

Signed in the presence of

  • Suckey X Ryon
  • Thomas Ludwell Lee
  • George Lee Waugh
  • John Payne

[At] a Court held for Stafford County the 14th day of July 1788.

The aforegoing Will of Andrew Edwards was then presented by Thos. Mountjoy Gent. an exor. therein named who [made?] oath and gave bond with Daniel Mason & Mason [?]cher as securities for his due exon. thereof which [is] ordered to be certified. Elizabeth relict of the [tes]tator & said Daniel Mason refusing to act as such and the said Will being proved by one of the Witnesses thereto it was ordered to be certifyed … And at a Court held for said County the 11th day of August next following being further proved by William Berry & John Curtis Evidences thereto and Ordered to be recorded.


R. Tyler C.S.C.

A copy Teste V. Peyton C.S.C.

Also filed …

… I Andrew Edwards, of the County of Stafford … my Daughters Mary the wife of Alvin Mountjoy of the County … aforesaid, and Peggy Edwards … 12 [?] day of August 1778.

It is hereby agreed that the sum … intended for my Dauter Peggy shall be paid to, and received by Majr. Tho. Mountjoy in trust …

A. Edwards


  • William Garrard
  • James Garrard
  • John Pollard sr.
  • John Fristoe

Stafford to wit August Court 1778

Andrew Edwards produced in Court & acknowledged the above Deed, wch. was ordered to be recorded.


Thos. G. S. Tyler C.S.C.

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