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Worsham, Jones, Mayo, and Scott Families

Source: Linus P. Hayes, “Worsham, Jones, Mayo and Scott Families,” Virginia Genealogist 2[1958]: 177-78.

Some confusion seems to exist as to the name of the mother of the famous Clerk of Prince Edward County, Virginia, Branch Jones Worsham. His father was Capt. William Worsham (1752-1836) and his mother’s first name was Margaret. On 31 January 1816, soon after Branch’s marriage to Susannah Rochet M. Booker, his parents deeded him 103 acres of land and his mother signed the indenture as Peggy Worsham.

It is known that Margaret (Peggy) was the daughter of Sarah Mayo who was born about 1714 on the island of Barbadoes, the daughter of Maj. William Mayo (1684-1744) by his first wife Frances Gould.

George Norbury Mackenzie’s Colonial Families of the United States, v. 2, p. 504, states that Sarah Mayo married twice with doubt expressed as to whether she married first a Dr. Joseph Scott or a Mr. Jones. Her issue, however, is shown by her first marriage as Judy Jones, Nancy Jones, Sally Jones, and Elizabeth Jones, and by her second marriage as Robert Scott, Samuel Scott, Mary Scott, Hester Scott and Margaret Scott who, it is stated, married a Mr. Worsham.

The following indicates rather conclusively that Sarah Mayo married first Joseph Scott and after his death married Robert Jones, and that Margaret was a daughter of the second marriage:

1. Goochland Co., Va., marriage bonds under date of 8 Dec. 1734 show Joseph Scott to Sarah Mayo, with a certificate of consent from William Mayo. Also, on 3 July 1743 Joseph Scott and George Carrington were witnesses to the consent of William Mayo for the marriage of his daughter Mary Mayo to Edmund Gray.

2. William Mayo’s will, dated 10 Feb. 1743 [1744] and proved 20 Nov. 1744 in Goochland County, gives to Joseph Scott and his wife Sarah 200 acres of land in Amelia County adjoining their own land.

3. In the will of a Joseph Scott, dated 22 Nov. 1748 and proved 20 Jan. 1748 [1749] in Amelia Co., Va., his wife Sarah is named co-executor with his friend George Carrington and his sons John Scott and William Scott. A daughter Judith Scott is also mentioned. George Carrington was the husband of Sarah’s sister Ann Mayo.

4. On 16 June 1750 the marriage bond of a Robert Jones of Lunenburg Co., Va., to a Sarah Scott was recorded in Amelia County with Thomas Nash as security.

5. In the will of Daniel Mayo, half brother of Sarah, dated 8 Dec. 1760 and proved in Cumberland Co., Va., reference is made to ‘my Sister Sarah Jones’s daughter Mary.’

6. In the will of a Robert Jones, dated 18 Dec. 1769 and proved 26 April 1770 in Amelia Co., Va., his wife Sarah is named co-executor and his children are named as Betty, Mary, Samuel, Robert, Margaret and Hester Mayo Jones. One of the co-executors was `my trusty friend John Scott.’ The marriage bond of Hester Mayo Jones and Charles Jones was dated 28 Oct. 1784 in Amelia County.

7. One of Branch Jones Worsham’s sisters was named Margaret J. and another Sarah M. It seems reasonable to conclude that these initials stood for Jones and Mayo while his own name probably came from his paternal grandmother Elizabeth Branch and his maternal grandfather Robert Jones.

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