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Zacheus Bosworth, of Boston, Husbandman

Source: Robert H. Montgomery, “Zacheus Bosworth, of Boston, Husbandman,” American Genealogist 24[1948]:81.

The first parcel in Boston is his [Zacheus BOSWORTH’s] house and garden lot bounded with the street on the West and on the North, Richard FAIREBANKES South and John SYNDERLAND East. The street on the West is the present Tremont Street, then called the street or highway to the training ground, and later, Common Street. The street on the North is School Street (School House Lane). The parcel is easily identified as one about 4 rods wide (66 or 67 feet) lying between School and Bromfield Streets (the latter was once called Rawson’s Lane) along Tremont, comprising part of the site of the Parker House and part or all of the site of Tremont Temple. The present Bosworth Street, named in comparatively modern times, 1883, runs through it. The history of this first parcel is interestingly told by James W. Spring in his Boston and the Parker House, Boston, 1927, privately printed. Zacheus BOSWORTH’s name appears with others on a bronze tablet at the School Street door of the Parker House.

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