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Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Source: Lyman Chalkley, Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, Volume 2 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1965).

[page 32]

APRIL, 1804 (S to Z)

James HOUSTON and Cornelius ALEXANDER, guardians of orphans of George WEIR, deceased, vs. James MITCHEL, executor of last will and testament of James BEARD, deceased. – Suit on arbitration to determine a legacy left by James BEARD to his daughter, Jane (WEIR?). Arbitrators decided that MITCHELL shall pay to the plaintiffs £22 on or before Jane’s eldest child arrives at full age. Dated 21st November, 1786.

[page 80]

McCREERY vs. McCREERY – O.S. 41, N.S. 14 – Bill 23d March, 1804. Joseph WEIR deposes in Botetourt at house of James LOCKHART, 20th July, 1804, that he was in employ of John McCREERY, deceased, in 1796-1797 as

[page 81]

store keeper. John and James McCREERY were brothers. Copy of deed, 10th January, 1797, John McCREERY and Hannah, his wife, to James McCREERY, recorded in Botetourt April, 1797.

[110] PAUL vs. PAUL–O.S. 107; N.S. 36–Petition for a new trial at law from Rockbridge. Bill, 1798. In May, 1798, decree was entered in Rockbridge County Court at suit of Andrew, Easter, Jean, Jennet PAUL, James BEATY

[111]and Isabella, his wife, Joseph WEIR and Margaret, his wife, heirs of John PAUL, deceased, upsetting John PAUL’s will. Orator here is John PAUL. Mary PAUL was John’s widow. Bill was filed in Rockbridge 1795.  John PAUL died in 1794, very aged. John PAUL’s will dated. Wife, Mary; son John and his two eldest sons, John and Andrew; daughters, Easter, Jan, and Jenney, Isabella BETSY, (Mary PAUL, John’s daughter?) son, James; son, Andrew; Mary RAY; Ester RAY, granddaughter. Dated 11 May, 1794. Offered in Rockbridge 6th January, 1795, but Court refused to allow it to be recorded, but 1st September, 1795, by order of District Court it was recorded in Rockbridge. Answer says John PAUL, Sr., died 28th September, 1794, 78 years old.

[page 127]

James YOUNG vs. EAKIN–O.S. 148; N.S. 51–Bill, 23d February, 1808. Complainant was son-in-law of Andrew KENNEDY (of Rockbridge?). James AIKEN bought land from BORDEN, Sr. (died in Orange), devised (will in Augusta) it to son John 30 acres which his uncle Walter formerly lived on, to son James, to sons, Andrew and Samuel. John and James (before Andrew and Samuel came of age) conveyed to a distant relation, Anne AIKEN. Ann sold to George WEIR, father of Thomas WEIR, who conveyed to orator. Andrew AIKEN is dead, also James AIKEN. Thomas WEIR lives in Tennessee. Ann EAKIN was widow of Walter. Margaret POLLAX deposes: Was daughter of John AIKEN. Thomas BEARD was father-in-law of George WEIR. James HOUSTON deposes: he was born in 1751. William ALEXANDER deposes in 1769 he heard his grandfather Thomas BEARD say. George WEIR’s will of Rockbridge, dated 8th August, 1781. Wife, Jean; sons, Thomas; children.  Recorded in Rockbridge, 6th November, 1781.

[page 314]


1793 – June 17, John WEER and William SPROUL, surety. John WEER and Jane SPROUL, daughter of Wm. SPROUL (consent). Teste: Wm. SPROUL, Jr., James CLARCK, James MONCE.

[page 339]

1802 – January 26, John GRASS and Abraham HAWK, surety. John GRASS and Polly MASONCUP, daughter of Jacob MASONCUP. Frederick WEAR (WEHR, German) swears Polly is of age. John also of age.

[page 352]


1793, … By Rev. John BROWN … June 22d., John WEIR and Jean SPROUL.

[page 359]


1781 – November 28th, James CUNNINGHAM and Mary WEIR.

[page 360]

[Marriages – Rockbridge]

1785 – … March 17th, Cornelius ALEXANDER and Jean WEIR …

[page 362]

[Augusta marriages:]

1793 – … June 22d. Jno WEIR and Jean SPREIL.

[page 363]

[Rockbridge marriages:]

1796 – … May 10th, John COWAN and Margaret WEIR.

[page 408]


1775 – … Joseph WEIR, Borden’s Land; …

[page 463]

Page 276.–1760: Processioned in Capt. MOORE’s Company by John STEPHSON, Nathaniel EVINS: For Nathaniel EVINS, for Wm. McCREEREY, for Thos. WILLSON, for John STEVENSON, for John McCLUNG, for Wm. McCLUNG, for Alex. MOORE, for Adam REED, for Wm. HAYS, for Wm. PARIS, for Thomas BARD, for John CUNNINGHAM, for Mathew HUSTON, for John MOUNTGUMERY, for Wm. MOORE, For Wm. LOCKRIDGE, for Thomas BOYD, for John BOYD, for Thomas HILL, for Robert WARE (WIRE), for Wm. HAYS, for Wm. BEARD, for Wm. WARDLAW, for Andrew STEEL, for James STEEL, for Joseph KENNEDY, for John LOWRY, for Samuel HUSTON, for James EAKINS, for John HANLY, for John LOGAN, for Alex. LOGAN, for Alex. McNUTT, for James McNUTT, for John ROSMAN, for Andrew DUNKIN, for John WARDLAW, for Wm. McCANLESS, for James COWDAN, for John MOORE.

Page 278.–For William EDMISTON, for Wm. ROBERTSON, for John HUSTON, for Robert KIRKPATRICK, for John MOORE.

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