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Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Source: Lyman Chalkley, Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, Volume 3 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company), 1965).

[page 68]

Page 131.–1st October, 1761. William WARDLAW’s will – in Borden’s tracke, planter. Executors, Jeannet WARDLAW and John WARDLAW. To wife, Jeannet; to son, John; to ? James WARDLAW; to son, Hugh WARDLAW; to ? Joseph and Wm. WARDLAW; the plantation testator lives on; to daughter, Margaret WARDLAW; to son, Robert WARDLAW, the plantation of woodland lying beside Samuel BUCHANAN. Teste: Robt. WEER, Jas. WARDLAW, John WARDLAW, Hugh WARDLAW. Proved, 18th May, 1762, by Robt. WEER, Jas. and John WARDLAW. Executors qualified, with James and Hugh WARDLAW. Janet ( ) her mark.

[page 112]

Page 277.–24th May, 1769. Jonathan CUNNINGHAM’s will, of Carr’s Creek – To wife Mary; to dutiful father, Hugh CUNNINGHAM. Executors, father Hugh and William McKEE, testator’s brother-in-law. Teste: Hugh WEIR, Nathan PEOPLES, Cornelius DOCHERTY, Robert HAMILTON. Proved 20th March, 1770, by WEIR and PEOPLES. William McKEE refuses to execute. Hugh CUNNINGHAM qualifies with Wm. McKEE, John McKEE.

[page 135]

Page 252.–7th March, 1774. James LUSK’s will, yeoman – To brother, William, land in Forks of James; to brother, Robert. Teste: James SNODGRASS, James MONTGOMERY, George WEIR. Proved, 16th August, 1774, by the witnesses.

[page 148]

Page 506.–16th August, 1777. David WILLIAMS’ estate appraised by Robert WEAR, Thomas HILL, James HENRY.

Page 256.–19th August, 1777. John GALASPY’s estate settled by Samuel LYLE. –1776, January 24th, received from Capt. Samuel McDOWELL, his soldier’s pay for serving on the Shawney’s Expedition; February 8th, by Joseph WEAR; 1777, January 25th, by Ebenezer ALEXANDER’s note.

[page 152]

Page 43.–3d January, 1778. John LOGGAN’s will – To son, John; to son, Samuel; to son, William; to son, Robert; to son, Joseph; to daughter, Sarah; to wife; to daughter, Mary; to son, Alexander; to son, Jame.  Executors, wife and Mathew HUSTON. Teste: Robert KENKEAD, Samuel HUSTON, Geo. WEIR. Proved, 19th May, 1778, by WEIR, and 18th August, by HUSTON. Mary qualifies.

[page 154]

Page 71.–18th May, 1779. Recorded. John DOUGLAS’ estate settlement – Paid George WEAR, Mary McMURPHEY.

[page 155]

Page 95.–8th December, 1778. Ephraim RICHARDSON’s estate appraised by Daniel WESTFALL, Francis WIRE, Wm. BLAIR.

Page 98.–21st March, 1779. Francis WIRE’s (WERE) will – To wife, Hannah; to sons, Daniel and Benjamin, committed to their mother’s charge until they are six years old and then to be bound; to four children – Solomon, John, Daniel, Benjamin, infants. Leaves Solomon to Daniel WESTFALL to be taught a trade, also a branch of shoemaker’s trade. Leaves John to Benj. WILSON, to be taught a branch of weaver’s trade suitable to the work of the country, and a branch of the shoemaker’s trade. Executors, Benj. WILSON and Daniel WESTFALL.  Teste: Henry DELONG, George SHAVER, Daniel WESTFALL, Benj. WILSON. Proved, 18th August, 1779, by George SHAVER and Henry DELAY. Executors qualify.

[page 158]

Page 152.–11th May, 1780. Francis WIRE’s estate appraised by Jacob WESTFALL, Aron RICHARD, John CASETY.

[page 188]

Page 237.–12th June, 1789. Thomas STUART’s estate appraised by Walter DAVIS, Samuel LONG, Joseph COLTER.

[page 189]

Page 244.–List of book debts due Thomas STUART – By … John WEIR (SMITH’s cousin); … James WEIR (Jeremiah TEFORD’s father-in-law); … John WEIR (Hugh’s brother); Hugh WEIR (SMITH); John WEIR (Robert’s son); …

[page 229]

Page 73. — — –, 1806. William SPROULL’s will – To wife, Susanna; son, James; son, Alexander; daughter, Margaret McCUTCHEN; daughter NEMSEY’s children; son, William; son, Joseph; son, Oliver; daughter, Jane WEIR; daughter, Sidney BEARD; sons, John and Charles; daughters, Mary, Martha, Fanny; son, Samuel (to take profession). Executors, wife Susanna, sons William and John. Teste: Joseph and Samuel BEARD, Michael KOONTS. Proved 22d July, 1806. Executors qualify.

[page 246]

Page 227.–2d July, 1816. John SHARPE’s will – To son, Joseph; sons John and Robert; son, Thomas; daughter, Ann HENRY; daughter, Jane BLACK; daughter, Letitia CLACK; daughter, Peggy WEIR; daughter, Fanny PORTER; son James died intestate seized of considerable lands in Georgia. Executors, sons-in-law John HENRY, James BLACK. Teste: Aaron BEATY, Elijah CARSON, George SHULTZ. Proved, 27th January, 1817.  Executors qualify.

Page 246.–26th February, 1817. Charles SPROUL’s will – To brother, John; sister, Jean WEIR; sister, Mary SPROUL; to brother, Joseph; brother, Oliver; sister, Martha HUTCHESON; to sister, Fanny THOMSON; sister Sidney BEARD’s children, viz: Polly, William, Susannah, Jeanatte, and John; to half-brother, Alexander SPROUL; to half-sister, Margaret McCUTCHEN; to Alexander BEARD; to Wm. BEARD; to Thomas BEARD; to half-brother, William SPROUL. Executors, brother John SPROUL, Thos. THOMSON. Teste: Joseph BEARD, Hugh DOUGHERTY, Ro. HUTCHISON. Proved 28th April, 1817. Executors qualify.

[page 251]

Page 164.–Thomas SHARP’s will, 12th February, 1825 – Oldest sister, Lettis CLARK; sister, Peggy WEIR, and her son, Hugh; brother, John; sister Fanny PORTER; brother, Joseph SHARP; brother, Robert SHARP; sister, Ann HENRY; sister, Jean BLACK; Lettis CLARK’s son, John; James BLACK’s son, Sam; Alexander SHARP, son of Robert SHARP, sister Lettis’ first husband; wife, Mary.

[page 305]

Page 390.–19th August, 1752. Richard COUSART and Martha to Jno. CUNNINGHAM and Robert WEIR, 333 acres. In Borden’s tract; corner James ECKINS, Samuel DUNLAP’s line; corner Wm. McCANLESS, Robert DUNLAP’s line. Teste: Samuel HUSTON, James EAKIN, Andrew LOCKRIDGE.

[page 316]

Page 415.–14th August, 1753. Samuel DUNLOP to Thomas BEARD, 389½ acres in Borden’s tract. Cor. John HUSTON and Robert WIER. Teste: Jno. EDMISTON, Robert DUNLAP, Thomas MITCHELL.

[page 329]

Page 420.–21st August, 1754. Same [BORDEN’s executors] to Robert WIRE (WEIR), 240 acres, part of 92,100, both sides of Halfway Creek; corner to Patrick HAYS. Delivered to James TELFORD, October, 1763.

[page 335]

Page 65.–8th May, 1755. BORDEN’s executors to William LOUGHRIDGE (LOCKRIDGE), £4.2.4, 250 acres, part of 92,100 on Halfway Creek; corner Thomas HILL; said Wm. LOUGHRIDGE’s corner; MOORE’s corner; David MOORE’s corner, east side of the Great Road in the patent line; corner Robt. WEIR.

[page 402]

Page 364.–18th June, 1763. John CUNNINGHAM and Robert WEIR to Hugh WEIR, £100, 333 acres in Borden’s tract; corner James ECKINS, Samuel DUNLAP’s line; corner William McCANLESS, Robert DUNLAP’s land. Teste: John NEILL, Robert REED, Samuel ( ) LOGE, John MOUNTGOMERY, Samuel and Mathew HUSTON.

[page 428]

Page 102.–20th August, 1765. Hugh HAYS and Mary to William WALKER, £73.16, 176 acres in Beverley Manor; corner said HAYS, HENRY’s line, HENRY’s and PURRIS’s line. Teste: Mathew HUSTON, James HENRY, John WEIR. Delivered: Wm. WALKER, August, 1767.

[page 429]

Page 153.–9th August, 1765. BORDEN’s executors to Joseph WEIR, £35, 199 acres, part of 92100; corner John WEIR, COWDEN’s line.

Page 156.–17th August, 1765. Same to John WEIR, £35, 201 acres, part of 92100; Wm. McCANDLESS’ corner. Delivered: Jno. WEIR, February 1783.

[page 440]

Page 485.–23d October, 1765. William LOCKRIDGE and Agness ( ) to Jno. WIER, £131, 266 acres in Borden’s tract; corner BEARD, Wm. MOORE’s line; corner ALEXANDER’s lane, McCANLEES line. Teste: Benj. ( ) BLACKBURN, Samuel ( ) WIER, Robert ALEXANDER, Thos. BOWYER, William CROW, David STEWART. Delivered: Robert STEEL, 15th March, 1813, by order of John WIER.

Page 487.–Release of dower as to above, 29th July, 1766.

[page 468]

Page 362.–16th May, 1768. William ( ) McCANDLESS to Andrew MOORE, £60, 150 acres; corner Hugh WEIR and Alexander GREER; corner William McCANDLESS and Alexander GREER; William ALEXANDER’s line; corner Hugh BEARD and John WEIR. Teste: Thomas WILSON, Samuel WILSON, William MOORE.

[page 495]

Page 223.–20th March, 1770. Hugh CUNNINGHAM and Sarah ( ) of Forks of James River in Botetourt County to John McKEE, of Kerr’s Creek, £300, tract whereon Jonathan CUNNINGHAM, deceased, son of Hugh, formerly dwelt, 281 acres on Kerr’s Creek, formerly called Teaze’s Creek, partly in Botetourt and part in Augusta.  Teste: Hugh WEIR, Nathan PEOPLES, William McKEE. Delivered: John McKEE, April, 1773.

[page 497]

Page 295.–15th May, 1770. Hugh ( ) WIER and Margrate ( ) to Samuel WIER, £50, 120 acres in Bordens 92,100; corner Alexander GREER

[page 498]

and William McCANLESS; corner Hugh BEARD; corner in EAKIN line. Teste: William and Alexander MOORE, James MITCHELL.

[page 515]

Page 497.–20th November, 1771. William LOWRIE and Isabel and Robert LOWREY, Sr., to James HENRY, 170 acres of Borden’s 92100, 160 acres of which was devised to Wm. LOWRIE by his father John LOWRIE, by will in Augusta, the remaining 10 acres sold by said Robert LOWRY, John WEIR’s line, EDMISTON’s corner. Teste: Samuel HUSTON, William WALKER, Robert LOWREY, Samuel HENRY.  Delivered: James HENRY, 26th July, 1774.

[page 520]

Page 253.–14th November, 1771. James WARDLAW and Martha to James LOGAN, Samuel BUCHANAN, Alexander WALKER, Sr., Andrew HAYS, James HENRY, James McCAMPBELL, Thomas HILL, John HUSTON, Alexander WALKER, Jr., elders of the Congregation of Presbyterian Dissenters of New Providence, £50, 8½ acres whereon New Providence Meeting House now stands, Andrew DUNCAN’s line; trust for purpose of a meeting house for public worship, and a grave yard. Teste: Alexander SINCLAIR, Samuel BELL, George WEIR. Delivered: Joseph MOORE, 1st April 1796.

[page 531]

Page 284.–16th March, 1773. Ann ( ) ACKEN to George WEIR, in Borden’s 92100, corner Andrew and Samuel EAKINS. “The above name of Ann ACKER was inserted in the room of John LYLES before this deed was executed.”

[page 548]

Page 422.–21st February, 1777. James BROWNLOW and Katherine ( ) to John McCULLOCK. Teste: William WALKER, Samuel WIER, Alexander TEDFORD.

[page 563]

Page 281.–20th September, 1779. Robert WEIR and Rebecca to William MOARE. Delivered to John MOORE, heir-at-law of William, 29th November, 1806.

[page 568]

Page 182.–2d November, 1782. William BUCHANAN, of Augusta, Robert BUCHANAN and Margaret, of Montgomery, George BUCHANAN and Margaret, of Washington, to David BUCHANAN, of Augusta. James BUCHANAN, father of the grantors, died seised of a tract on Walker’s Creek, 415 acres, and devised same to the grantors and grantee. Teste: James WEIR, William WALKER, Joseph WEAR.

[page 581]

Page 44.–3d July, 1787. James GILLESPY and Sarah, of Sevier County, North Carolina, to Andrew LECKY, 143 acres on Elk Run in Beverley Manor, corner Thomas HUTCHESON, deceased. Acknowledged in State of Franklin, Sevier County, 3d July, 1787, before Oliver ALEXANDER and Thomas GILLESPY, certified that they are justices by Samuel WEAR, Clerk of Sevier County Court.

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