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Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

Source: Lyman Chalkley, Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, Volume 1 (Roselyn, Virginia: Commonwealth Printing Company, 1912).

[page 138]

[AUGUST 20, 1767.]

(236) John ELY, James MITCHELL, George WEER, James McELHENNY – jurors.

. . .

(250) Jurors: John SEVIAR, William FOSTER, James GILMORE, John WEER, John WEER.

[page 139]

[AUGUST 22, 1767.]

(257) Wm. MATHEWS, Wm. ANDERSON and George MOFFETT, to value improvements of John ARCHER on 260 acres and 83 acres.

(258) Witnesses: George WARE, Wm. LOWREY.

(258) Mary and Eve SHAVER to be bound to Hugh HAYS.

(258) John McCANDLESS bound to peace on complaint of Joseph WARE.

[page 146]

[MARCH 17, 1768.]

(517) Jurors: Tully DAVITT, Saml. McROBERTS, John WARE, Danl. PONDER, John GORDON, George POAGE, Wm. POAGE, Jacob WOODLEY, Hugh WARE, Wm. BAREFIELD, George TAYLOR, James MONTGOMERY.

[page 147]

[MARCH 18, 1768.]

(521) Commission ordered to privily examine Elizabeth, wife of George WILSON, to deed to Charles DONNELLY.

(521) Witness: Margaret PATTON.

(522) Witness: Wm. COWDON.

(522) Jurors: . . .

(522) Witnesses: James MONTGOMERY, Hugh WARE.

(523) Witnesses: George WARE, John WARE, John WILLSON, Hugh WARE, Joseph WARE, Mathew HUSTON, and Moses COBER; Richard CAMPBELL, from Frederick County, 60 miles; John SEVIAR, from Frederick County, 50 miles.

[page 151]

[AUGUST 18, 1768.]

(335) Saml. WEER, Saml. STEEL and Robert STEEL (miller) – to view a road from STEEL’s mill to James TELFORD’s.

[page 170]

[MARCH 16, 1773.]

[New commission:]

(7) Constable: Thomas HILL, vice Joseph WEER.

. . .

(8) Hemp certificates: James WEER, David TEDFORD, Thos. COOPER.

[page 180]

[MAY 18, 1774.]

(468) Ephraim RICHARDSON and Wm. MARTIN – road surveyors from Francis WIER’s, on Monongahela River, to Thorny Creek, on waters of Greenbrier.

[page 191]

[MAY 20, 1777.]

(190) Mathew WILSON, recomd. Captain; John BOYD, recomd. Lieutenant; Samuel WEIR, recomd.  Ensign; Michael COGER, recomd. Captain, vice Capt. William NALLE, resigned; Samuel VANCE, recomd.  Captain; Jacob WARWICK, recomd. Lieutenant; John BOYD, recomd. Ensign.

[page 195]

[DECEMBER 16, 1777.]

(255) Mary WARR, wife of James WARR, and their four children, allowed £25. James enlisted for three years.

[page 204]

[JANUARY 6, 1779.]

(393) Wm. CLEAVER, Daniel WESTFALL, Francis WIRE and John WARRICK – to locate a road from Jonas FRIEND’s to Darby CONNOLLY’s (deceased) plantation, in Tyger’s Valley.

[page 205]

[APRIL 20, 1779.]

(441) Executors of Francis WEIR (Daniel WESTFALL and Benjamin WILSON) petition that appraisers be appointed for Francis’s estate, as the times in that part of the country are so troublesome from the incursions of the Indians and the stock of the testator are exposed.

[page 421]

[MARCH, 1802 (M to Z).]

George WEIR’s Orphans vs. James MITCHEL, executor of Thomas BEARD. – Arbitration awarded in plaintiff’s favor, 1786. Defendant was to pay before oldest child of Jane, daughter of Thomas, came of age.

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  1. Joseph Williams
    17 May 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Joseph Weer of Frederick Co., VA was the father or Margaret, Catherine, James and Isabella Weer/Weir/Ware & grandfather of Mary Ware who m. Rezin Mason, 1800. He d. testate in 1824. Margaret & Catherine m. John Newland & Marcus Newland, James, m. Sarah Young, Isabella m. Abner Clark, Jr.

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