Daggett and Allied Families

Source: E.C. Finley, “Daggett and Allied Families,” Americana 26[1932].

[page 164]

(The AXTELL Line)

Arms — Azure, three axes argent, handles or.

(Burke: “General Armory.”)

AXTELL, as surname, is probably a variant of AXCILL, EXCELL, EXALL, originating to designate a resident of Exhall Parish, Warwickshire. Ralph AXCILL is in Kirby’s Quest, Somersetshire, A.D. 1327. Joseph COLLYER and Elizabeth AXTELL are in the Marriage Allegations at Canterbury in 1683, and John AXSTELL and Mary DREW in 1686. Richard EXALL and Elizabeth BUSHBEY married, at St. James, Clerkenwell, London, in 1701. John AXSTYL signs a deed 1535 from the monks of the Augustinian order in Gatesden, Hertfordshire, and at St. Peter’s Church, Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, is a record of the baptism of John, son of John AXTELL, in 1539, and William, son of John, in 1541. There are two William AXTELLs having children baptized in this church, 1614 to 1628, as appears from a Thomas, baptized October 31, 1624, and Samuel, baptized December 15, 1624, the rule of the Church of England requiring baptism a few days after birth.

The baptisms of sons of William AXTELL recorded are: 1. John, baptized August 14, 1614. 2. William, baptized December 1, 1616. 3. Thomas, of whom further. 4. Daniel, born May 26, 1622; may be the regicide colonel.

(Bardsley: “Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames.” “New England Historical and Genealogical
Register,” Vol. LIII, p. 227.)

(The Family in America)

I. Thomas AXTELL, apparently son of William AXTELL, was baptized January 26, 1619, and died in Sudbury, Massachusetts, March 8, 1646. His widow, Mary, married, September 19, 1656, John GOODENOW. He probably had sisters: Mary, married, June 16, 1646, John MAYNARD; and Hannah, married, June 18, 1659, Edward WRIGHT. Children: 1. Mary, baptized, in Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, Septem-

[page 165]

ber 25, 1639. 2. Henry, of whom further. 3. Mary (twin), born in Sudbury, Massachusetts, June 1, 1644. 4. Lydia (twin), born in Sudbury, June 1, 1644.

(“New England Register,” Vol. LIII, p. 227. “Sudbury, Massachusetts, Vital Records.”)

II. Henry AXTELL, son of Thomas and Mary AXTELL, was born in England, probably in Berkhampstead, in 1641, and was killed by Indians in Marlborough, Massachusetts, March 21, 1675-76. He obtained land in Marlborough in 1660; removed thither, and married there June 14, 1665, Hannah MERRIAM, daughter of George MERRIAM, of Concord, and lived in the eastern part of Marlborough. His widow married, July 16, 1677, William TAYLOR. Children: 1. Samuel, born March 27, 1666, probably died young. 2. Hannah, born November 18, 1667. 3. Mary, born August 8, 1670; married, May 24, 1698, Zachariah NEWTON. 4. Thomas, of whom further. 5. Daniel, born November 4, 1673, died in January, 1735; married, May 12, 1702, Thankful PRATT, daughter of Elder William PRATT, who led a colony from Dorchester, Massachusetts, and lived in South Carolina until 1707, when he settled in Berkley, Massachusetts. 6. Sarah, born September 18, 1675.

(“New England Register,” Vol. LIII, p. 228.)

III. Thomas AXTELL, son of Henry and Hannah (MERRIAM) AXTELL, was born in Marlborough, Massachusetts, April 16, 1672, and died at Grafton, Massachusetts, December 18, 1750. He settled, about 1735, in the tract Hassanamisco, named Grafton, in 1739, having married, November 2, 1697, Sarah BARKER, of Concord, Massachusetts. Children, born in Marlborough, Massachusetts: 1. Thomas, born August 19, died December 22, 1698. 2. Sarah, born February 16, 1702-03; married, February 7, 1721, Josiah HAYDEN. 3. Joseph, born August 1, 1750; married, February 4, 1730, Abigail HAYDEN, of Sudbury, Massachuetts, and settled in Grafton, in 1746. 4. Hannah; married, July 20, 1738, Zedekiah DRURY, of Sutton. 5. Thomas, of whom further. 6. John, born April 15, 1715, died April 20, 1742. 7. Abigail, born October 10, 1717; married, December 21, 1736, Benjamin PRATT.

(“New England Register,” Vol. LIII, pp. 228-29. “Marlborough, Massachusetts, Vital Records.”)

[page 166]

IV. Thomas AXTELL, Jr., son of Thomas and Sarah (BARKER) AXTELL, was born in Marlborough, Massachusetts, May 11, 1712, and died in Grafton, Massachusetts, May 28, 1798. He married (first), May 13, 1736, Elizabeth SHERMAN. (SHERMAN IV.) He married (second), October 6, 1760, Mary SANGER, but her children died young. Children, born in Grafton, Massachusetts, all by first marriage: 1. Sarah, of whom further. 2. Elizabeth, born April 26, 1739; married, November 27, 1760, Ephraim LYON. 3. Hannah, born October 6, 1741; married Jason WAITE. 4. John, born June 3, 1744, died in Grafton, about 1782; married, in 1776, a DANIELS. 5. Thomas, born December 16, 1746, died in 1819; married, June 10, 1777, Deborah JONES, of Franklin; in the army in 1780. 6. Mary (Polly), born March 12, 1748. 7. Phebe (twin), born March 12, 1748; married Thomas KIDDER.

(“New England Register,” Vol. LIII, pp. 228-29. “Sutton, Massachusetts, Vital Records.”)

V. Sarah AXTELL, oldest daughter of Thomas, Jr., and Elizabeth (SHERMAN) AXTELL, was born in Grafton, Massachusetts, April 25, 1737, and died in Sutton, Massachusetts, September 2, 1805. She married James McCLELLAN, Jr. (McCLELLAN II.)


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