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Axtell and Buckingham in English Records

Source: “Axtell and Buckingham in English Records,” American Genealogist 13[1937].

[page 205]

[Through the kindness of a subscriber, we are permitted to make public the following wills of the AXTELL family. The BUCKINGHAM baptisms are my own discovery.–D.L.J.]

In the list of persons and estates misdated 1643 in Hoadley’s New Haven Colony Records (vol. 1, p. 91), and assigned to the year 1641 by the historian Atwater (it must belong to a still earlier date, probably 1639), we find Nath: AXTELL listed with a family of one (himself) and an estate of £500. The three names above his own were Tho: BUCKINGHAM, Rich: MILES, and Tho: WELCH. The two PRUDDENs were listed a few names further

[page 206]

down. This suggests that he belonged with PRUDDEN’s group of Hertfordshire men who were among the first settlers of Milford in 1639 or 1640.

Nathaniel AXTELL made a will 17 Aug. 1639, shortly before departing from England, and a brief abstract of this will was printed many years ago in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register. An independent abstract is printed below.

It appears that AXTELL arrived in New Haven (then called Quinnipiack) in the latter part of 1639, and that on 27 Jan. 1639/40 he made a will just before returning to England, which was left in the hands of Goodman MILES to dispose of what estate he left in New Haven; this will was proved in New Haven on 5 Mar. 1639/40, but is not in existence [New Haven Colony Records, vol. 1, p. 31]. It is likely that AXTELL died on the eve of departure, as his death was known here before it was in England. His English will was not proved until 12 June 1640.

The wills presented below prove that Nathaniel AXTELL of New Haven was son of an earlier Nathaniel AXTELL, a yeoman of Shenley, Hertfordshire, who died in 1625 and by his wife Anne (died 1633) had the following children:

i. William, of London Colney, Shenley, d. 1625; m. Anne EWER, dau. of Abel EWER, and had a child, probably the William AXTELL named in grandmother Anne AXTELL’s will.

ii. Joane, m. Daniel NICHOLS and had six children.

iii. Nathaniel, of New Haven, d. 1640.

iv. Joseph.

v. Thomas, had daughters Ann and Margaret.

vi. Ann.

vii. Sara.

viii. Daniel.

Thomas AXTELL of Sudbury, Mass., came from a Hertfordshire family, but was not the brother of Nathaniel of New Haven.

The most interesting feature of the AXTELL wills is that Nathaniel AXTELL of New Haven gave £10 to Thomas BUCKINGHAM of “Queen Epioth” [New Haven], as well as £5 to his pastor, Mr. Peter PRUDDEN; and that Thomas BUCKINGHAM witnessed the will of the elder Nathaniel AXTELL in 1625. It may have been an older Thomas BUCKINGHAM, perhaps the father of the colonist of New Haven and Milford, who witnessed the 1625 will. Intimacy, if not relationship, is indicated between the AXTELL and BUCKINGHAM families in England.

Minsden is a village in Hertfordshire about four miles north of King’s Walden, original home of Rev. Peter PRUDDEN. The Bishop’s Transcripts of the parish registers of Minsden contain the following BUCKINGHAM items:

Adam, s. Adam, bapt. 12 Nov. 1621.

Thomas, s. Adam, bapt. 7 Dec. 1623.

Hannah, dau. Thomas, bapt. 20 Apr. 1634.

Thomas, s. Thomas, bapt. 26 May 1636.

[page 207]

There are several gaps in the Minsden register, particularly between 1626 and 1632. Thomas BUCKINGHAM the colonist had a daughter Hannah born in England, also a son Thomas born in New England. If he was father of the Hannah and Thomas who were baptized at Minsden, as seems not unlikely, the son Thomas baptized in 1636 died young.


P.C.C. 82 Coventry

17 Aug. 1639

“I Nathaniell AXTELL now or late of the parish of St. Peters nere the Burrough of St. Albans” co. Herts, yeoman, 17 Aug. 1639, “being now purposed to travayle to New England into the parts beyond the Seas and considering the certainty of death and how uncertaine the tyme thereof is” ….. “commend my Soule into the hands of Allmightie God my Creator & of Jesus Christ my only Saviour & Redeemer hopeing & stedfastly beleiving through the merritts death and Passion of my said Saviour Jesus Christ to have free pardon and forgiveness of all my Sinnes & to inheritt Eternall life in the Kingdome of Heaven with other the Elect Children of God” ….

To Thomas BUCKINHAM of Queen Epioth in New England, husbandman, £10

To Richard MILES of the same place, husbandman, all my wearing apparel linen & woollen, all my bedding & household stuff whatsoever in New England.

To Mr. Peter PRIDDON Minister of the Word of God in New England, £5

Residuary legatees, my two brothers Thomas AXTELL and Daniell AXTELL and my three sisters Joane Ann & Sarah, equally.

Executor, brother Daniell.

Witnesses: Antho. HUDSON scrivener & Natha. HUDSON his son

Proved at London 12 June 1640 by (the oath of) Daniell AXTELL the executor.

Probate Act Book 1640.

12 June was proved the will of Nathaniel AXTELL late of the parish of St. Peter’s near the borough of St. Albans co. Herts, deceased, by the oath of Daniel AXTELL the executor.

[In margin “London”*]

Arch. Huntingdon (Hitchin Registry), O.W. 1625.

Abstract of the will of Nathaniel AXTELL of Shenley, co. Herts, yeoman, dated 29 Apr. 1625. To be buried in the churchyard of Shenley parish church. Wife Anne. Sons William and Nathaniel. Lands in St. Peter’s, near St. Albans. Goods and chattels to wife Anne “towards the bringing uppe of my Chil-

[page 208]

dren.” Executrix, wife Anne. Overseers, kinsman William AYLEWARD the elder of Selborne and son William AXTELL. Witnesses: Richard CRAWLEY, William AILEWARD, William AXTELL, Thomas BUCKINGHAM, Conon RAWLIN scripta. Probate 15 Oct. 1625. [A duplicate of this will is in P.C.C., 91 Clarke.]

Arch. Huntingdon (Hitchin Registry), O.W. 1625.

Abstract of the will of William AXTELL of London Colney, parish of Shenley, co. Herts, brewer, dated 5 May, 1 Car. I. To be buried in churchyard of parish of Shenley. To wife Anne, a close in St. Peter’s parish, St. Albans, for the payment of my debts; or of she die before me or before my debts be paid, to my brother Nathaniel AXTELL, the overplus to remain to my right heirs. To my wife Anne, also my moveable goods and chattels towards my debts, funeral expenses and the bringing up of my child [unnamed]. Executrix, wife Ann. Overseers, father-in-law Abell EWER, brother-in-law Daniell NICHOLLS. Witnesses: Danell NICOLL, Abell EWER, Elisa [or Elisha] AXTELL, Richard CRAWLEY [signed by mark], Conon RAWLIN J scr’. Probate 27 June 1625 to Anne AXTELL, widow of testator.

An inventory of goods attached. Valuation, £387.4.8. The “praisers,” Edward HEATHE, Edward GRUBB, Raphe JOHNSON, Gilbert WARREN.

Arch. Huntingdon (Hitchin Registry), O.W. 1633.

Abstract of the will of Ann AXTELL of Shenley, widow, dated 25 June 1633. Sons Joseph, Daniel (youngest), Thomas, Nathaniell. Granddaughters Ann, eldest daughter of the above Thomas AXTELL; Margat his youngest daughter. Daughters Ann AXTELL (second daughter), Sara AXTELL, “my dar. NICKOLS,” goods left at Barnet. Grandchildren William AXTELL, Thomas NICHOLS, Elizabeth NICOLS, four other children of my daughter NICCOLLES. Bequests to the widow AYLWARD; my sister Elisha AXTELL’s wife. Executor and residuary legatee, son-in-law Daniell NICKOLS. Overseer, son Nathaniel AXTELL. Witnesses: John MEADE (mark), Richard CRALEY (mark). Probate 3 Aug. 1633 to Daniel NICOLLS.

Inventory attached. Valuation, £87.11.8. Signed by Nath: DOWDALL, John JONSON.


* Probably London Colney in the parish of Shenley.

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