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Western New York Land Transactions, 1825-1835

Source: Karen E. Livsey, Western New York Land Transactions, 1825-1835, Extracted from the Archives of the Holland Land Company (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1996).

[page xviii]

R Table of Reversions: Land that for one reason or another had reverted back to the comapny and would again be available to article. Sometimes the settler never came back to the land or there was no activity on the account within the time period allotted by the article of application and the Comany could put it back on the market again. After modified sales began in 1827 there is often a reversion that corresponds with a Modified Sale (D). Always check to see who may have negotiated for a Modified Sale of the reverted land.
S Table of Subsequent Receipts: This includes all payments received on accounts after the original article was executed. It includes commodity payments and cash.
W Table of Articles Renewed: After the allotted time was up purchasers could renew their articles for an additional time period but usually at a higher price. It is in this table that new and additional purchasers may show up for the same land as was previously articled. The earlier article is listed (indicated with a P in this book) and then the new articles are listed (W). Always check for a corresponding entry in the Ps to see who was the earlier articler. After 1827 this was not used.


[page 8]
Ichabod MATTOCKS 03My25 6 071002 S 503-0025
[page 12]
MATTOCKS & WASHBURN 22Mr25 4 071002 W 503-0036
[page 73]
MATTOCKS & WASHBURN 22Mr25 4 071002 R 505-0045
[page 250]
John MATTOCKS 26Ap19 63 000315 R 507-0168
[Ripley, Chautauqua Co.]
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