Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island: Burlingame

Source: John Osborne Austin, The Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1982). [WorldCat]

[page 32]


{ROGER, {b.
{m. {d. 1718, Sep. 1
{MARY, {b.
{d. 1718 +

Stonington, Conn., Warwick, Providence, R.I.

  • 1654.  He is said to have been of Stonington thus early.
  • 1660.  Warwick.
  • 1671, Sep. 25.  Providence.  He and two others were appointed to make a rate and levy an assessment at Mashantatack.
  • 1687, Sep. 1.  Taxed 6s.
  • 1690.  He was elected Deputy from Warwick, but there being much debate in the Assembly, as to the legality of the election, it was ordered that he is not accepted.
  • 1698.  Town Council.
  • 1704, Sep. 6.  He deeded to son Peter, house and 50 acres, subject to the use and profits for Roger and wife for life.
  • 1715, Nov. 28.  Will–proved 1718, Sep. 13.  Exx. wife Mary, but as she died, the eldest son, John, took administration.  Overseers, sons-in-law Thomas ARNOLD and Amos STAFFORD, and son Roger BURLINGAME.  To wife Mary, all movables, household goods, cattle and chattels, for life; and then to go to all his daughters and three granddaughters, equally (viz: Roger’s daughter, Freelove, Mercy’s daughter Francis and Alice’s daughter Deborah).  To son Roger, 50 acres.  To grandson John, 50 acres to be laid out.  To son Thomas, “the rest of undivided land that was my son Peters,” with the proviso “if I and my wife have not occasion to use lands herein given.”  To three sons John, Thomas and Roger, 20s. each.  Inventory, £199, 13s., 8d., viz: mare, 3 cows, 3 yearlings, calf, 2 sheep, 2 swine, old sword, wearing apparel, cash, &c,

[Children of Roger Burlingame:]

I. {JOHN, {b. 1664, Aug. 1 Providence, R.I.
{m. {d.
{d. of Moses & Mary (KNOWLES) LIPPITT.
  • 1687, Sep. 1.  Taxed 3s.
  • 1712, Dec. 23.  He having heired, as eldest brother of Peter, deceased, the latter’s deed of gift of their father’s homestead, land, dwelling house, &c., which said Peter had received from his father sometime before; it was now agreed by John, that notwithstanding he was entitled to the whole, yet being willing that his brothers, Thomas and Roger, shall share with him, he takes the house and 50 acres to himself and gives the rest equally to them.  He provides that if their father and mother need assistance, for their comfortable maintenance, all three brothers to be at equal charge.
  • 1713, Jan. 1.  He deeded to eldest son John, for love, &c., all right in lands and housing of my brother Peter, deceased, allowing to my father and mother, Roger and Mary BURLINGAME, use of house for life, and at their death to return to my said son John.
  • 1719, Mar. 6.  His son David, had a legacy from will of his grandmother, Mary LIPPITT.
  • 1719, Mar. 18.  He sold Samuel GORTON, son of Captain Benjamin GORTON, mansion house and 60 acres in Providence, for £390.

[Children of John Burlingame:]

1.  John,
2.  Roger,
3.  James,
4.  David,
5.  Burlingame, 1698, Jun. 25.
6.  Benjamin,
7.  Elisha,

II. {THOMAS, {b. 1667, Feb. 6. Providence, Cranston, R.I.
{m. (1) {d. 1758, Jul. 9.
{m. (2) {d. of Moses & Mary (KNOWLES) LIPPITT.
(w. of Josiah.) {d. 1756+ of George & Tabitha (TEFFT) GARDINER.
  • 1687, Sep. 1.  Taxed 2s.
  • 1715, Sep. 28.  He deeded son Moses, 20 acres at Mashantatack, near grantor’s dwelling house.  He also deeded at sundry times to sons Thomas, Samuel, Peter, Joshua and Stephen.
  • 1726, Aug. 29.  He having married the widow of Josiah WESTCOTT, gave bond for his wife’s administration on her former husband’s estate.
  • 1756, Jun. 5.  Will–proved 1758, Oct. 7.  Exs. sons Thomas and Peter.  To wife Hannah, £6 per year, for life, and £6 per year that her son gave bond for, it being part of her dower of former husband’s estate.  To sons Thomas and Moses, 5s. each.  To grandson Samuel BURLINGAME, 5s. To sons Peter and Joshua, 5s. each.  To granddaughter Freelove ARNOLD, 5s. To grandson John WARNER, 5s. To daughters Margaret REMINGTON, Sarah BRIGGS, Freelove GORTON, Alice WESTCOTT and Patience BURLINGAME, 5s. each.  To son Stephen, all real and personal estate, after debts and legacies are paid.  Inventory, 2 beds, warming pan, old gun, pewter, cooper’s adze, cow, hetchel, stillyards, table, chairs, couch, money scales, &c.

[Children of Thomas Burlingame:]

1.  Thomas, 1688, May 29.
2.  Moses,
3.  Samuel,
4.  Peter,
5.  Joshua,
6.  Daughter,
7.  Mary,
8.  Margaret,
9.  Sarah,
10.  Freelove,
11.  Alice,
12.  Patience,
13.  Stephen,
(2d wife, no issue.)

III. {MARY {b.
{m.1689, Dec. 19, {d. 1760.
{AMOS STAFFORD, {b. 1665, Nov. 8.
{d. 1760. of Samuel & Mercy (WESTCOTT) STAFFORD.

[Children of Mary (Burlingame) Stafford:]

1.  Mary, 1690, Sep. 16.
2.  Samuel, 1692, Sep. 24.
3.  Mercy, 1694, Sep. 21.
4.  Amos, 1720, Apr. 24.
5.  Stukeley, 1704, Nov. 7.
6.  Patience, 1707, Apr. 21.
7.  Freelove, 1709, Oct. 14.

IV. {JANE, {b.
{m. (1) {d.
{JOHN POTTER, {b. 1668, Nov. 21.
{m. (2) 1711, {d. 1711. of John & Ruth (FISHER) POTTER.
{EDWARD POTTER, {b. 1678, Nov. 25.
{d. of John & Ruth (FISHER) POTTER.

[Children of Jane (Burlingame)(Potter)Potter:]

1.  John, 1692.
2.  William,
3.  Amey,
4.  Mary,
5.  Fisher, 1706, Sep. 29.
6.  Alice,

V. {ALICE, {b.
{m. {d.
{───── {b.
{d. of

[Child of Alice (Burlingame) ——:]

1.  Deborah,

VI. {MERCY, {b.
{m. {d.
{───── {b.
{d. of

[Child of Mercy (Burlingame) ——:]

1.  Freelove,

VII. {ROGER, {b. Providence, Warwick, Coventry, R.I.
{m. {d.
{d. of
  • 1699, Dec. 16.  He brought in a wolf’s head and received 10s. bounty.
  • 1708, Jun. 4.  He and Richard SEARLE, both of Mashantatack, having been appointed guardians of two daughters of Thomas RALPH, deceased, viz: eldest daughter Alice SEARLE (wife of Richard), and Eleanor RALPH; proceeded to divide lands.
  • 1722, Jun.  He deeded son Josiah, for love, &c., 20 acres at Mashantatack.
  • 1746, May 5.  Warwick.  He deeded son Jonathan, 11 acres and 80 rods.
  • 1747, Mar. 11.  Coventry.  He and his son William (and Alice, wife of latter), sold land to James SWEET.

[Children of Roger Burlingame:]

1.  Josiah,
2.  Jonathan,
3.  William,
4.  Freelove,
5.  Eleanor,

VIII. {PETER, {b. Providence, R.I.
{d. 1712.
IX. {ELIZABETH, {b. 1684, Jan. 9.
{m. (1) {d. 1752, May 5.
{ 1706, Dec. 5,
{THOMAS ARNOLD, {b. 1675, Mar. 24.
{m. (2) {d. 1728, Feb. 3. of Richard & Mary (ANGEL) ARNOLD.
{ 1734, Apr. 11,
{WILLIAM SPENCER, {b. 1672, Jul. 1.
{d. 1748. of John & Susanna (    ) SPENCER.

[Children of Elizabeth (Burlingame) Arnold:]

1.  Job, 1707, Nov. 16.
2.  Jonathan, 1708, Nov. 18.
3.  Mary, 1710, Oct. 28.
4.  Thomas, 1713, Nov. 4.
5.  Elizabeth, 1717,
6.  Sarah, 1722, Apr. 10.

X. {PATIENCE, {b. 1685.
{m. 1710, Jun. 15, {d. 1746, Aug. 8.
{THOMAS OLNEY, {b. 1686, May 18.
{d. 1752, Jul. 28. of Epenetus & Mary (WHIPPLE) OLNEY.

[Children of Patience (Burlingame) Olney:]

1.  Lydia, 1711, Jun. 2.
2.  Esther, 1714, Jul. 7.

BURLINGAME.  2d column.  II. Thomas.  His wife Martha, d. 1723.  IX. Elizabeth.  Her husband Thomas ARNOLD, d. 1727, Feb. 3.

BURLINGAME.  2d column.  VI. Mercy m. Othniel GORTON, b. 1669, Sep. 22, d. 1733, June 13, of John and Margaret (WHEATON) GORTON.  Children.  1. Israel.  2. John.  3. Frances, 1707, Mar. 15.  4. Othniel, 1718, Oct. 1. (unless this last was by a later Mercy).

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