Lola (Leverenz) Jordan to Chauncey Leon and Carol Lee “Suzi” Mattocks

Source: Lola (Leverenz) Jordan to Chauncey Leon and Carol Lee “Suzi” Mattocks, letter, 1 Jan 1997.

[Return address: L. JORDAN, 13 Riser Ave, Bloomington, IL 61701-1905.]

Dear Leon, Suzi:

I’ve been trying to sit & write a letter.  Seems I haven’t found that time when I have time & feel better also.  So, now will settle for this card.  Want you to know I have been thinking of you so much.  How you’re progressing healthwise and news too of your safety because of the weather.  Any damage to homes (yours & “kids”, traveling, etc.)

We’ve seen pictures on TV that look terrible.  No recent news of my grandson either.  I think Mike is on base (Ft. Lewis) most of the time, but they have an apt. in Tacoma.

I did receive a letter from your bro. Carl, newsy & some info of “whereabouts” of your dad & mother & “you all” some yrs. ago.  He (Carl) claims he can’t recall those years so well anymore.  That seems sad (unless he’s kidding me) as Earl said he has (had?) a memory like an elephant.  Gave me your birth date & place as 1933, Palestine, Ill.  Does that strike you as correct?  So I was 20 when you were born kid!!  I was 6 when Carl was born.  I lived in Detroit, Mich. then, but we returned to Parr, Ind. when I was 7.  Your folks lived there then too — as did Grandpa & Grandma Mattocks.  After my sisters & I went to live with them we’d go camping every summer when school was out.  So I’m an “old time country river rat”.  More on that at a later date.  Just hope I hear from you B/4 long.  Loved your letter.

Cuz, Lola

P.S.  Sending you this outdoor magazine, a “part” of the TV show, radio & mag.  An article by my son John Fisk you might enjoy.  [Magazine entitled: Illinois Sports Outdoors (Mason City, Illinois).]

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