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Lola (Leverenz) Jordan to Chauncey Leon Mattocks

Source:  Lola (Leverenz) Jordan to Chauncey Leon Mattocks, letter, 20 January 1997.


Haven’t heard from you, hope that doesn’t mean “things” aren’t going well.  Know you must have had a tough time with weather, plus any extra on the health agenda.  That flooding sounded so bad for any traveling and we wondered about your home place too.

I feel guilty that we’ve mostly had good weather for central Ill.  Did finally get 6″ snow and below zero weather immediately following.  That was about 2 wks ago.  Now today we have sunshine at last and snow melted off trees, with warmer forecast.  I believe it (snow) will all be gone in a few days.  Then what??

I’ve had some crumby days myself.  Now today I feel fairly decent again.  I’m sort of used to the off again, on again schedule.

Holidays finally over and everyone here back to work or school.  It seems pretty quiet then with the 2-1/2 yr great grandson in his school too.  I read a lot.  The gal from the “Y” gets books from the library for me.  Unless I know of some particular book I tell her to get “mysteries.”  If 5 books, maybe a couple will be O.K.!  Ha.  Feel lucky to get them.  I read the paper pretty thoroughly.  So many awful things in the news.  My life seems mild!!

Shirley called yesterday just to see how I was doing.  Nice of her.  They’re O.K. there she says.  If you don’t feel like writing drop me a card.  Thinking of you.

Love, Lola

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