Abstracts of Coventry, Rhode Island, Wills

Source: Nellie M.C. Beaman, “Abstracts of Coventry, Rhode Island Wills,” Rhode Island Genealogical Register (January 1980).

[page 139]


BURLLINGGAME, Barlingston or Bashinston, of Co, yeoman.  Will dated 13 Oct 1767, pg 7.  Mentions: Wife Charity BURLLINGGAME.  Sons Stephen BURLLINGGAME, & Joseph BURLLINGGAME.  Grandson Ruben BURLLINGGAME under 21.  Incomplete…

[page 140]

BURLLINGGAME, William, of Co, yeoman.  Will dated 22 May 1772, proved 30 July 1772, pgs 34-36.   Mentions: Wife Alice BURLLINGGAME.  Sons Ephraim BURLLINGGAME & William BURLLINGGAME.  Daughters Rose ALERTON [her husband’s will Co P 1:67-68], Prudence BURLLINGGAME, Alice PEIRCE, Freelove PEIRCE, & Lurana BURLLINGGAME.  Grandsons Clarke BURLLINGGAME, Wanton BURLLINGGAME, William BURLLINGGAME, & Ephraim Potter BURLLINGGAME sons of my son Ephraim BURLLINGGAME and granddaughters Lucretia & Elizabeth BURLLINGGAME daughters of my son Ephraim BURLLINGGAME.

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