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Missouri Pioneers of Clay County

Source: Missouri Pioneers of Clay County (Bowling Green, Missouri: InfoTech Publications, 1992). [WorldCat]

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After the Civil War, those men who had aided the Confederate cause of were suspected of having done so, or were even sympathetic to the South, were not allowed to vote or register.  The editor of the “Liberty Tribune” of Liberty, MO, decided to bring to the attention of the public the fact that many of the earliest settlers of the county, those who had helped establish the county and its institutions, could not vote.  He asked that each citizen past the age of sixty send in his name, age, and any prominent circumstances connected with his life and the statements were published in the paper in the late summer and fall of 1870.

These statements are of genealogical value because the “old” man gives his age, place of birth, when he first came to Clay County, where he lived prior to coming to Clay County, and usually whether or not his father or grandfather took part in the Revolutionary War or the War of 1812.

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[Liberty Tribune, August 6, 1870]

W.D. LIGON, born in Powhattan Co., Va., Nov. 26th, 1808.  Moved to Clay Co., 1831.  Disfranchised.

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“Clay County, Missouri, Abstracts of Wills and Administrations: Books A-B-C, 1825-1839 & 1848-1853”

COOLEY, Joseph, d. int.  Admrx, Keziah COOLEY, 14 June 1826.  Sec, Eli CASEY & Jeremiah MAGNOR (A:13

[page 55]

LIGON, Leonard W. – Will dated 13 Feb 1837.  To wife, whole of estate.  Mentions “all her and my children.”  Dau. Mary Jane TILLERY, now decd.  Wit: Hiram FUGITT, Elisha TODD & William S. COLLEY.  (A:225

[page 59]

LETCHWORTH, Joseph – Will dated 1 March 1836.  To wife (name not given).  Two daus, Ellinder & Eliza Jane LETCHWORTH.. all my children to share equally after they become of age or marry.  Granddau, Harriet VAUGHAN in place of daughter Rebecca VAUGHAN, now deceased.  Mentions sons Madison and Joseph.  Exrs, James Madison LETCHWORTH & Joseph LETCHWORTH.  Wit: Leonard W. LIGON, Samuel S. LIGON & John LOWE.  Filed 6 Oct 1838.  (B:14

[page 60]

COLLEY, William S. – Will dated 20 Nov 1838.  Wife and child, Catherine W. COLLEY.  Mentions sister Julian JENKINS.  Mr. Lawrence BLANTON of Virginia to be guardian of my child.  Wife and child to go to Virginia if it is her desire.  Exr., Clayton TILLERY.  Wit: Charles S. LIGON, Elijah W. COLLEY & Charles A. MANN.  Filed 18 Feb 1839.  (B:24

[page 66]

TODD, Elisha – Will dated 2 Sept 1833.  To wife, exrx.  Children under 21.  “I likewise wish Jepthath and Taphanah to have no more of my real estate until Zattee, Polly & Ithra are made equal.”  Wit: Leonard W. LIGON & Daniel HUGHES.  Appointed admrs, Zattu TODD & Samuel W. CAMPBELL.  Filed 2 Sept 1851.  (C:157

[page 71]

“Clay County, Missouri, Abstracts of Wills and Administrations, Book D, 1854-1859”

MATTHEW DUNCAN, decd.  Admr, Thos J. YOUNG.  Sec, Joseph D. ANDERSON, John W. YOUNG & Weekly DALE.  24 Nov 1853.  Affidavit states Matthew DUNCAN left widow and the following heirs: Nancy DUNCAN, mother of deceased; Jehoida DUNCAN; Elizabeth HOLTZCAW, wife of Peter, (formerly DUNCAN); Mary WOOD, formerly DUNCAN, married to Lewis WOOD; Permelia DUNCAN; Stephen DUNCAN; John DUNCAN Thomas DUNCAN, all of Clay Co.; and Jane DUNCAN, intermarried with Joseph DUNCAN, who resides in Clinton Co., bros & sisters of the decd; William WINN, Mary WINN, Nancy BRACKENRIDGE, late WINN, intermarried with Alexander BRACKENRIDGE, Mildred CLAY, late WINN, intermarried with Thomas H. CLAY, Letitia ECTON, late WINN, wife of Abijah ECTON, and George WINN, who are the children of Sarah WINN, late DUNCAN, intermarried with Jame WINN and sister to the said Matthew DUNCAN, deceased; Alice HALL, Mary J. LIGON, James L. LIGON, Ann Eliza and Nanette E. LIGON, children of Ellen LIGON, late HALL, and formerly DUNCAN, and sister of Matthew DUNCAN; Belvidere STOUR, late HALL, intermarried with D. STOUT, Mary DUNCAN, late HALL, intermarried with Thomas DUNCAN, Sarah HALL, Adelia HALL, Elisha HALL, George HALL, Jeremiah HALL, Adaline HALL, John HALL, children of Nancy HALL, late DUNCAN, intermarried with John D. HALL, who was a sister of Matthew, who reside in Clay and Clinton Counties, MO. (Book D, page 1)

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