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Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files

Source: Virgil D. White, Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, Volume 3, N-Z (Waynesboro, Tennessee: National Historical Publishing Company, 1990). [WorldCat]

[page 2582]


  • Andrew, Sarah, CT & Cont Line also Navy Srv, W21887, vet appl 30 Mar 1818 at Litchfield CT aged 62 & sol m there to Sarah MATTOCKS 24 Jul 1783, vet d 11 Apr 1846 at Richmond in Ontario Co NY & his wid appl there aged 81 where she & vet had lived for 26 yrs, in 1820 sol had referred to his children at home, Eliza 18, Caroline 16, Susanna 12 & Edward aged 9, in 1841 sol’s daughter Amelia C. REED aged 41 was of Richmond NY, sol was b 6 May 1755 at New London CT & he had an identical twin bro named Samuel & their father d at age of 11 yrs, sol d at the home of his son-in-law Wm. F. REED, Esq. on 11 Apr 1846 as shown in a newspaper clipping in the file

[page 3710]


  • Cornelius or Cornelius WIER, PA Line, S40658, BLW #1641-100appl 12 May 1818 Erie Co PA aged 62, in 1820 sol stated he had no wife or children
  • James or James WEIR, PA Line, Lydia, W22569, see James WEIR
  • John, NC Line, S1781, sol was b 12 Jan 1741 in Bucks Co PA & he lived in Greene Co NC (which later became a part of TN) at enl & he lived there until 1800 then moved to Cape Jericho on the MS River for a few mths then moved to Christian Co KY for 1 yr then moved to Sevier Co TN where he lived when he appl 5 Mar 1833 at which time he referred to a daughter (not named)


  • James, Cont Line, BLW #1437-100, sol’s son George WEARE appl in Botetourt Co VA on 26 Nov 1828
  • Jeremiah, Cont & MA Line, Lucy, W25949, sol was b in 1757 at York in York Co MA (ME) & he lived there at enl & he appl there 3 Jun 1818, in 1820 sol had a wife Lucy aged 66 & referred to his children; –?– WEARE aged 40, Rufus WEARE aged 36, Betsey WEARE aged 32 & a grandson Ebenezer LITTLEFIELD aged 16, sol had m Lucy WEBBER 18 May 1779 & sol d 26 Jul 1842, wid appl 9 Sep 1843 at York ME aged 89, sol’s son Timoty WEARE aged 52 made aff’dt 27 Mar 1844 at York ME
  • Nathan, srv as a Lt in the NH Line, BLW #2281-200-25 Apr 1798, no papers
  • Richard, NH Line, BLW #88-300-26 Nov 1803, on 22 Jul 1801 Thomas Wibert WEARD the exc’r of the will of sol’s father Mesheck WEARE was entitled to as heir of his dec’d son Richard WEARE, a copy of sol’s father’s will is in the file dated 26 Dec 1785 in Rockingham Co NH in which he names; his children; Samuel, Mary, Nathan, Thomas, Wibert, Nathaniel, Rufus, Hannah & Elizabeth & he also referred to his late wife Mehetable WEARE, evidently the son Richard was dec’d in 1785
  • William, BLW #13903-100-5 Feb 1790, srv as a Sgt in the Invalids
  • William, CT & Cont Line, S36376, appl 22 Apr 1818 at Hartford CT, in 1820 sol was aged 63 with a wife Mary Ann aged 57 & referred to his oldest daughter Betsey aged 25 & youngest daughter Mary aged 20

[page 3730]


  • Andrew, BLW #10635-100-18 Jan 1794 assignee Francis KIRKPATRICK, srv as a Pvt in the PA Line
  • David, SC Line, Jane, R11286, sol m Jane (–) in 1775, sol d 10 Mar 1796 in Chester Dist SC & his wid appl 16 Mar 1849 in Fairfield Dist SC aged 98 & she stated sol had lived in Laurens Dist SC at enl, wid d 17 Jan 1853 in Fairfield Dist SC leaving children; Thomas, John M.C., Mathew & David WEIR, in 1853 the son Mathew WEIR was living in Chester Dist SC & the son David WEIR was living in McMinn Co TN, David & Jane WEIR’s son Samuel WEIR was b in Dec 1777, in 1853 one James P. WEIR of McMinn Co TN was referred to but no relationship to sol’s family was given
  • George or George WIER, SC Line, S9528, sol was b in 1752 in Ireland & he came to America about 1772, sol lived in Chester Dist SC at enl & he lived there when he appl 24 Nov 1832, a son David WEIR made inquiry 25 Mar 1857 from Rich Hill SC
  • James or James WEAR, PA Line, Lydia, W22569, sol appl 5 Oct 1818 in Adair Co KY, in 1820 sol was aged about 61 with a wife Lydia aged about 53 & 6 children at home; Polly 21, Chloe 17, Susanna 14, Nancy 12, James 9 & Brice aged 5 yrs, on 20 Sep 1834 sol had moved to Sangamon Co IL to live with his children (no names given), wid appl 20 Jan 1840 in Sangamon Co IL aged 69 on 27 Jun 1839, sol had lived in Bucks Co PA at enl, sol had m Lydia (–) 10 Mar 1793 in Frederick Co MD & sol d 12 Feb 1837 in Sangamon Co IL aged 73 yrs, a son John WEIR made aff’dt in Sangamon Co IL on 20 Jan 1840 & stated he was b29 Dec 1793 in Frederick Co MD, on 28 Mar 1842 surviving children were; John, James & Brice WEIR, Susan STONE, Polly WALKER & Nancy WEIR
  • James, VA Line, Margret, R11287, sol lived in Washington Co VA during the Rev, sol m Margret (–) 19 Feb 1783 in Augusta Co VA & she was b 22 Dec 1763, sol d 11 Mar 1820, wid appl 7 Mar 1845 in Blount Co TN & in 1851 wid was still a res of Blount Co TN, children were; Anny b 22 Jan 1784, Hugh b 13 Sep 178?, John S. b 23 Aug 178?, William b 24 Apr 1790, Margret b 13 Aug 179?, Betsey b 7 Oct 1795, James Preston WEIR b 29 Aug 1797, Patsey b 31 Dec 1799, Lusina Porter WEIR b 21 Jan 180? (part of the records were blurred), also shown was Anna m 6 Sep 1803, Hugh & Peggy WEIR m 18 Dec 1810
  • James, sol had srv as a Cpl in the Rev Army, he rec’d an invalid pension of $52 per annum & was paid through the NY Agency, no papers
  • John, PA Line, S22537, sol was b in 1753 in Bucks Co PA & he lived there at enl & he appl there 29 Aug 1833
  • John, PA Line, S23065, sol was b 19 Apr 1755 in Bucks Co PA & lived there at enl, (cont next page)

[page 3731]

(continued) he appl 10 Sep 1832 in Green Co PA a res of Franklin Twnship PA


  • Samuel (Samuel WIRE penciled in), BLW #6716-100-26 Oct 1789, srv in Sheldon’s CT Dragoons
  • Thomas or Thomas WARE, VA Line, Mildred, W6385, BLW #26209-160-55, see Thomas WARE
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