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Botetourt County, Marriages, 1770-1853

Source: John Vogt and T. Willam Kethley, Jr., Botetourt County, Marriages, 1770-1853, Volume 1 (Athens, Georgia: Iberian Publishing Company, 1987). [WorldCat]

[page 156]


  • Elisha & Mary GILL  13 Jan 1818;  b- John PULLEN  min- John HELMS- 13Jan1818
  • Ezekiel & Rebeckah ANDERSON  25 Apr 1791;  b- John PRESTON  wit- Henry BOWYER (Clerk of Court)  con- Robert ANDERSON, father  wit- Robert ANDERSON, Jr & David WALEY
  • Ezekiel & Mary Anne GOODMAN  5 Feb 1785;  b- Charles BARNETT  wit- David MAY (clerk)
  • James & Sally MYERS  5 Feb 1811;  d Jacob MYERS dec.  b- Peter DISHER, gdn of Sally
  • Jesse H & Virginia WEAVER  16 Dec 1852; license only  certificate proved
  • John & Sarah FAUSTER  28 Feb 1797;  b- —–KIMBERLING  wit- William P MARTIN  con- Margarett FAUSTER, mother- 27Feb1797  wit- James KIMBERLIN & Joseph DUDDING
  • John & Barbara SURBER  16 Nov 1789;  b- John DOUGLASS  wit- Henry BOWYER (Clerk of Court) con- Rasanah SURBER- 16Nov1789  wit- John DOUGLASS & William GRIFFITH
  • Mathew & Barbara BAUGHMAN  30 Mar 1802;  b- John BAUGHMAN  con- Henry BAUGHMAN, father- 29Mar1802  wit- John BAUGHMAN & Alexander HENDERSON  min- Elijah VANSANDT- 1Apr1802

[page 157]

HOWARD (cont.)

  • Thomas & Pattey HUGHES  28 May 1793;  b- William McCLANAHAN (High Sheriff, Justice of Peace) wit- Henry BOWYER (Clerk of Court)  con- William HUGGS, father- 27May1793 & ___? hiswife  wit- Joseph ANDERSON & William McCLANAHAN (High Sheriff, Justice of Peace) min- Edward CRAWFORD (Presby.)- 29 May1793

[page 306]


  • Dr. Robert Napoleon & Mary Jane REID   22 Jul 1829; ward of Francis THOMAS  b- John H DIGGES wit- Francis T ANDERSON  min- John A VAN LEAR- 22Jul1829

[page 309]


  • John & Rebecca CARTER  28 Sep 1835;  b- William CARTER  min- Jacob CARPER (Meth. Epis.)- 1Oct1835
  • Joseph & Hannah McCRERY  5 Apr 1806; widow of John  b- John MOORE  min- Robert LOGAN (Presby.)- 5Apr1806


  • George & Patsy HOWARD  20 Aug 1823;  b- James HOWARD who test Patsy over 21
  • James & Elizabeth SHARKEY  20 Sep 1810;  d James SHARKEY dec.  b- George SHIRKEY who test. age of bride as over 21  min- John HELMS- 20Sep1810
  • William & Betsy CALDWELL  22 Dec 1804;  d George  b- Robert BELL who test Betsy over 21
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