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Index to War of 1812 Pension Files

Source: Virgil D. White, Index to War of 1812 Pension Files, Volume 1, A-F (Waynesboro, Tennessee: National Historical Publishing Company, 1989). [WorldCat]

[page 294]


  • Abel, Polly, WO-3696, srv Capt Seth GATES’ Co NY Mil, alleged
  • Alfred, Mary (MITCHELL) WO-32974 Rej, SC-4111, m 16 Sep 1816 Lisbon NY, sd 1 Jul 1872 in Russell NY, wd about 30 Dec 1878, srv Amos WELL’s NY Mil, lived St Lawrence Cty NY
  • Benjamin, Old War IF-#4978, srv as Pvt in Capt BUCKLIN’s Co 9th US Inf, bdl 12 can 27
  • Benjamin, Sally, Old War WF-#illegible Rej, srv as Pvt in 9th Regt MA Vols
  • Ellery, SO-15075, srv Capt. H. WILMARTH’s Co MA Mil
  • James, Ann Maria (Pierce) 2nd wife, WC-32486, SC-7839, m 14 May 1879 Coventry RI, sd 20 Aug 1881 Boston MA, wd 12 Dec 1902, srv George MIDDLETON’s CT Mil, lived Kent Cty RI
  • Richard G., Polly (BABCOCK) WC-1585, m 29 Dec 1811 Petersburg NY, sd 11 Nov 1861 Chautauqua Cty NY, srv Aaron WORTHINGTON’s & James WARNER’s Co’s NY Mil, lived Chautauqua Cty NY & wid also lived Cuyahoga Cty OH
  • Uriel, SC-24546, Sally (GRISWOLD) m about 1817 Herkimer Cty NY, sd about 1881, srv Elijah CARPENTER’s NY Mil, lived Jefferson Cty NY


  • Levi, Phebe (PALMER) WC-29567, m 24 Jan 1824 Columbia Cty NY, sd 27 Sep 1864 Pontiac MI, wd about 15 Sep 1881, srv N. SMITH’s MA Mil, lived Oakland Cty MI & wid also lived Lapeer Cty MI
  • Palemon, Anna (JOSLYN) WC-18537, SO-10475 Rej, m 1810 Schuyler NY, sd 25 Apr 1875 Springbrook NY, wd about 1888, srv Lovel HUTCHINGS’ NY Mil, lived Erie Cty NY

[page 434]


  • David, SC-14052, Winniford (HARDEN) m 11 Apr 1822 Oglethorpe Cty GA, srv MANN’s. OWEN’s & LITTLE’s Co’s GA Mil, lived Pike & Quitman Ctys GA
  • George, Margaret (STRIDLEN)(1st h STRATTON) 2nd wife, WC-33294, m 14 Aug 1841 Scioto Cty OH, sd 7 Nov 1869 Ironton OH, wd about Jun 1897, srv Parke BAILEY’s VA Mil, lived in Scioto Cty OH & wid lived Lawrence Cty OH, 1st wife Polly (BROWN)
  • Israel, Hannah (BEAN) WC-12095, m 10 Jul 1821 Oxford Cty ME, sd 11 Dec 1858 Garland ME, wd 9 Dec 1887, srv John KILBORN’s ME Mil, lived Penobscot Cty ME
  • Jonathan, SC-14053, Nancy (TUCK) m 11 Feb 1819 Oglethorpe Cty GA, srv S. MANN’s GA Mil, lived Talbot, Randolph & Quitman Ctys GA
  • Obadiah, Sallie (WILLIS) WC-31532, m 1817 Pittsylvania Cty VA, sd 15 Sep 1860 South Park Colo, wd 22 Jul 1881, srv John ADAMS’ VA Mil, lived Lewis Cty MO
  • William, SC-825, 1st wife Mary (KIDDER) m 1806 or 07 Albion ME died 1826, 2nd wife Esther (JOHNSON) she died spring of 1851, srv Joseph WESCOTT’s ME Mil, lived Waldo Cty ME
  • William, Sarah A. (BURKS) 2nd wife, WC-18195, SC-14057, m 12 Jun 1849 Halifax Cty VA, sd 26 Jun 1875, wd about 1896, srv Doctor C. WILLIAMS’ VA Mil, lived Halifax & Patrick Ctys VA, wid also lived Pittsylvania Cty VA, 1st wife Martha (CARTER)
  • William M., SO-34960, srv Capt HENDEN’s Co GA Mil

[page 439]


  • William W., SC-14375, wife S. (LIGGIN) m 6 Apr 1816 Powhatan Cty VA, srv Edward ARCHER’s VA Mil, lived Chesterfield Cty VA
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