Compendium of Early Mohawk Valley Families

Source: Maryly B. Penrose, Compendium of Early Mohawk Valley Families, Volume 1 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1990). [WorldCat]

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HESS, Conrad Aug: m. Margreth FRANCK (dau. of Tim. FRANCK), 1/1/1788 (DRGF:205)

HESS, George m. Maria Elisabeth JORDAN, 3/19/1793 (DFP:49)

HESS, Joh: Friedr: m. Maria VOLMER (dau. of Conrad VOLMER), 4/15/1788 (DRGF:205)

HESS, Joh: Jost m. Elisabeth ITTIG, 5/12/1785 (DRGF:201)

HESS, Johannes (widower of Stone Arabia) m. Eva COPPERNOLL, 1/2/1772 (RDSA:191)

HESS, Johannes m. Anna FOX, 2/23/1768 (RDSA:184)

HESS, Johannes m. Anna Margretha JUNG, 11/10/1743 (LTSA:2)

HESS, Johannes, Sr. m. Catharina LILOF, 8/?/1711 (LTSA:2)

HESS, John m. Jenney [?], 4/?/1794 (JPC:90)


HESS, Augustinus & Anna [?]: Johann Nicolas, bapt. 8/7/1760 (RDSA:21); Johann Conrad, bapt. 4/3/1762 (RDSA:33); Johannes, b. 4/25/1764, bapt. 5/10/1764 (RDSA:47); Daniel, b. 4/19/1766, bapt. 5/5/1766 (RDSA:63); Anna Eva, b. 5/27/1768, bapt. 7/12/1768 (RDSA:87); Johannes, b. 7/1/1782, bapt. 7/?/1782 (DRGF:59).  Sponsors: Johann Nicolas WEBER & Margretha (re:1); Conrad FRANCK & his wife (re:2); Johannes SCHELL & his wife, Barbara (re:3); Johann Daniel MULLER & Anna Maria (re:4); anna Eva & Joh: Friedrich OHRNDORFF (re:5); Johannes HESSE & Margretha (re:6).

HESS, Augustinus & Maria [?]: Elisabetha, b. 9/11/1779, bapt. 9/13/1779 (DRGF:37); Dorothea, b. 9/11/1779, bapt. 9/13/ 1779 (DRGF:37).  Sponsors: Stophel SCHUEMACHER & Elisabeth (re:1); Friedrich ITTIG & Dorothea SCHUMACHER (re:2).

HESS, Christian & Elisabeth [?]: Elisabetha, b. 7/16/1777, bapt. 7/31/1777 (DRGF:25); Augustines, b. 11/8/1781, bapt. 11/18/1781 (DRGF:50); Johann Jost, b. 3/11/1784, bapt. 3/28/1784 (DRGF:83).  Sponsors: Gertraut KAST

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& Conrad HESS (re:1); Freidrich KAST & Elisabeth (re:2); Joh: Jost HESSE & Anna Elisabeth FOX (re:3).

HESS, Daniel & Maria (FOX): Johannes, b. 6/13/1781, bapt. 6/13/1781 (DRGF:45); Maria, bapt. 4/15/1790 (SJC:25); Anna Eva, bapt. 4/15/1790 [twins; parents of Palatine] (SJC:25); Joseph, b. 8/2/1793, bapt. 1/20/1794 [parents of Otsego Co.] (SJC:88); Benjamin, b. 11/8/1795 (LTSA:92).  Sponsors: Johannes HESS & Anna (re:1); Adam BERSCH & Anna BERSCH (re:2); Daniel WEBER & Catharina KLOCK (re:3); Peter Ph. FOX & Margretha C. FOX (re:4); Christ. FUCHS & Elisabet (re:5).

HESS, Frederick (of Long Candel) & Anna Maria (VOLLMER): Magdalena, bapt. 3/26/1789 (SJC:13).  Sponsors: Christoph FOX & Elisabeth FOX.

HESS, Friedrich & Maria [?]: Henrich, bapt. 9/8/1782 (DRGF:61).  Sponsors: Johann Nicol HESS & Maria FRANK.

HESS, Godfrey (of Palatine) & Apollonia (BAXTER); Jacob, bapt. 2/8/1789 (SJC:9).  Sponsors: Jacob ZIMMERMAN & Margaretha BAXTER.

HESS, Henrich (of Palatine) & Catharina (BELLINGER): Johann Jost, bapt. 8/16/1788 (SJC:3); Anna, bapt. 6/6/1790 (SJC:28); Magdalena, b. 12/21/1792, bapt. 1/27/1793 (SJC:71).  Sponsors: Johannes KRIEG & Elisabeth DEBUSIN (re:1); John Friederich BELLINGER & Catharina BELLINGER (re:2); John HESS & Eva HESS (re:3).

HESS, Henrich (Snellenbush) & Margrtha [?]: Heinrich, bapt. 6/9/1793 (SJC:76).  Sponsors: Friderich SNELL & Anna ZIMMERMAN.

HESS, Joh: Friedrich & Maria [?]: Friedrich, b. 7/6/1777, bapt. 7/11/1777 (DRGF:24); Elisabetha, b. 8/13/1779, bapt. 8/16/1779 (DRGF:36); Maria, b. 11/17/1784, bapt. 11/22/1784 (DRGF:89).  Sponsors: Friedrich FOX & [?] (re:1); Conrad HESSE & Sussanna FLACK (re:2); Augustin HES & Maria (re:3).

HESS, Johannes & Anna Margaretha (YOUNG): Catharina, b. 7/16/1744 (LTSA:2); Johannes, b. 10/27/1745 (LTSA:2); Elizabeth, b. 8/12/1747 (LTSA:2); Anna, b. 3/25/1749 (LTSA:2); Johann Friderich, b. 5/10/1751 (LTSA:2); Debalt, b. 9/22/1753 (LTSA:8).  Sponsors: Johannes HESS, Sr. & his wife Catharina (re:1); Johann Friderich HESS, Elizabeth JUNG (re:2); Jacob STARING, Dorothea Elizabetha JUNG (re:3); Augustinus HESS & his wife Catharina (re:4); Joh. Friderich JUNG, Anna Margaretha NELLIS (re:5); Debalt JUNG & his wife, Catharina (re:6).

HESS, Johannes & Margretha [?]: Maria Margreth, b. 10/21/1770, bapt. 11/6/1770 (RDSA:107); Anna Maria, b. 11/1/1776, bapt. 11/5/1776 (DRGF:21); Conrath, b. 9/5/1780, bapt. 9/27/1780 (DRGF:40); Johann Jost, b. 9/26/1783, bapt. 1/1/1784 (DRGF:79); Friedrich, b. 3/31/1785, bapt. 4/28/1785 (DRGF:95).  Sponsors: Acus FOLMER & Elisabeth SCHUMACHER (re:1); Georg HESS & Anna Maria FOLMER (re:2); Conrath VOLMER & Lena (re:3); Johann Jost HESS & Anna Elisabeth FRANCK (re:4); Friedrich FRANK & Elisabeth (re:5).

HESS, Johannes, Sr. & Catharina (LILOF): Anna Eva, b. 9/24/1713 (LTSA:2); Anna Maria, b. 3/25/1715 (LTSA:3); Catharina, b. 3/25/1717

[page 369]

(LTSA:3); Augustinus, b. 12/21/1718 (LTSA:3); Johannes, b. 5/5/1721 (LTSA:3); Johann Friederich, b. 9/5/1722 (LTSA:3); Anna Dorothea, b. 3/25/1724 (LTSA:3).  Sponsors: Joh. EMERICH & his wife, Margaretha (re:1); Anna Margaretha BORCKIS (re:2); Marx BELLINGER & his wife, Anna (re:3); Joh. Ludolff CORING & his wife, Utilia (re:4); Thomas SCHUMACHER & his wife, Dorothea (re:5); Friderich BELLINGER & his wife, Elisabetha (re:6); Thomas SCHUMACHER & his wife, Dorothea (re:7).

HESS, Johannes Jost (of the field) & Elisabeth [?]: Catharina, bapt. 5/30/1790 (SJC:27).  Sponsors: Daniel PETRI & Catharina ITIG.

HESS, Theobald & Macery/Majory [?]: Elisabetha, b. 12/8/1783, bapt. 1/25/1784 (DRGF:80); Pieter SCHUYLER, b. 6/23/1785, bapt. 7/19/1785 (DRGF:99).  Sponsors: Stophel FOX & Elisabeth (re:1); Pieter SCHYLER, Mjr. & [?] (re:2).

Death Record

HESS, [?], (infant of Daniel HESS, Germanflats), d. 9/21/1820; buried near the church cemetery in the same place (RDH:279)

HESS, Conrad, [sartor], d. 3/28/1820, Germanflats, age 28 years; buried in the cemetery near the stone church (RDH:279)

HESS, David, (little son of Dionisii HESS), d. 6/3/1823, age 7 years; buried in the cemetery near the church (RDH:286)

HESS, Elisabeth, (dau. of George H. HESS), b. 7/20/1797; d. 9/26/1808, age 11 years, 2 months, 6 days; buried 9/28/1808 (DFP:92)

HESS, Elisabeth, (wife of Johannes Joseph HESS and sister of Michael ITTIG, from Columbia), d. 7/15/1813, age 51 years; buried in the cemetery near the church in the same place (RDH:268)

HESS, Eva, (wife of Frederick HESS; born: ITTIG), d. 5/5/1808, Germanflats, age 29 years, 9 months, 13 days; buried in the church cemetery of the same place (RDH:260)

HESS, Frederick, (son of Frederick HESS), d. 3/25/1816, Germanflats, age 14 years; buried in the cemetery near the church (RDH:272)

HESS, George H., d. 9/27/1840, age 67 years, 6 months, 10 days; buried in a private cemetery on the AARONs farm, formerly owned by Mrs. Estella FINEHOUT, on a knoll within sight of the road in the town of Hessville (AFC 41:2)

HESS, Henry, b. 1730; d. 2/25/1810, age 80 years (had 2 sons & 8 daus.; lived to see 69 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren) (DFP:93)

HESS, Mary E., (wife of George H. HESS), d. 5/30/1838, age 66 years; buried in a private cemetery on the AARONs farm, formerly owned by Mrs. Estella FINEHOUT, on a knoll within sight of the road in the town of Hessville (AFC 41:2)

Probate Abstract

HESS, Hendrick, (of Canajoharie), will dated 8/26/1801; probated 6/13/1810.  Legatees: wife, Mary Elizabeth; sons, Henry and George; daus., Susanna, Magdalen, Elizabeth, Catharine, Margaret, Maria (decd., and her daus., Anna, Maria, Elizabeth and Susanna).  Executors: Wife; George W. GERLACH, Henry FAILING.  Witnesses: Roger DOUGHERTY, Hendrick DEILL, Christopher P. YATES. (WMC 56:161)

[page 370]

Tryon County Militia

HESS, Augustinus                            [Appendix A]

HESS, Christian

HESS, Conrad

HESS, Daniel

HESS, Frederick

HESS, George

HESS, Henry

HESS, John

Pension Abstract

HESS, Christian, m. Elizabeth [?], 3/10/1777, by Rev. Abraham ROSENCRANTZ; d. 8/5/1804, Pittsford, Monroe Co., N.Y. (Elizabeth HESS, b. 1743/4; d. 2/22/1843, Monroe Co., N.Y.)  Children: Elisabeth, b. 7/30/1777; Hendrick, b. 8/27/1779; Augustinus, b. 11/6/1781; Johan Jost, b. 3/11/1784; Catherine, b. 7/?/1786 or 8/?/1786 (m. Isaiah D. STILLWELL; resident of Livona, Livingston Co., N.Y. in 1855); mary, b. 1789/90.  Christian enlisted in 1777 and served as a private and sergeant in Capt. BREADBAKE’s Co., Col. Jacob KLOCK’s 2nd. Regt., Tryon Co. Militia for nine months; he enlisted again for another tour of duty at Stone Arabia. (RWPA:#W17068)

HESS, Conrad, b. 1762, German Flatts, N.Y.; (father; [not named] was killed at the time of attack upon Fort Herkimer); applied for pension on 10/13/1832 and was not allowed one due to unsatisfactory proof of service.  Conrad served under Capts. Michael ITTIG and Frederick FRANK in Col. Peter BELLINGER’s 4th. Regt. and also under Capt. GROSS in Col. Marinus WILLETT’s Regt.; Conrad stated that he fought in the battles of Oriskany, West Canada Creek and Fort Herkimer. (RWPA: #R4927)

HESS, Daniel, b. 11/13/1757; (brother: David [Debalt], b. 9/22/1753; resided in Mexico, Montgomery Co., N.Y. in 1835); resident of Oppenheim, Montgomery Co. on 9/5/1834.  Daniel entered the military from his home in Palatine in March 1775 and was a private at various times until 1780 under Capts. John HESS, Christopher FOX, Peter WAGGONER in Col. Jacob KLOCK’s 2nd. Regt., Tryon Co. Militia.  (RWPA: #S22826)

1790 Census

HESS, Augustenus                            [Appendix B]

HESS, Christian

HESS, Conradt

HESS, Daniel

HESS, David

HESS, Frederick (2)

HESS, Henry

HESS, John

HESS, Yost

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