Colonial Families of the United States of America

Source: George Norbury Mackenzie, Colonial Families of the United States of America, Volume 4 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1995). [WorldCat]

[page 59]


EDWIN AYLSWORTH BURLINGAME, b. 28th June, 1871, at Williamsport, Pennsylvania; m. 17th October, 1899, at New York City, Florida Ten Broeck SCHNEIDER, b. 20th July, 1871, at Cranston, Rhode Island, dau. of the late William Tyler SCHNEIDER, b. 7th March, 1844, at Brusa, Turkey, d. 5th April, 1878, at Cranston, Rhode Island, who m. Kate DEPEW, b. 7th October, 1845, at New York City.


I. Katharine Depew, b. 25th July, 1900.

EDWIN AYLSWORTH BURLINGAME, Civil and Landscape Engineer; received his early education in Public Schools of Newark, New Jersey, New York City, and Providence, Rhode Island; studied his profession at Cornell University; was for several years employed as Engineer for Public Service Corporations; since 1904 has been Superintendent of Grounds of Brown University and has directed the erection of several important buildings, also employing a portion of his time on outside work, when as Landscape Engineer he has planned and developed important country estates.


ROGER BURLINGAME of Providence, Rhode Island; b. in England, circa 1620; d. 1st September, 1718; his will was proved 13th September, 1718; was located at Stonington, Connecticut, in 1654; at Warwick, Rhode Island, 1660, and before 1670 settled in the part of Providence now Cranston, in the western portion known as Meshanticut; was the first white settler in this district; elected Deputy to General Assembly in 1690, but on account of some question as to the legality of the election, not accepted; Member of the Town Council, 1698; m. circa 1663, Mary, surname unknown; d. 1718.


I. JOHN, b. 1st August, 1664.

II. Thomas, b. 6th February, 1667; d. 9th July, 1758; m. (1st) Martha LIPPIT, dau. of Moses and Mary (KNOWLES) LIPPIT; m. (2d) Hannah (GARDINER) WESTCOTT, d. 1756, dau. of George and Tabitha (TEFFT) GARDINER, and widow of Josiah WESTCOTT (no issue by this marriage).


1. Rev. Thomas, Jr., b. 29th May, 1688; d. 7th January, 1770; m. Eleanor RALPH.

2. Moses, b. 1690; d. 16th December, 1759; m. Temperance ─────.

3. Samuel, b. 1692; d. 20th March, 1740; m. MARY SMITH of North Kingstown.

4. Peter, b. 28th January, 1694; d. 17th February, 1791; m. (1st) Rose BRIGGS; m. (2d) Patience ─────.

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5. Joshua, m. Ann BRIGGS.

6. A daughter (name not given).

7. Mary, b. 1698; d. 30th January, 1728; m. 23d October, 1719, John WARNER, Jr.

8. Margaret, b. 1708; m. 29th September, 1727, Joseph REMINGTON.

9. Sarah, m. 3d January, 1743, John BRIGGS.

10. Freelove, m. GORTON or GREEN.

11. Persis, b. 8th January, 1703; m. 8th February, 1723, William BROWN.

12. Alice, m. John WESTCOTT.

13. Patience, b. 1710; m. 15 June, 1740, Thomas Olney WEAVER.

14. Stephen, b. 1711; d. 7th January, 1804; m. 27th June, 1736.

III. Mary, b. 2d November, 1669; d. 1760; m. 19th December, 1689, Amos STAFFORD, b. 8th November, 1665, d. 1760, son of Samuel and Mercy (WESTCOTT) STAFFORD.

IV. Jane, b. 21st November, 1668; d. 1711; m. (1st) John POTTER, son of John and Ruth (FISHER) POTTER; m. (2d) 1711, Edward POTTER, b. 25th November, 1678, brother of John.

V. Alice, b. May, 1673.

VI. Mercy, b. 1675; m. 1707, Othniel GORTON.

VII. Roger, b. May, 1678; m. Eleanor SWEET.


1. Josiah, d. May, 1766; m. 12th November, 1749, Sarah WILLIAMS.

2. Jonathan, m. Phebe ─────.

3. William, m. (1st) Susanna HOPKINS; m. (2d) Alice of Coventry.

4. Freelove, m. 12th December, 1745, James GREENE (of Josiah).

5. Eleanor, m. 3d December, 1740, James ARNOLD.

VIII. Peter, d. unmarried, 1712.

IX. Elizabeth, b. 9th January, 1684; d. 5th May, 1752; m. (1st) 5th December, 1706, Thomas ARNOLD, b. 24 March, 1675, d. 3d February, 1728, son of Richard and Mary (ANGELL) ARNOLD; m. (2d) 11th April, 1734, William SPENCER, b. 1st July, 1672, d. 1748, son of John and Susanna SPENCER.

X. Patience, b. 8th May, 1685; d. 8th August, 1746; m. 15th June, 1710, Thomas OLNEY, b. 18th May, 1686, d. 28th July, 1752, son of Epenetus and Mary (WHIPPLE) OLNEY.

JOHN BURLINGAME of Cranston, Rhode Island; b. 1st August, 1664, at Kingston, Rhode Island; d. 24th June, 1719, Cranston, Rhode Island; m. Mary Knowles LIPPITT, dau. of Moses Knowles LIPPITT, d. 3d January, 1703, Deputy from Warwick to the Council in the years 1681-84-90-98-99, son of John LIPPITT, one of the original settlers of Providence and one of those to whom was assigned a house and six acre lots in 1638; he signed the “Agreement for a Form of Government,”

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27th July, 1640; he was chosen with nine others by the Town of Providence to meet with Commissioners from other three towns to form a government under the Charter, 16th May, 1647.


I. John, b. 1690; d. 12th February, 1755; m. Sarah BIGGS; d. 1st November, 1773.

II. ROGER III, b. 1692.

III. James, b. 1694; d. 1st January, 1768; m. Hannah BROWN, dau. of Judah BROWN.

IV. David, b. 5th December, 1706; d. 27th January, 1755; m. Mary BROWN, dau. of Chad and Mary BROWN of Hosanna.

V. Barlingstone, b. 25th June, 1698; d. 12th December, 1767; m. Charity COLVIN of Coventry.

VI. Benjamin, d. 12th May, 1742, at Surinam; m. Jerusha ─────.

VII. Elisha.

ROGER BURLINGAME, III, of Cranston, Rhode Island; b. 1692; d. 1st April, 1768; was Captain of 3d Company, 2d Regiment, 1725-26 of Rhode Island; m. 1712, Sarah, surname unknown; d. 1761.


I. Christopher.

II. JONATHAN, b. 1715.

III. Sarah.

IV. Mary, m. Stephen BURLINGAME.

JONATHAN BURLINGAME of Cranston, Rhode Island; b. 1715; d. 24th June, 1778; m. Phebe, surname unknown.


I. Elisha, m. 29th February, 1753, Naomi MERREWEATHER.

II. Christopher, m. 3d December, 1769, Anne POTTER, dau. of Samuel POTTER.

III. Charles, m. Amey PAINE.

IV. BENJAMIN, b. 26th June, 1751.

V. Jeremiah, b. 17th January, 1755; d. 25th January, 1811; served at Battle of Bunker Hill; m. 1st March, 1778, Ruth Grinnell PALMER.

VI. Hopkins, b. 10th March, 1759; d. 11th August, 1820; served at Battle of Bunker Hill; m. Margaret ─────.

VII. Patience, m. Thomas HOLDEN.

VIII. Mary, m. Thomas BIDDLECOMBE, soldier in the American Revolution.

IX. Sarah.

BENJAMIN BURLINGAME of Killingly, Connecticut; b. 26th June, 1751, in Cranston; d. 20th May, 1834, in Killingly, Connecticut, where he and his brothers settled in 1780; Ensign in 3d Company, Colonel RICHMOND’s Regiment, in 1776; fought at Bunker Hill with brothers Jeremiah and Hopkins; m. (1st) Sarah, surname unknown, b. 6th September, 1751, d. 9th March, 1788; m. (2d) 1790 Rachel, surname unknown, b. 1773, d. 1st March, 1825; m. (3d) 1828, Mrs. Content ALDRICH.

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I. William, b. 12th January, 1771; d. 20th May, 1777.

II. Dorcas, b. 28th September, 1773; m. John BATES.

III. Charles, I, b. 24th May, 1776; d. 16th January, 1777.

IV. Charles, II, b. 18th May, 1778; d. 5th March, 1862; m. Susanna CHACE.


I. SAMUEL, b. 27th January, 1791.

II. Sarah or Leah, b. 10th August, 1794; m. Benjamin CHACE.

III. Phila, b. 1797, m. Sampson CHACE.

IV. Lurana, b. 3d June, 1800; m. 10th December, 1820, Stephen CHACE.

V. Eunice, b. 4th July, 1802; m. 15th September, 1822, William JOHNSON.

VI. Walter, b. 19th April, 1805; m. 25th September, 1825, Henrietta YOUNG.

SAMUEL BURLINGAME of Killingly, Connecticut; b. there 27th January, 1791; d. 26th April, 1862; m. 1811, Randilla PRESTON, b. 11th April, 1795, d. 4th March, 1867, dau. of Daniel and Mary (BAKER) PRESTON.


I. ERASTUS NELSON, b. 19th August, 1812.

II. Eratus, b. 7th July, 1816; m. 3d October, 1826, Polly WRIGHT.

III. Daniel Preston, b. 21st January, 1818; d. 19th October, 1905; m. Hannah BATEMAN.

IV. Lewis, b. 4th September, 1820; d. 19th January, 1890, m. Eliza ROBBINS.

V. Mary Melissa, b. 10th May, 1824; d. 27th July, 1853; m. 1852, Samuel CHACE.

VI. William Brayton, b. 10th November, 1825, m. (1st) Zilpha HAMMOND; m. (2d) Freedom EATON.

ERASTUS NELSON BURLINGAME of Cranston, Rhode Island; b. 19th August, 1812, at Killingly, Connecticut; d. 18th January, 1864; m. September, 1835, in Providence, Rhode Island, Lydia WOOD, b. 1807, in West Greenwich, Rhode Island, d. 30th March, 1880, dau. of John and Dorcas (HALL) WOOD.


I. EDWIN HARRIS, b. 13th August, 1836.

EDWIN HARRIS BURLINGAME of Providence, Rhode Island; b. 13th August, 1836, at Warwick, Rhode Island; d. 4th August, 1912, at Ossipee, New Hampshire; m. (1st) 2d September, 1859, Mary RUSS, d. 17th June, 1862; m. (2d) 6th June, 1865, Eliza AYLSWORTH, b. 6th June, 1836, at Foster, Rhode Island, d. 22d November, 1908.


I. Frank Russ, b. 2d November, 1861; d. 2d August, 1865.

[page 63]


I. EDWIN AYLSWORTH, b. 28th June, 1871; the subject of this memoir.

II. Mary Rothwell, b. 30th June, 1873, at Williamsport, Pennsylvania; m. 6th June, 1894, Frederick Stanhope PECK, b. in Providence, Rhode Island, 16th December, 1868, son of Leander R. and Sarah G. (CANNON) PECK, of Barrington, Rhode Island.


1. Helen PECK, b. 22d December, 1895, in Providence, Rhode Island.

Residence. — 359 Brook Street, Providence, Rhode Island.

Clubs. — Providence Art, Bristol Yacht, Edgewood Yacht, Cornell Club of New England.

Societies. — Colonial Wars, Sons of American Revolution, Military Order of Loyal Legion, National Geographic Society, Rhode Island Historical Society, Providence Athenaeum, Rhode Island School of Design.

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