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Earl E. Mattocks: A Funeral Eulogy

Source: Donald Earl Mattocks, Earl E. Mattocks (a funeral eulogy, unpublished, 1995).


One of the middle children from a large family of eight, Earl was born April 16, 1921 in the small town of Parr, In. to the proud parents, Beverly, his father, and Gladys (DANNER) MATTOCKS his mother.

Having grown up around commercial fishing, commercial mining, and large dredges, combined with his own natural curiosity of nature, and machines was the basic mold set of the rest of his life.

After serving in the Phillipines during World War II, most of his adult life was spent owning and operating heavy equipment in and around this area.  However, the last eighteen years of his working career was with Bethlehem Steel, in Portage, as a “turn” foreman.  All of these years of his life, I like to call his “Duty” years.

On a personal note, at this point, I would like to say something about his love and passion for life.

Ray CALL once said Earl was the best friend anyone could have, that he was always there if you needed him, always supportive and never would let you down.  He was truely “A friend to the end”.

Earl was a man of great pride, conviction, and generosity.  There was no room for “grey” areas in his life.  To him everything was black & white / cut and dried.  There were times this unflexible approach to life was hard to handle, but on the other hand, you always knew exactly where you stood with Earl, always being true to his word and convictions.

What balanced out this somewhat tougher side of Earl was his sense of humor, and his practical joker side.  I remember a baseball cap of his that said “It ain’t easy being right all of the time”.  Any one that knew Earl, knew this side of him also.

In his younger days, cars and racing them, was one of his great passions.  Brother Steve and I learned most of our mechanical abilities through Earl’s passion of things mechanical.

Being outdoors was always high on his list in life.  He hunted, trapped, and shot clay pigeons better than anyone I ever knew.  Maybe other people were better, or just as good at these things, but I never knew any of them.  As good as he was at these things, his strongest passion in life, right up to the end, was fishing.  He was truly the original “Bassmaster” long before the term was ever coined.  All the silver bass and northern pike can breathe a sigh of relief today.

As he entered his golden years of life, Earl came to appreciate just how important family and friends are.   This is not to say he didn’t appreciate them earlier in his life, but he finally learned how to express and tell people how much he really cared and loved them.

Earl felt he was truly blessed, having been married twice and been given four daughters, three sons, sixteen grandchildren, and fifteen great-grandchildren to love and enjoy.  This love and joy was also expressed to his two surviving brothers and one sister.

DAD, please take all of our love, and rest in eternal peace.  He was the best man I ever knew!

Son Donald Earl MATTOCKS

  1. Phyllis Walker
    4 February 2010 at 6:19 pm

    Don ,

    Hi, it is Phyllis. I am looking for Shirley. I keep getting the mail I send her back as ‘undilverable”.Mom is asking bout her too. Hope you are doing well. I think of Tony often and have many memories of our time growing up together. Any information you can share with me is truly appreciated! Thank you!
    Phyllis Walker Levan

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