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Lola (Leverenz) Jordan to Gregg Leon Mattocks, letter, 13 April 1997

Source: Lola (Leverenz) Jordan to Gregg Leon Mattocks, letter, 13 April 1997.

Apr. 13, ’97

Hi Gregg:

Sending this, sorry for scribbled material – but – just in case I’m not “up to” something better very soon, this will keep you occupied (trying to figure it out?) & out of mischief for awhile!!

Love & my best to you, your mom & bro’s –    Lola

info for Gregg Mattocks

H. Mae MATTOCKS LEVERENZ always called Mae.

Born 12/18/1893


Aug 19/1931


(Adolph) Al LEVERENZ

Danville Ill

2/26/1890 (Danville)

To —— 1972


buried Momence Cemetery

”      Momence, Ill  (also daughter – Lucille SIMKINS

Aug. 18 – 1919

To        1961   (not same plot)

Info of Lola

(Some of it personal for you)

(Omit the Detroit, Mich – not pertinent)

Al, Mae, & Lola resided in Montana until 1917

Returned with baby Genevieve

{            For you }

{   To – Momemce, IL or maybe Kankakee, IL   Rural Route    }

Moved to Indiana      (Parr)

Lucille & Thelma born   ”

Children lived there with grandparents until 1929

{            For you }

{ Moved to Kankakee, Ill.   Back to Ind. 1932 ?        }

{  (Roselawn) & Momence, IL.                }

Married Joe  Jan 6 1933 or 1934 ?

Lola (Maude) LEVERENZ

”             ”        FISK

”            ”       JORDAN

Born – July 21, 1913.  Danville, Ill.

Married             Joseph FISK 1934 – Beecher, IL.

”           18 yrs           └─ Born Sullivan, IND  May 26 – 1911 – 1/1/1978


Married – Leo JORDAN – 1960

of: (born) Calumet City, Ill.

They lived in Cal. City & North Judson Ind.


John W FISK  born [omitted to protect privacy]

Married Barbara HORN, [omitted to protect privacy]

Now Bloomington, IL

2 Children

J. Michael FISK (Army)

Christine FISK  (Bloomington)

Joe & Lola lived mostly in Cedar Lake, Ind.

Genevieve (Marie) LEVERENZ


Born in N. Dakota

Married – E.H. (Don) LUER     Ridgeland, Wis.

2 Children

Keith LUER (unmarried)

Eau Claire, Wis.

Bruce LUER – married to “Katie”

Evergreen, Col.

Lucille (Mae) LEVERENZ

Born Aug 18, 1919 to  — 1961

(no children)

Married to Carl SIMKINS   Hammond, Ind.

Thelma Janet LEVERENZ

Born Aug 1 – 1921  Parr, Ind.  to    ’91 (Cremated)

Married Wendell MOSURE  Morocco, Ind.

They lived in Dyer, In. & Crown Point, Ind for years (until death)

From Lola

For you –

Doubt you need info about my dad but for you.   1890-1972

He was a wonderful dad to his children.  Plus: A wonderful person

He married:

Marjory METZ  Chgo, Ill.  1935 or (6)

(A great stepmother)

Died – 1962

Married 1964 to: Lottie MAY – Died 1982 ?

Your grandfather Beverly and my dad (Al LEVERENZ) always good friends.  Also Uncle Bev good to me – a big tease! – (Was, I was told) with my mother & I B/4 we left for Montana – and often in future years with Aunt Gladys & kiddies

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