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Patricia L. Engels to Chauncey Leon Mattocks, letter, 15 July 1985

Source: Patricia L. Engels to Chauncey Leon Mattocks, letter, 15 July 1985, from the papers of Carol Lee Mattocks.

Patricia L. ENGELS
Attorney At Law

P.O. BOX 103
(219) 992-3913   EMERGENCY (815) 472-4378

Mr. Leon MATTOCKS JULY 15, 1985
P.O. Box 201 IN RE: Estate of MAUDE A. HIRES
Gresham, Oregon  97030 ELIZABETH A. GEELAN, Executor

Dear Family of MAUDE A. HIRES, Deceased:

I represent the above named estate.  We are asking to have Elizabeth A. GEELAN appointed as personal representative of the above listed estate.  I indeed hope that this procedure meets with your approval.  Listed below are the documents which we will soon file in the Starke County Court: Death Certificate, Petition for Letters of Administration, Affidavit of Death, Oath of Office of Executor, Notice of Administration.

I am writing this letter to you because you are family of the above named decedent and as such are entitled to notice of hearing.  When the decedent has no will, the value of the estate after the expenses of decedent are paid, is distributed according to blood line.  The decedent had 6 brothers and 2 sisters.  Six of these are deceased and therefore, I am required to notify all children of the deceased brothers and sisters.

I have also enclosed a Waiver of Notice that I am asking each heir to sign in order to save tome and expenses to the estate.  This signed paper indicates that you will accept information of the probate matters by mail, rather than appearing at each court hearing.  You may attend if you wish even though you sign this waiver.  I do not have all the names and addresses of the heirs.  Therefore, I am also enclosing a list of the heirs, as the Executor has knowledge, and ask that if you can supply me with the name and address of any heir not listed, it would be greatly appreciated.

During the next few weeks I will be assembling all of the decedent’s assets to prepare an inventory to file in the Starke County Court as well as a list of all of the expenses and bills that have been paid or need to be paid from the estate.

Advertisements will be published in the newspaper for notice to those who have claims against the estate.  Such claims as are allowed by the Court, must be paid in the order prescribed by law.  Complete records must be kept of all cash and investment transactions.  State inheritance tax forms must be filed.  The net estate will be taxed after the expenses to the estate are paid.

Five months or more after filing the estate and after all known debts, administration expenses and taxes of the decedent and of the decedent’s estate have been paid, we will then prepare a final report and account to file in the Court.  Upon approval of the Court, we will then be able to distribute the remaining assets to the heirs.  The administration of an estate is a very important process.  It clears the title to the decedent’s property, settles legitimate debts and wipes out others.  It establishes a new tax basis for the property in the estate and permits the distribution of the property to the persons entitled to it.

If you have any questions regarding the work involved in handling this estate, please contact me.

Please sign the enclosed forms and return them to me in the enclosed envelope as soon as possible.  Also, please read over the enclosed list of heirs, and supply me with the names and addresses of the “missing” heirs if at all possible.  Your utmost cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,

Patricia L. ENGELS
Patricia L. ENGELS
Attorney at Law


Waiver of Notice of Hearing
List of Heirs


A.  Oliver K. MATTOCKS, Brother, Route 2, Box 219, Momence, IL  60954

B.  Orval MATTOCKS, Brother, Route 3, Box 15A, Momence, IL  60954

C.  Beverly Earl MATTOCKS, Sister, Deceased; Spouse deceased.

Four children:

1.  Carl K. MATTOCKS, Bristol Rd., Farmington, Connecticut  06032

2.  Earl MATTOCKS, P.O. Box 61, Tefft, IN  46380, (co-guardian of decedent)

3.  Leon MATTOCKS, P.O. Box 201  Gresham, Oregon  97030

4.  Mary STALLING, 750 E. Powell, #27, Gresham, Oregon  97030

D.  James MATTOCKS, brother, deceased; Spouse deceased.

Two children:

1.  Mae MATTOCKS, c/o Cheryl TRSJANOWSKY, daughter of Mae, 10759 East Admiral Place, Lot 158, Tulsa, Oklahoma  74116

2.  Maude MATTOCKS,

E.  Glenn MATTOCKS, brother, deceased; wife, Della KEPLIN, 609 Adams, Walkerton, Indiana  46574.

Five children:






F.  Ellwyn MATTOCKS, brother, deceased; wife, Millie MATTOCKS, Route 2, Rennselaer, IN  47978

Seven children:








G.  Mae LEVERING, sister, deceased; Spouse deceased.

Three children:

1.  Lola JORDAN, Route 1, Box 104, North Judson, IN  46366

2.  Thelma MOSURE, 2515 W. 133rd Ave., Crown Point, IN  46307

3.  Genevieve,

H.  Carl P. MATTOCKS, brother deceased, wife deceased.

Five children:

1.  Lee MATTOCKS, Route 1, Box 90A, DeMotte, IN  46310

2.  Patricia RHYNARD, 76 Twin Fountain, Lake Wales, Florida  33853

3.  Vera HENRY, Box 146, Roselawn, Indiana  46372

4.  Bernice LANGEN,

5.  Olive NORTON, 4510 42nd Ave North, St. Petersburg, FL  33714

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