Genealogy Page – Hartford Times

Source: “Genealogy Page,” Hartford Times (microfilm).

[The dates preceding the following entries correspond to the issue of the Hartford Times in which the article originally appeared.]

17 August 1940 – Queries:

7318 … (4) KILBORN-(—).  Data, of Abraham KILBORN, d. Feb. 25, 1776, and of his wife, Rebecca (—), d. June 16, 1767, prob. of Wethersfield.  Son, Jesse KILBORN mar. Feb. 24, 1765, Sarah MATTOCKS.  Her data wanted.

21 September 1940 – Queries:

7454 … (2) BURDELL-MATTOCKS.  Data, of Sarah BURDELL (BIRDWELL) who mar. Hartford, Mar. 14, 1763, Capt. Samuel MATTOCKS.

11 January 1941 – Queries:

8087 … (5) MANN-PARKHURST.  Data, of Phebe PARKHURST b. July 2, 1768, d. Montpelier, Vt., Dec. 22, 1846, mar. Solomon (6) MANN (John-5-4-Nathaniel-3-Richard-2-1-) b. Orford, N.H., Aug. 19, 1768, d. Montpelier, Aug. 11, 1825.  Census 1790 has a John PARKHURST living in Orford, N.H.  Was he related to Phebe?  MANN children were: 1-Phebe, b. 1788, d. India, ae. 71, mar. Rev. George HOUGH; 2-Emily, b. 1791, d. N.H., 1856, mar. Henry OAKES, son of David; 3-Solomon, 1792, d. Mich., mar. Frances C. KELLAM; 4-William, 1794, d. N.Y., of Mich., mar. Ruth HAZELTINE; 5-George Sparrowhawk, b. 1796, d. San Francisco, mar. Laura MATTOCKS; 6-Almira, b. 1799, d. 1879, mar. Ephraim Curtis PARKS; 7-Hiram, b. 1802, d. 1843; 8-John Parkhurst, b. 1804, mar. Hannah P. BAILEY; 9-Maria, b. 1806, d. Vt., mar. Henry RICHARDSON; 10-Henry, b. 1807, d. Vt.; 11-Albert, b. 1809, d. 1892.  Would like to correspond with descendants.

13 June 1942 – Queries:

A-993 … (8) KILBORN-MATTOCKS.  Jesse KILBORN, son of Abraham of Wethersfield and Litchfield mar. there Feb. 24, 1765, Sarah MATTOCKS whose data asked.  B.C.L.

10 February 1945 – Answers:

A-4394–(5) T.E.T. Oct. 28, 1944.  CLARK-SATERLEE.  Nathan (4) CLARK (Isaac-3, John-2, Thomas-1) b. Norwich, Conn., July 21, 1718, d. Bennington, Vt., Apr. 8, 1792; bur. in church yard of First Ch. of Bennington; was lawyer and patriot during Rev.; speaker of first Gen. Assembly of State of Vt.; mar. Aug. 12, 1741, Abigail SATERLEE of Plainfield, Conn., b. Apr. 12, 1720, dau. of William and Ann.

Children: 1-William, b. May 18, 1742, mar. Keziah MORSE; 2-Nathan Jr., b. Oct. 12, 1743; 3-Abigail, Mar. 31, 1745, mar. — BURNHAM; 4-Mary, Dec. 11, 1746, mar. Charles MILE; 5-Gen. Isaac, Oct. 5, 1748, mar. first Hannah CHITTENDEN, dau. of Gov. of Vt., mar. second, Anne, dau. of Col. Eleazer FITCH and widow of William TEMPLE; 6-Lucy, Aug. 22, 1750, mar. — ROE; 7-Elisha, Sept. 22, 1752, mar. first Betty (JEWELL) SPAFFORD, and second Edna A. MATTOCKS; 8-Rebecca, Aug. 3, 1754, mar. Lemuel HUBBELL; 9-Cyrus, Sept. 12, 1756, mar. Sarah —; 10-Anna, July 15, 1758, mar. — REMINGTON; 11-Caleb, July 14, 1760, mar. Hope —; 12-Merriam, mar. John WEEKS.

First three births recorded in Preston, Book 2, pg. 13, next five in Norwich; birth of Cyrus recorded in Canterbury Book 1, pg. 108; Anna and Caleb in Windham, Book 2, pg. 45; Merriam was prob. b. Bennington, Vt.  J.F.H.

24 March 1945 – Queries:

A-4875 … (5) MATTOCKS-BIRDWELL-BURDELL.  Samuel MATTOCKS of Hartford mar. Mar. 14, 1763, Sarah BURDELL-BIRDWELL; her data asked.  M.M.C.

28 July 1945 – Answers:

A-4931 – (1) S.S.G. April 14, 1945.  CLARK.  Elisha (5) CLARK, (Nathan – 4, Isaac – 3, John – 2, Thomas – 1) b. Norwich, Conn., Sept. 22, 1752, d. Tinmouth, Vt. Dec. 12, 1838; mar. 1st May 22, 1788, Betty (JEWELL) SPOFFORD; mar. 2nd June 19, 1791, Edna A. MATTOCKS.  Children: 1 – Mary, b. 1789, d. 1864, mar. George HODGES; 2 – Elisha, jr.; by second wife: 3 – Nathan Mattocks, b. 1796, d. 1861, mar. 1818, Cynthia SHEPHERD; 4 – Albert S., b. 1802, mar. Ann HERBERT; 5 – Burr R., b. 1804; 6 – Emily, b. Sept. 15, 1808; 7 – Mary Ann, b. 1810.  J.F.H.

17 November 1945 – Queries:

A-5609 — (1) BURLINGAME-SOPER.  Clark (5) BURLINGAME said to be b. New Fairfield, Conn., Oct. 17, 1757, mar. Patience SOPER; was of Fairfield Twp. 1789 and of Smithfield both Chittenden Co. Vt.) 1790.  Full list of children asked, dates and marriages.

(2) BURLINGAME-(—).  William (5) BURLINGAME (Ephraim-4-William-3-Roger-2-1), brother of Caleb (5) above, served in Ebenezer ALLEN’s Regt. Rev. War from Lamoille Co. Vt.  Data of wife; full list of children, dates and marriages.

(3) BURLINGAME-CUMMINGS.  Data of Clark (6) BURLINGAME, b. perhaps Vermont (?) July 28, 1787, and of wife Lucy CUMMINGS, mar. Shaftsbury, Vt., Apr. 27, 1806; d. Oriskany Falls, N.Y., Nov. 1, 1857.  He was prob. son of either William-5- or Clark-5- above.  He was of Manchester Twp. Ben. Co. Vt. census of 1810, under 26 years old, with two sons under 10; “old man William” was there with him.

He was mentioned in Providence, R.I., Gazette, Apr. 16, 1814, while of Vermont; seems to have had Rhode Island connections.

(4) BURLINGAME-MERRIFIELD.  Highland (7) BURLINGAME (Caleb-6-) mar. Betsy Ann MERRIFIELD, b. Mass. 1820; she may have been from Colrain, Becket or Holiston, Mass.  Her data asked.  W.A.D.

21 September 1946 – Queries:

A-6670 … (4) BURLINGAME-GREEN.  William (3) BURLINGAME (Roger-2-1-) of Coventry, R.I. mar. Alice GREEN, b. abt. 1710, d. before 1772; her data asked.

(5) BURLINGAME-SWEET.  Roger (2) BURLINGAME (Roger-1-) of Mashantatuck, and Warwick, R.I. mar. Eleanor SWEET b. abt. 1680; her data asked.  Was she dau. of Jonathan and wife —?  W.L.A.

9 April 1949 – Queries:

B-90 … (3) CROOKER-HALL-HATCH.  Francis (4) CROOKER (Francis-3-and Mary HALL-Jonathan-2-Francis-1-) was b. Marshfield, Mass. July 10, 1720; said to have mar. widow Hannah HATCH.  Her ancestry asked, all missing dates and locations, children and next generation.

Among their chil. were prob. Mary (5) b. March 22, 1759 who may have mar. Bristol, Me.  Ichabod MATTOCKS; Francis (5) b. March 12, 1761, may have mar. Boothbay 1796 Martha KENNEDY and possibly Tranter (5) who may have mar. Anna MATTOCKS.  W.A.W.

19 September 1953 – Queries:

B-5622 — (1) CLARK-SATTERLEE.  Hon. Nathan CLARK, 1718-1792, of Norwich, Conn., and Bennington, Vt., mar. Abigail SATTERLEE.  Were said to have had sons William, b. 1742 (Keziah MORSE); 2-Nathan, b. 1743; 3-Isaac “Old Rifle,” b. 1748 (Hannah CHITTENDEN; 4-Elisha, 1752 (Betty SPAFFORD and 2d Edna MATTOCKS); 5-Cyrus, 1756 (Sarah —); 6-Caleb, 1760 (Hope Ann JACKSON); did any of these sons have a son Alexander of Orwell, Vt., 1806, who mar. 1806 Julia MERRITT of Benson, Vt.?

14 May 1955 – Answers:

B-3762– (3) CLARK-CHITTENDEN — The Hon. Nathan CLARK of this query was a son of Capt. Isaac CLARK (will pr. 6-4-1751) mar. 5-27-1707 Miriam TRACY (b. 4-23-1685) of Norwich, Conn., and grandson of John CLARK (d. 2-10-1708-9) and Mary BURNHAM of Ipswich, Mass.  The Hon. Nathan CLARK was b. Norwich, 7-21-1718 and m. 8-12-1741 Abigail, dau. of Wm. and Ann SATTERLEE of Plainfield.  Their chil. were: Wm. b. 1742, m. Keziah MORSE; Abigail (BURNHAM); Nathan, Jr. b. 1743, d. Battle of Bennington; Mary (MILE); Isaac “Old Rifle” b. 1748, m. 1779 Hannah CHITTENDEN; Lucy (ROE); Elisha b. 1752, m. 1788 1st Betty SPAFFORD, 2d in 1791 Edna MATTOCKS; Rebecca (HUBBELL); Cyrus b. 1756, m. Sarah (—); Anna (REMINGTON); Caleb b. 1760, m. Hope Ann JACKSON; Miriam (WEEKS).  The daus. listed here without b. dates are not in order and I do not have the order.  Ref: Miss Caulkins Hist. of Norwich; Norwich VR; Vt. Hist. Gaz; Vt. Hist. Proceedings; Ipswich in Mass Bay Col (Waters, Vol. 1, 1905); Some Conn. Families (ms by Hayward at Rundel Library, Rochester, N.Y.); Old Houses of Anc. Norwich by Perkins; Norwich VR (Hartford, 1913), and assorted queries and answers from the pages of the Hartford Times since 1913.  Nathan CLARK rem. to Bennington, Vt., in 1762 and in 1778 was Leg. Rep. of Windsor and Speaker of the Assembly.  Sent by L.W.L.

7 April 1956 – Answers:

B-8774–(2) B.M.McC. Feb. 25, 1956.  CLARK-SATTERLEE.  Nathan CLARK, son of Isaac and Miriam (TRACY) CLARK of Norwich, Conn., was b. there July 21, 1718; d. Bennington, Vt. Apr. 8, 1792.  He mar. Aug. 12, 1741, Abigail, b. Plainfield, Conn., Apr. 12, 1720, dau. of William and Ann (AVERY) SATTERLEE; she d. Bennington, Vt., Nov. 11, 1796.

Children, all b. Norwich, were: 1-William, May 18, 1742; 2-Nathan, Oct. 12, 1743, he was killed in Battle of Lexington; 3-Abigail, Mar. 31, 1745; 4-Mary, Dec. 11, 1746; 5-Isaac, Oct. 5, 1748, he mar. Hannah, daughter of Gov. Thomas CHITTENDEN, a Col. in Vermont Militia known as “Old Rifle”; 6-Lucy, Aug. 22, 1750; 7-Elisha, Sept. 22, 1752; 8-Rebecca, Aug. 3, 1754; 9-Cyrus, Sept. 12, 1756; 10-Anne, July 5, 1758; 11-Caleb, July 14, 1761, and Miriam, no date given.

Nathan CLARK was active and prominent in the early period of the land controversy with New York; was frequently Chairman of the General Committees and Conventions of the settlers; was member from Bennington and Speaker of the first General Assembly of the State, 1778.  Also, in 1776 he was chairman of the Bennington Committee of Safety and received the thanks of Gen. GATES for his promptness in supplying the Army at Ticonderoga with flour.  (See Hiland Hall’s Early Hist. of Vt.)  Sent by R.S.F.

B-8774–B.M.McG.  Feb. 25, 1956.  CLARK.–Some additions to above and slightly different statements are here given.  The first three chil. were b. Preston, Conn., next 5 in Norwich; Cyrus in Canterbury, Anna and Caleb in Windham.  William (5) mar. Keziah MORSE; Aigail mar. John BURNHAM Jr.; Mary mar. Charles MILE-MILES(?); Isaac mar. Hannah CHITTENDEN; Lucy mar. — ROE; Elisha mar. Betty SPAFFORD and 2d Edna MATTOCKS; Rebecca mar. Lemuel HUBBELL; Cyrus mar. Sarah —; Anna mar. — REMINGTON; Caleb mar. Hope Ann JACKSON; Hiram b. Bennington mar. John WEEKS.    Sent by L.W.L.

15 March 1958 – Queries:

C-1440–(1) CRANE-LASSEL (LASSELE).  Ancestry, dates and locations of Elias CRANE and of his wife Elizabeth —, b. of N.J., later in Ohio, 1803; both d. Carroll Co., Ohio.  Full list of children wanted; known son Elism Lassel, was b. Mar. 1790.

(2) CRANE-CHANEY.  Elism or Elihu L. CRANE, mar. Apr., 1816, Accious CHANEY, b. July, 1797, d. age 84; prob. lived Ohio.  Information wanted of following children and their desc.: 1–a dau. b. 1817; 2–Elizabeth, 1818, d.y.; 3–Resin Baker, 1820, mar. 1841 Mary J. CHANEY; 4–James L. 1822, mar. 1843, Arabell MEACHAM; 5–Elias, 1824, mar. Barbara CHANEY; 6–Mary Jane, 1826, mar. Geo. DEMING; 7–Nancy, 1827 mar. David DORLAND, b. 1829 (mar. in Ohio); 8–Maria, 1830, mar. 1848 Joseph MATTOCK; 9–a son, 1832; 10–Sarah Ann, 1833, mar. J.F. FAIRCHILD; 11–a son, 1835; 12–a son, 1836; 13–a son Nov., 1837; 14–John Fletcher, b. 1839, mar. in N.H. Helen E. FAIRCHILD; 15–a son, 1840.

23 April 1962 – Queries:

C-6994 – (1) MATTOCKS.  Ancestry, dates and locations asked of James MATTOCKS and of his wife, Sarah —.  Had dau. Anna, b. Litchfield, Conn., Dec. 6, 1763.

12 April 1965 – Queries:

D-667 … (6) AMBROSE-MATTOCKS.  Ancestry and dates asked of William AMBROSE, mar. Jan. 6, 1697, Elizabeth MATTOCKS, b. 1670, dau. of Samuel and Constance (FAIRBANKS) MATTOCKS.  List of chil. with dates and marriages asked.  R.F.P.

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