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Virginia Will Records

Source: Judith McGhan, Virginia Will Records (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1993).

[page 527]

[“Notes from Barton’s Colonial Decisions from Tyler’s Quarterly, I (1919), 60-67, 115-126”]

Page 150.  ANDERSON & ux vs LIGAN:

Thomas LIGAN (LIGON) had 4 sons William, the eldest, Richard his second, and two others.  His will was dated January 10, 1675.  William died in 1689, and names in his will Thomas, eldest son, and William.  After his death his widow occupied the whole land till his sons attained 21, but made no division.  Thomas died in 1705 and left a son, who died an infant in 1706, and 3 daughters, Phebe, who married one WELTHALL (WALTHALL?), Mary, who is dead without issue, and Elizabeth one of the lessors, who was born in 1701 and married the other lessor.  The defendt is William, the son of William, and is 59 years old.

[page 536]

[“Berkeley County, West Virginia, [Wills and Other Records], from Tyler’s Quarterly, III (1921), 44-53”]

By an act of the Virginia Legislature, February, 1772, the counties of Berkeley and Dunmore were separated from Frederick County, and given a separate organization.  In 1777 Dunmore County received the name of Shenandoah.

Berkeley County bordered on the Potomac River in the most beautiful part of the Valley of Virginia.

The first court was held May 19, 1772, at the house of Edward BEESON, and the justices commissioned by his excellency Lord DUNMORE, were Ralph WORMELEY, Jacob HITE, Van SWEARINGEN, Thomas RUTHERFORD, Adam STEPHEN, John NEAVILL, Thomas SWEARINGEN, Samuel WASHINGTON, James NOURSE, William LITTLE, Robert STEPHEN, John BRISCOE, Hugh LYLE, James STRODE, William MORGAN, Robert STOGDEN, James SEATON, Robert Carter WILLIS and Thomas ROBINSON.

Ralph WORMELEY, John NEVILL, Samuel WASHINGTON, James NOURSE, William LITTLE, John BRISCOE, James STRODE, James SEATON, Robert Carter WILLIS, and perhaps Thomas ROBINSON, came from the country east of the Blue Ridge mountains, and if they are to be taken as an index they show the presence in the Valley of a large emigration from the eastward.

In 1801 the County of Jefferson was formed from Berkeley.

[page 544]

Thomas SWEARINGEN, jr., dated 18 Feb. 1780, proved 21 March, 1780.  Names wife Hanah, and Sarah BENNETT, my sisters daughter.  Exors., Col. Van SWEARINGEN, Capt. Josiah SWEARINGEN, Hezekiah SWEARINGEN, and Thomas RUTHERFORD.  Witnessed by Thomas RUTHERFORD, Robert RUTHERFORD, Jr., Benjamin RUTHERFORD, and James SUTHERLIN.

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