Source: Andrea Hawk Crumrine, “Re: Burlingame,” at http://genforum.genealogy.com/burlingame/messages/3.html, posted 16 April 1998.

Re: Burlingame

Posted by: Andrea Hawk Crumrine            Date: April 16, 1998 at 09:01:25

In Reply to: Burlingame by alm

My husband̓s line is:

  • Roger Burlingame Jr., b. 1678 & Sarah Elenor Sweet
  • William Burlingame, b.1737 & Alice Green
  • Ephraim Burlingame, b. 1738 (I don̓t know wives)
  • Wanton Burlingame, b. 1762 & Lucy Stone
  • Polly Burlingame, b.1795& Abel Burlingame(first cousins)
  • Wanton Clark Burlingame, b. 1818 & Abagail Watkins
  • Mary Cecil Burlingame, b. 1854 & Charles Starbird

We have heard through family of the ambassador to China. Then we found some info on the internet about him. Anson Burlingame b. 1820 in New Berlin, NY and died in Russia in 1870 He was US Minister to China in 1861.

Where does Anson fit into this genealogy? Who were his parents and who was he married to?

Thanks alot


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