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Alfred W. Little to Gregg Leon Mattocks, letter, 22 August 1998

Source: Alfred W. Little to Gregg Leon Mattocks, letter, 22 August 1998.

Aug 22, 1998
Silver Spring, Md.  20910

Dear Gregg:

Now that you know that I can type, i will revert to my speed method which eliminates caps and most punctuation – also ignores misspekled words.

recd your letter today.  pleased to hear about the PIERCE line.  we leave tomorrow or Monday for new eng. and i may just pop in to the nehgs in boston and check out the PIERCEs.  if i do i will let you konw the results.  i surely wish i knew the ins and outs of using the internet as you did to locate the PIERCE data.  course i wonder why were you in the ZIEGLER data?  we were without a computer for 6-9 months after the equipment went kaput when my wife was trying to attach an external modem.  we, rather she, ended up by buying a new computer – a cheapie by compaq.  works fine for my word processing and we do have a free e-mail address.  […] in case/when you get back in business.

im not sure what letter is housed at your mother’s.  i sent you all of the MATTOCKS material – i hope you got that some manny months ago.  then maybe 3-4? months ago i sent a caopy of an epitaph from the gravestone of one of the MATTOCKs youngsters in boston – not the copps burial ground as is printed in the lds files.*

im enclosing what i have on the B’GAMEs.  i documented some on clark b and a bit from RI references at the lib of congress but it remains largely undocumented.  yet it is a skeleton to build on.

glen ALLEN and his sister maxine HOBBLE worked together on the MATTOCKS-B’GAME mat’l but much of the data was kept by mrs ALLEN when glen died.  sad because the co-worker, maxine, was denied access to her ownwork.  she and i corresponded several times exchanging whatever but she died very suddenly and i would guess that all the mat’l will be unavailable unless mrs ALLEN gives it to a hist. soc.  the best laid plans of mice and men. . . .

i was pleased to hear from you and you caught me just in the nick of time – enjoy the summer – it is hot here- we may go up into canada for the cool air and the favorable exchange rate.  ill be sure and share with you whatever flesh i can place on your sarah PIERCE.

Best regards,

Al Little

* the King’s Chapel Bur. Ground

I e-mailed the Ziegler fellow – maybe he will respond with all we want & more.  great find.  Thanks

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