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A Dictionary of Surnames

Source: Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges, A Dictionary of Surnames (New York: Oxford University Press, 1988).

[page 524]


1.  English: occupational name for a tanner of skins, ME tanner (OE tannere, from LL. tannarius, reinforced by OF taneor, from LL tannator, both LL forms derive from a verb tannare, possibly from a Celt. word for the oak, whose bark was used in the process).

2.  German: topographic name, a var. of TANN and TANNE.

3.  Finnish: ornamental name from Finn. tanner open field, or topographic name chosen by someone who lived by an open field, Finn. tanner.

4.  Jewish (Ashkenazic): of unknown origin.

Vars. (of 2): Thanner, T(h)enner.

Cogns. (of 1): Fr.: Tanneur, Letanneur.  (Of 2): Low Ger.: Danner, Denner(t).

Dims. (of 1): Fr.: Tan(ne)ret, Tanron.

Equivs. (of 1, not cogns.): Prov.: ESCOFFIER. It: SCORZA. Ger.: GERBER, LAUER. Hung.: TIMÁR.

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