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Founders of Early American Families

Source: Meredith B. Colket, Jr., Founders of Early American Families: Emigrants from Europe, 1607-1657 (Cleveland: Howard Allen, Inc., publishers for the General Court of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America, 1975).

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PIERCE, PEARCE, PEIRCE, PERS Seven PIERCE families 1936 (For name Captain William, compare PIERCE genealogy 1889 and Pope with Jester, Adventurers).

ABRAHAM (PEIRCE)  Came in the “Fortune” 1622, Plymouth (Mass.) 1645, Bridgewater 1645, d Duxbury 1673. Brought over Charter of the Pilgrims. Freeman. Soldier. ner 21:62 (desc); PEIRCE family of old colony 1870; Contribution, biographical, genealogical, historical, PIERCE, 1874; Banks. #2109, 3354.

DANIEL  Came on “Elizabeth” 1634, Watertown (Mass.) 1637, Newbury 1638, d there 27 Nov 1677.  Blacksmith. Freeman. Member of New Jersey Council 1668. ner 29:273 (desc) reprinted with additions Daniel PEIRCE 1875, pamph; Hoyt. Salisbury and Amesbury; PIERCE genealogy, John PERS of Watertown 1880, p231.

JOHN  Came on “John and Dorothy” or “Rose” with family 1637 as “PERS,” Watertown (Mass.) 1637, d there 19 Aug 1661. PIERCE genealogy, John PERS of Watertown 1880; Major Samuel PEIRCE 1916 (pamph); ner 111:158 (clue); Stevens-Miller, v 1. #2418, 3318.

MICHAEL  Hingham (Mass.) 1648, Scituate 1647, killed by Indians at Rehoboth, 26 Mar 1676. Captain.  PIERCE genealogy, no iv. Posterity of Capt. Michael, John and Captain William 1889; ner 56:409. #890, 1580, 1771, 2292.

RICHARD (PEARCE, PEARSE)  Portsmouth (RI.) 1647, d there by 28 Oct 1678. Freeman. Surveyor of marks of cattle. Posterity of Richard PEARSE 1888; Partial record of posterity of Richard PEARSE 1927; ner 84:427 (wife caveat); Wilbour, Little Compton 1967. #1307, 2032.

ROBERT  Dorchester (Mass.) 1639, d 5 11 mo 1664/5. Freeman. Pope; ner 89:263 (line); William Blake PIERCE, My ancestors 1864.

THOMAS  Charlestown (Mass.) 1634, d there 7 Oct 1666. Freeman. Thomas PIERCE of Charlestown 1882. Ancestor of President Franklin PIERCE #570.

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