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West Virginia Estate Settlements

Source: Ross B. Johnston, West Virginia Estate Settlements: An Index to Wills, Inventories, Appraisements, Land Grants, and Surveys to 1850 (Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company, 1988).

[page 48]

[Berkeley County. 1772-1815]

STRODE, JAS., Will, 4-28-1795.

Dev.: Elizabeth, wife; Susannah MAGOWAN, Elinor SHEPHERD, Rachel BEDINGER, Anna, dau.;
James, John, sons; others.

STRODE, JAS., Est., 3-15-1815.

[page 49]

STRODE, JAMES, Inv., 2-22-1796.

STRODE, JER., Est., 6-24-1799.

STRODE, JEREMIAH, Will, 3-1 5-1785.

Dev.: Marg., wife; Mary EVANS, Anne, dau.; James, Ed., Geo, John, Jeremiah, Wm., sons.

STRODE, JOHN, Inv., 1-26-1804.

STRODE, JOHN, Est., 4-26-1808.


SWEARINGEN, JOS., Est., 12-27-1802.

SWEARINGEN, SARAH, Will, 12-23-1799.

Dev.: Thom., Andrew, Van, Joseph, Bennoni, sons; Drusilla MORGAN, Elinor ISRAEL, dau.

SWEARINGEN, THOM., Will, 2-20-1786.

Dev.: Tho., Van, Andrew, sons; Drusilla, Lydia, dau.; Binoni, bro.

SWEARINGEN, THOM., Est., 9-16-1788.

SWEARINGEN, THOM., Will, 7-8-1811.

Dev.: Margery, wife; others.

SWEARINGEN, THOM., Will, 2-14-1814.

Dev.: Thom., Van, And., Sons; Drusilla, Lydai, dau.; Benoni, bro.

SWEARINGEN, THOM., Est., 11-14-1815.

SWEARINGEN, VAN, Will, 6-17-1788.

Dev.: Priscilla, wife; Peggy, Susannah BENNETT, Drusilla RUTHERFORD, dau.; Josiah, Hezekiah, sons.

SWEARINGEN, COL. VAN., App., 9-15-1789.

SWEARINGEN, COL. VAN, Est., 10-16-1792.

SWEARINGEN, VAN., Will, 7-17-1792.

Dev.: Thom., Andrew, bro.; Lydia MORGAN, sis.; others.

SWEARINGER, THOM., JR., Will, 3-21-1789.

Dev.: Hannah, wife; Sarah BENNET, niece.

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