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East Goes West: History of the Craft-Hill-Harris and Deshazer-Faubian-Douglass-Howlett Families

Source: Alta DeShazer Craft and George W. Craft, East Goes West: History of the Craft-Hill-Harris and Deshazer-Faubian-Douglass-Howlett Families (Wailuku, Hawaii: Skipper Printing and Graphics, 1984).

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According to family legend related to the oldest known descendant living in 1981, the first HARRIS ancestor came to Virginia in 1611 as part of the Virginia Colony headed by Captain John SMITH.  It was thought his first name was Robert, but whether he came with those arriving in 1611 or was a descendant of the ancestor arriving at that time was not known.

The family Bible of the first proven ancestor, Samuel HARRIS, which contained family statistics, was inadvertantly left on a high shelf in the Portland, Oregon, home of a descendant when the family moved to Seattle, Washington.  When the loss was discovered, the missing Bible could not be found.

The above mentioned descendant, now deceased, also was emphatic in stating Samuel HARRIS, her great grandfather, was the son of a brother of the father of Governor Isham HARRIS (1818-1897) of Tennessee.  Governor Isham HARRIS line of descent has been determined to be:

1.    William HARRIS of Prittlewell, Essex Co., England m. Anna JERNEGAN, daughter of John JERNEGAN of Hertford, England

2.    Arthur HARRIS of Prittlewell, Essex Co., England, m. Joan/Johan PERCY, daughter of Sir Thomas PERCY (executed 1537) and Elianor HARBOTTELL of Beamish

3.    William HARRIS of Sudmeset, Southminister, Essex, England, d. 1556, m. second Johan COOKE of Bocking – also written Johanna COOKSEY

4.    Arthur HARRIS of Woodham Mortimer, Essex, England, d. 1597 m. Dorothy WALDEGRAVE, daughter of Sir William WALDEGRAVE and Juliana RAINSFORD/RYNSFORD of Smallbridge

5.    Sir William HARRIS b. ca 1550 Woodham Ferrers, Crixse, Essex, England, d. Nov. 1616, m. ca 1582 Alice SMYTHE/SMITH, daughter of Sir Thomas SMYTHE and Alice JUDDE of Ostenhanger/Westernhanger, Kent, England

6.    John HARRIS b. 1588/9 Woodham Ferrers, Essex, England, d. before 14 Oct. 1638, m. Dorothy LYMBREY, daughter of Edward LYMBREY, a mariner

7.    Thomas HARRIS b. ca 1614 London, England, d. 30 Mar. 1672, Isle of Wight Co., VA, m. ca 1634 Alice WEST, Isle of Wight Co., VA

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8.    Thomas HARRIS b. 1638, Isle of Wight Co., VA, d. 1689 Isle of Wight, m. ca 1661 Ann MARTIN, Isle of Wight, VA

9.    Edward HARRIS b. ca 1663 Isle of Wight Co., d. 20 Apr. 1773, Isle of Wight, m. ca 1685, Isle of Wight, VA, Mary TURNER, daughter of John TURNER and Mary TOMLIN

10.    West HARRIS, b. 13 Aug. 1716, Isle of Wight Co., VA, d. 14 May 1795, Montgomery Co., N.C., m. 1740, Isle of Wight Co., Mary TURNER

11.    Isham HARRIS, b. 1741 Bute (now Warren) Co., N.C., d. before Aug. 1824, Granville Co., N.C., m. ca 1760 Martha Mable GREEN b. 1745 & d. after 1815 & before 1824

12.    Isham HARRIS b. 1762 Montgomery Co., N.C., m. Lucy DAVIDSON, daughter of Colonel George DAVIDSON & Barzilla ATKINS

13.    Isham Green HARRIS (Governor of Tenn. 1857-1862) b. 10 Feb. 1818, d. 8 July 1897, Washington, D.C. m. 6 July 1843, Paris, Henry Co., Tenn., Martha Maria TRAVIS who d. 19 Jan. 1897.  She was the daughter of Major Edward TRAVIS & Margaret Blanton HARRIS


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This leaves the unsolved question as to where the name ROBERT enters the line of descent.  A possible answer is to change the line of descent listed for Governor Isham HARRIS (1818-1897) by substituting for No. 6, the brother of the John HARRIS listed.  This would make Governor Isham HARRIS a very distant cousin and, so far, have not located the complete line of descent of Samuel HARRIS.  The substitution on the line of descent would be:

6.    Thomas HARRIS, Gent., b. ca 1586/7, England, came to Virginia colony on the ship Prosperous in 1611, settled in Jamestown, now Henrico or Isle of Wight County, VA.  his will was proved 2 June 1679.  He m. first, Adria OSBORNE, daughter of Thomas OSBORNE who came to VA on the ship Marmaduke ca 1621.  Thomas m. second Joane GURGANY, daughter of Edward GURGANY.

7.    Robert HARRIS (1630/5-1701) came to VA between 1650-60 from Glamorgan, Wales and settled on the James River, Virginia (“Early HARRIS Record – HARRIS Genealogy” by Rev. James A. Harris).  He married 1660-70 Mary (CLAIBORNE) RICE, daughter of William CLAIBORNE, first secretary in the Virginia Colony appointed by the king, and Jane BUTLER.  Mary RICE was widow of Edward RICE.

The book Musters of the Inhabitants of Virginia, Neck of Land, Charles Cittie lists: “The Muster of Thomas HARRIS aged 38 in the Prosperous in May.  Adria, his wife, 23 years, in the Marmaduke November 1621.  Kinswoman, aged 7 years, Ann WOODLASE and servant Elizabeth 15 years.”  This verifies some of the information which some researchers were doubting in connection with Thomas HARRIS and his wife’s name.

There is another theory, which would more closely fit the family legend that Robert HARRIS, ancestor of Samuel, was sent to America by his family because he was spending too much money in high living.  It is stated in Passengers to America in section on “Passengers to Virginia,” pages 80-81, “A register of the names of all ye passingers which passed from ye porte of London on whole yeare endinge at Xmas 1635” Robert HARRIS, 19 years, went to St. Domingo and was under written to be transported to Virginia, along with others on the list.

Also, from John C. Hotten’s Original Lists of Persons Who Came from Great Britain to American Plantations 1600-1700, page 36, listed Robert

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HARRIS, 19 years among passengers from Port of London 2 January 1634 in “Mercht Bonsbrnyutr.”  Then on pages 114-116, 27 July 1635, lists Robert HARRIS, 20 years “to Virginia imbarque in the Primrose Capt. DOUGLASS Mr.”  This was apparently quoting from records; so it rather proves a Robert HARRIS born 1615 came to America in 1635.  Was this entry on the Primrose the same person as the 19-year-old Robert listed among the passengers to St. Domingo “to be transported to Virginia” before “Xmas 1635?”

A HARRIS lineage compiled by J. McFarland Williams, Jr., Washington, D.C. in 1959 listed the descent of Robert HARRIS who married Mary (CLAIBORNE) RICE as follows:

1.    William HARRIS of Crixes born 1556 married first Joan SMITH, dtr. of John SMITH of Norton and had two sons: William HARRIS who married Catherine and Richard HARRIS.  William HARRIS (b. 1556) married second Joanna COOK and had four more children.

2.    William HARRIS married Catherine and had two children: Jane HARRIS who married 31 January 1562 John HARRIS, son of John HARRIS of Cornwall.  (Is this the John HARRIS who married Dorothy LYMBREY and the brother of Captain Thomas HARRIS?)

3.    Jane HARRIS married 31 January 1562 John HARRIS, son of John HARRIS of Cornwall.  They had a son John HARRIS who married Joane HARTE and had eight children.

4.    John HARRIS married Joane HARTE and had eight children, one of whom was

5.    Robert HARRIS born about 1615 died about 1663/4 and married Judith.  They had three children: Robert HARRIS who married Mary CLAIBORNE RICE, Mary HARRIS who married first Anthony SPILTIMBER and Martha HARRIS who married John JENNINGS.

There was a notation, made on the source Mr. Williams used, stating Robert, the son of John HARRIS who married Joane HARTE, was supposed to have been an immigrant to Virginia about 1634/5 and was a second cousin, once removed, of the Captain Thomas HARRIS who came to Virginia in 1611 and whose first wife was Adria.  This seems to indicate the question raised above regarding William2 HARRIS’s son John is undoubtedly correct.

The above line of descent appears more logical than the one showing Robert HARRIS who married Mary (CLAIBORNE) RICE was the son of Captain Thomas HARRIS which would have made Captain Thomas HARRIS forty-five years old when Robert HARRIS was born in 1615.  Even if this line of descent is correct, it doesn’t solve the question as to the name of the father of Samuel HARRIS (1772-1859).


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If, at a later date, it can be proved Samuel HARRIS is descended from Arthur HARRIS, of Prittlewell, Essex, England, who married Joan PERCY, it is interesting to note from the chart on the next page (pg. 182) the line of descent goes back to Henry III, King of England (copied from Part II, Records of Rev. J.A. HARRIS F-860-465).

Since there is a strong possibility the settling of the Virginia Colony is involved in this family history (and that of the HILL family), information from Cavalier and Pioneers by Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia Land Office, Richmond, Virginia, for the period 1623-1666, is of interest.

The first charter group arrived in Jamestown on 13 May 1607 on the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery with 100 settlers.  The second charter group was a reorganized first charter two years later on 23 May 1609.  The terms used by those settling the Virginia Colony is confusing to some people.  “Planters” were those who went in person to settle.  “Adventurers” were those who “adventured” their money but did not go in person.

By 1649, about 15,000 English people had emigrated to Virginia.  a system of “headrights” was established whereby each person paying his

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way to Virginia was assigned fifty acres of land, and if he paid someone else’s way to Virginia, he got fifty acres for each person whose fare he paid.  Some of the immigrants were from good families, some were people who made trips to England and returned to America.  The person paying the passage for these trips received fifty acres of land.

The “Ancient Planters” were those known to migrate and live in Virginia before 1616.  Captain Thomas HARRIS mentioned in this introduction, aged 38, was identified as “an Ancient Planter and Adventurer in the time of Sir Thomas DALE his Government.”  He was a Burgess for Henrico County several different terms. […]

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