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Book Reviews: Family Books

Source: “Book Reviews: Family Books,” Southern Genealogist’s Exchange Quarterly (Winter 1962), page 3.

[page 3]

GOVERNOR GARRARD OF KENTUCKY by Anna Russell des Cognets.  (reprint)

A POSTSCRIPT ABOUT THE GARRARD FAMILY by Louis des Cognets, Jr.  (new 1962)

Anna Russell des Cognets, far ahead of her times in the pursuit of genealogy, published Governor GARRARD of Kentucky in the year 1898, after searching in Virginia and England, sparing no expense and having carried on the usual voluminous correspondence.  Out of print for more than 60 years, her book remained in demand.  The original text is preserved in the new printing and nearly 30 pages of index were added; 11 pages of pictures which include 41 portrait reproductions precede the index.  In addition to Governor James GARRARD’s descendants, following sections on GARRARD Emigrants: Robert (no information given on his descendants), N.C.; John GARRARD, S.C., father of Jacob of Putnam Co., Ga., etc.; several pages.  Jacob GARRARD, S.C., emigrant to Stafford Co., Va., descendants in N.C. and Ga., several pages.  A few pages are devoted to Untraced GARRARDS, a section often sought by this editor in a family book of this type for the treasures it may contain.

Louis, grandson to Anna, carries forward with her work adding some additional 100 pages which includes information unknown for the past sixty years.  He traces Dr. Thomas GERARD (see various spellings), of Md. & Va. to the end of the male line.  Chapter II deals with Col. William GARRARD, father of Governor GARRARD, and contains corrections to this lineage.  Col. GARRARD’s wife was Mary NAUGHTY, whom he married in Westmoreland 1748.  Chapter 3, The GARRARDs in England and Early Virginia; Chapter IV, GARRARD Ties with Early Virginia; Chapter V, the MOUNTJOY Family, (note that more success was enjoyed in the tracing of the MOUNTJOY lineage, having connected the family in Wiltshire, England); Chapter VI, Governor James GARRARD of Ky.; Chapter VII, The Origin of the GARRARD Family (in brief as little can be added).  Beginning on Page 260 is a section on References for all the materials in the six chapters, 8 and ½ pages.  This is a well-documented book, and should be used by any GARRARD descendant before going into his own search on a GARRARD lineage.

The author has pointed out that relationship to four presidential families has been accomplished: WASHINGTON, MADISON, MONROE and LINCOLN (the latter through his wife, Mary TODD).  A family letter written in 1843 carries the account of a famous duel concerning the abolition of slavery between Hon. Cassius M. CLAY and Capt. BROWN (see pages 254-5).

Price: $8.00, postpaid.    Louis des Cognets, Jr., P.O. Box 163, Princeton, N.J.

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