Kizers in Virginia

Source: “Kizers in Virginia,” Southern Genealogist’s Exchange Quarterly (Summer 1985), page 67.

[page 67]

[Reader response to “A 3 X 5 Trail: Shenandoah Co., Va.: KIZER” sent us again to our salvaged box of index cards.  We repeat: although the research seems sound and meticulous, the cards bear little or no documentation.]

HENRY KISER.  Will of 25 Jan. 1805, Rockingham Co., Va., names: Jacob KISER and Mary his wife; William KISER and Charity his wife; Abraham KISER and Catharine his wife; Margaret KISER, no relationship given; Andrew WOOLF and Hannah his wife; Henry KISER and Sarah his wife; John SAILER and Elizabeth his wife; Nancy ARMINTROUT, no relationship given.

JACOB KISER, son of Henry KISER, m. Mary _____.  A deed, 14 Feb. 1817, Rockingham Co., sells land for 25¢ from Henry HARSHBARGER to Jacob KISER.  Jacob KISER is grantee in a deed of 15 May 1817, Rockingham Co., from Henry HARSHBARGER and Sarah his wife.

A JACOB KYSER m. Catharine HARSHMAN/HARSHBARGER 24 Sept. 1819, Rockingham Co.

WILLIAM KISER, son of Henry KISER, m. Charity FRIDLEY.  A deed of 11 Jan. 1816 names William KYSER and Charity his wife, late Charity FRIDLEY, of county of Betecourt, dau. of George FRIDLEY.  William and Charity were m. 25 Sept. 1786, Rockingham Co.

A WILLIAM KIZER of Betetourt Co., Va., was put in stocks for ½ hour for contempt of court, 14 Aug. 1793, and the same for 15 minutes, 13 Nov. 1799, and was under bond for good behaviour, 13 May 1795.

ABRAHAM KISER, son of Henry KISER, m. Catharine _____.  N.T.

NANCY KISER of Rockingham Co. m. George ARMINTROUT, 1787.

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