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Notes and Queries: Peirce

Source: M.F. Peirce, “Notes and Queries: Peirce,” New England Historical and Genealogical Register 35[1881]:383.

[page 383]

PEIRCE. – In the Records of Mass. Colony, vol. 6, p. 543, “Math: PEIRSE, Woob.” is said to have been admitted to freedom October 31, 1684.  This is a mistake, made either in recording or copying, and should read Nath.  This Nathaniel was son of Robert.  There is abundant evidence that there was never in colonial times a Matthew PEIRCE living in Woburn.  The mistake was easily made, as it involved but a single stroke of the pen.

The author of the “Book of the LOCKEs,” and Washburn, in the “History of Leicester,” in a list of the children of Thomas PEIRCE of Woburn, Leicester, &c. (mar. Hannah LOCKE), give “Benjamin, b. probably 1725 or 1726; Thomas, b. probably 1726 or 1727.”  This is an error.  Thomas must have been the elder, for in Mid. Probate R., Feb. 1747-8, Benjamin “in his 20th year” has a guardian appointed for property left by his grandfather, James LOCKE.  Thomas, who has no guardian, must have been already 21.  Also, the father, in will dated 1768, bequeaths “To son Thomas,” “to son Benjamin,” &c. – intimating by the order of the names that Thomas was the elder.


Cambridgeport, Mass.

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