Notes and Queries: Rossiter

Source: C.B. Eustis, “Notes and Queries: Rossiter,” New England Historical and Genealogical Register 33[1879]:242.

[page 242]

ROSSITER. – Can any one inform me what relationship there was between Edward and Hugh ROSSITER, early settlers of Dorchester?  Both had daughters Jane, and this name seems to have been continued to later generations in this family.  Edward’s daughter, then “widow Jane HART,” petitioned the government for aid in 1685, setting forth that she was the youngest surviving child of Edward ROSSITER, and her age was 70 years.  Hugh’s daughter Jane married, before 1643 (“one of the earliest marriages of Taunton”), Thomas GILBERT of Taunton.  This “Jane GILBERT, mother of Thomas GILBERT, Jr., died June 1, 1691, æ. 77 years.”

“Jane (ROSSITER) HART, youngest surviving child of Edward ROSSITER of Dorchester, died æ. 70.”  “It is ordered that John PHILLIPS shall have for Edward HART, Three quarters of an acre of medowe at Squantum necke” (Dorchester Town Records).  See REGISTER, vol. xxi, p. 335.  Was she wife or mother of this Edward HART?  Edward ROSSITER, a grandson of the assistant, in a letter dated March 28, 1682 (REGISTER, vol. xxii, p. 457), speaks of his grandfather as “a pious gentleman of good estate, who left England for the sake of religion.”  He (the grandfather) died Oct. 23, 1630, much lamented, leaving a son who afterwards lived in Combe, in Devonshire, and Dr. Brian ROSSITER who accompanied his father from England, and Mrs. Jane HART above named.  Dr. Bryan ROSSITER had a daughter Joanna (Jane), born 1642, who married at Weathersfield, Conn., Nov. 7, 1660, the Rev. John COTTON, of Plymouth, Mass.

In the history of Guilford, Conn., by Smith, p. 18, we read, “Dr. Brian ROSSITER of Guilford, Conn., is said to have come over originally with five or six brothers to Boston, on the 1st settlement of the country, he was early settler of Windsor – of Guilford and Killingworth – d. at Guilford Sep. 30, 1672–had wife Elizabeth.”

In the Dorchester town records, Feb. 1634 (see REGISTER, vol. xxi, p. 330), “it is graunted, vnto Hugh ROSCITER and Richard ROCKET, to have each of them, 8 acres of land on the west side of the brooke adjoyning to mr. ROSCITERS ground,” &c.

In Baylie’s History of New Plymouth, vol. i., pt. 1, p. 286, mention is made of Hugh ROSSITER as one “of the first and ancient purchasers.”

“Hugh ROSSITER of Taunton 1637 sold out at Taunton before 1675, to Joseph WILLIS, and went to Connecticut.”  In what part of Connecticut did he settle, and had he a daughter Avis?


Cambridge, Mass.

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