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Marriages Recorded in Warwick, R.I., in Book of Marriages No. 1

Source: Benjamin W. Smith, “Marriages Recorded in Warwick, R.I., in Book of Marriages No. 1,” New England Historical and Genealogical Register 37[1883].

[page 274]

Joseph HOWARD† and Rebecca LIPPETT† on Feby 2d 1664.

John LIPPETT (the younger)† and Ann GROVE on Feby 9 1664.

John POTTER and Ruth FISHER on June 2nd 1664.  [Both probably of Portsmouth, R.I.]

David SHIPPE (of Mansfield) and Margrett SCRANTON (of Prudence) on Aug 15, 1664.

Jeremy WESTCOTT† and Ellen ENGLAND on Feby 27 1665.

James GREEN and Elizabeth ANTHONY (of Portsmouth) on Aug 3, 1665.

John HARRUDE† and Elizabeth COOKE† on Dec. 24, 1666.

Amos WESTCOTT† and Sarah STAFFORD† on July 13, 1667.

† The names with this sign affixed are recorded as of Warwick.  The record is silent as to the residence of the other persons, except when the name of a town is appended.

[page 275]

Nathaniel COLE (of Oyster Bay, L.I.) and Martha PARKESON (of Hempstead, L.I.) Aug. 30, 1667.

Moses LIPPETT† and Mary KNOWLES on Nov 19, 1667.

John JOHNSON† and Mary Anne DOWNE† on Dec. 15, 1667.

John GORTON† and Margrett WOOTEN† on January 20, 1668.

Francis BUDLONG and Rebeca HOWARD† (widow of Joseph) on Mch 19 1668-9.

Moses MUDGE and Elizabeth WOOD on Dec 17 1668.

Richard S. SMITH and Hannah JOHNS “Published by wrighting on a tree” (lately of Salem) on Oct 19, 1669.

Abell POTTER and Rachell WARNER on Nov 16, 1669.

Amos WESTCOTT and Deborah STAFORD on Jany 9, 1670.

George GARNER† and Tabitha TIFFE† on Feby 13, 1670.

Edward SEARLE† and Ann LIPPETT (“widdow”) on Feby 21, 1670.

John WARNER and Anna GORTON on Aug 4, 1670.

{   “of Monheagan now”    }

Peter SPICER  {   “Noridge, Coneticott”     } and Mary BUSECOTT† on Dec 15, 1670.

Richard CODNER (of Swansey) and Phebey BARTON† on May 23, 1671.

Francis GILBOURNE (of Portsmouth) and Mary WICKES† (d. of John) on June 9, 1671.

John HOLMES (of Newport) and Frances HOULDON† (d. of Randall) on Dec. 1, 1671.

John CARDER (s. of Richard) and Mary HOULDON† (d. of Randall) on Dec. 1, 1671.

Thomas STAFFORD, Jr. and Fanne DODGE on Dec. 20, 1671.

Jeremiah SMITH (s. of John of Prudence) and Mary GERREARDY (d. of John) on Jan. 2, 1672.

John CRANDALL Jr (of Newport) and Elizabeth GORTON† (d. of Samuel GORTON Sr.) on June 10, 1672.

Benjamin BARTON† and Susan GORTON† (d. of Samuel G. Senior) on June 10, 1672.

Benjamin GORTON and Sarah CARDER (d. of Richard) on Dec 5, 1672.

John LOW† (s. of Anthony) and Mary ROADS† (d. of Zachary) on Mch 3, 1674.

John RISSE† and Elizabeth HOULDON on July 16, 1674.

Thomas HEDGER† and Elizabeth BURTON† (d. of William) on Oct 30, 1674.

William GREENE† (s. of John) and Mary SAYLES (d. of John of Providence) on Dec 17, 1674.

Malachy ROADS† (s. of Zachary) and Mary CARDER (d. of Richard) on May 27, 1675.

John HAZLETON and Katherin WESTKOT (“widdow of Robert who was killed by the Indians in the late warre”) on April 10, 1678.

John HOLMES (of Newport) and Mary GREENE† (widdow of William) on Oct 12, 1680.

William ANDREUE† and Hester DEXTER† (“widow” of Providence) on Oct 30, 1680.

Mark ROBERTS and Mary BAKER on Jany 1, 1682.

John POTTER† and Sarah COLLINS† (widow) on Jany 7, 1684-5.

Job GREENE† (s. of John) and Phebe SAYLES† of Providence (d. of John) on Jany 22, 1684-5.

John ROADES (s. of Zachariah) and Wait WATERMAN (d. of Resolved of Providence) on Feby 12, 1684-5.

James RENALS (of Kingstowne) and Mary GREENE† on Feby 16, 1684-5.

[page 276]

Samuell GORTON† and Susannah BURTON† (d. of William) on Dec 11, 1684.

Peter ROBERTSON and Sarah BAKER on April 27, 1685.

James CARDER† (s. of Richard) and Mary WHYPPOLL (d. of John of Providence) on Jany 6, 1686-7.

Thomas GREENE Jr† and Ann GREENE (the younger) May 27, 1686.

James GREENE Jr. (Ensigne) and Mary FONES (d. of John of Rochester) on Jany 29, 1688-9.

Benjamin GREEN† (s. of Thomas) and Susannah HOLDEN† (d. of Randall) on Jany 25, 1689-90.

Amos STAFFORD† (s. of Samuel) and Mary BURLINGAM† (d. of Roger the Senior) on Dec 19, 1689.

Benjamin SMITH† and Phebe ARNOLD† (d. of Stephen of Providence) on Dec 25, 1691.

Richard GREENE† (s. of John) and Ellin SAILES (d. of John of Providence) on Feby 16, 1692-3.

Thomas COLLINS and Abigail HOUSE on Feby 17, 1692.

Stuckly WESTCOAT† and Prosilah BENNIT (of East Greenwich) on Dec 21, 1693.

Samuel GREENE† (s. of John) and Mary GORTON† (d. of Benjamin) on Jany 24, 1694-5.

John WARNER Jr and Elizabeth COGGSHALL on Nov 27, 1694.

Peter GREENE† (s. of James) and Elizabeth SLOCUM of Quononacat, now Conanicut (d. of Ebinezer) on Feby 12, 1695-6.

Samuel GORTON (s. of John) and Elizabeth COLLINS (d. of Eliza) on May 9, 1695.

John RICE (s. of John) and Elnathan WHYPPOLL (d. of John) on July 25, 1695.

Peter STON† and Elizabeth SHAW (d. of John) on June 25, 1696.

Jabez GREEN (s. of James) and Mary BARTON (d. of Benjamin) on Mch 17, 1697 or 98.

Simon SMITH† (s. of Benjamin) and Mary ANDREWES† (d. of William) on Jany 5, 1698-9.

Israel ARNOLD† (s. of Israel) and Elizabeth SMITH† (d. of Benjamin) on Feby 28, 1698-9.

John WICKES (s. of John) and Sarah GORTON (dau. of Capt. Benj.) on Dec. 15, 1698.

John GORTON (s. of John) and Patience HOPKINS (d. of Thomas of Providence) on Feby 2, 1699-1700.

Malichy ROADES† and Dorothy WHYPPOL (d. of John Sr of Providence) on Mch 8, 1699 or 1700.

NOTE.–These are all the marriages on record to 1700 A.D.  The original spelling is given.  s. stands for son, and d. for daughter.

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