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Powhatan County Powers of Attorney 1784-1818

Source: L.H. Hart, “Powhatan County Powers of Attorney 1784-1818 (Deed Books 1-6, Deeds & Wills O),” Southside Virginian (1 July 1985), page 165.

[page 165]

An important source for documenting migration is the power of attorney, recorded in county deed books.  This instrument usually shows where a person has moved and gives some clue to his connection with the county in which the power of attorney is recorded.  Often, two or three generations are mentioned within one instrument.

The Index to Deeds for Powhatan County has been examined, and those powers of attorney which contain genealogical information or evidence of migration have been abstracted.

Standard state abbreviations are used as well as the following: DB-Deed Book; p-page; P-Powhatan County; Co.-County; Bro.-Brother; Sis.-Sister; Gr-Grand; PoA-Power of Attorney; Att.-Attested at (location).


DB O, p. 10.  Robert MAYO of City of Richmond intending to leave VA shortly, PoA to friend Joseph MAYO of P to act in my name, etc. and to sell my land in Amherst Co.

D.  May 3 1810

R.  May 7 1810

Witn.  Thomas LAMPRIEVE, John W. BASS, Edward MAYO.

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