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History of Henrico Parish and Old St. John’s Church, Richmond, Virginia 1611-1904

Source: J. Staunton Moore, History of Henrico Parish and Old St. John’s Church, Richmond, Virginia 1611-1904, Part II, Addenda, The Vestry Book of Henrico Parish, Virginia 1730-1773, from the Original Manuscript, with Notes and Appendix by Dr. R.A. Brock (Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books, 1997).

[page 195]


J.–Joseph MAYO, note 5, page 163.  A recent visit of the editor to the old burying ground of the MAYO family at Powhatan,* enables him to present what he hopes will not be considered an uninteresting addition to this note.

The Cemetery is in area about fifty by one hundred feet, and is well enclosed by a brick wall–several cedar trees

* Now owned by Mr. Geo. S. PRINCE.

[page 196]

within the inclosure, measuring nearly two feet in diameter, are evidently of indigenous growth.  The Cemetery is distant from the mansion some two hundred yards, following the current of the river, (between the two, lie the recently erected depot buildings of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.)  It occupies the summit of an eminence rivalling that on which is built the mansion.  Its military advantages caused its selection during our late unhappy strife as the site of fortifications, which remain a little to the left of the Cemetery, almost as well-defined as when they were manned by the heroes of the “lost cause.”

The Cemetery (in which there is doubtless a number of unmarked graves) contains more than a score of monuments to the dead, bearing the family names of MAYO, POYTHRESS, MACON, SCOTT, CABELL, FULTON, THOM and ATKINSON – among the more interesting of them are the following:


HERE lyeth interred the Body
of JOSEPH MAYO,* Gent.,
Born in Sumersetshire,
March 25th, 1693, and died
March 25th, 1740.  Aged, 47 years.
Near this Tomb, also lie Interred
The Bodys of three of his children;
who died in their infancy,
viz: JOSEPH MAYO, born March
the 28th, 1729, and died Oct. ye 9, 1732;
MARIANNA MAYO, born May ye

*The Joseph MAYO of the text.

[page 197]

24th, 1731, and died Sept. 5th, 1732;
STEPH., the 2d, born Sept. 18th, 1735,
and died Oct’r, 1736.


Here lyeth Interred the Body
of GEORGE MAYO, Eldest son
of Joseph MAYO, was born
In the Island of Barbadoes,
August 30th, 1717, Died Feb. ye 19th, 1739.

The two preceding are companion stones, lying side by side, prone upon the earth.  They are, in dimensions, six feet six inches in length, by three feet three inches in width, and are fully five inches in thickness, the edges being rounded into the ogee form.  The material is apparently a kind of marble of great hardness and density; in color, a slatish gray.  The perfect preservation of the inscriptions in all of their minutiæ and the still unmarred and polished surface of the stones, are evidences of their unusual durability.  The carved inscriptions were palpably by a skilled hand.  The family coat of arms being most artistically executed.  The MAYO coat of arms is as follows: Azure, vair gules argent, between three coronets or.  Crest, a unicorn’s head erased, bearing a chevron vair gules and argent.  Here the arms appear with a crescent for difference, and are rendered with an Esquire’s helmet surmounting the shield, and an exquisite mantling of scroll work.

The two following are head-stones of gray sandstone.

To the Memory

[page 198]

Who died June 17, 1786.
Aged, 50 years.
Inspired by a grateful recollection
of parental care and protection,
this stone is rais’d by Filial Affection.

To the Memory
Spouse of J.M., who died
Sept. 1792, in the 60th
year of her Age.

Now follows a venerable couple – the tombs side by side, altar-shaped and of white marble:

In Memory of
Our Father,
Who was born in the county of Gloucester
Sept. 26th, 1757.
Died in Richmond, August 12th, 1837.
Aged 84 years.

In Memory of
Our Mother,
Consort of William MAYO,
Born in the County of Prince George, 1759.

[page 199]

Died at Powhatan seat, Aug. 6th, 1806.
Aged 47 years.

The two next are handsome monuments of white marble, obelisk in form.  The inscriptions, which are presented on four sides of the one and three of the other, are as follows:


To the Memory of
Colonel JOHN MAYO,
He was born
the 21st October, 1760, at
Deep Creek, Powhatan county,
and died at
in the
County of Henrico,
May 28th, 1818.
57 years and 7 months.


He was endowed
with an active mind, a feeling heart,
and liberal spirit.
will long remember his useful life,
to which she owes various
particularly the important
which bears his name and connects

[page 200]

her with Manchester.
A work
suggested and accomplished
by individual enterprise and energy
and perseverance.
For many years
He represented Henrico
in the
General Assembly,
and was elected by that body
A Member
of the
Executive Council of State,
But earthly pageant’s have passed away,
His mortal remains lies beneath this stone,
His soul humbly offers itself to God.
pray thou
with the widowed and the fatherless,
that it may be mercifully accepted
and graciously appointed to Seats of


To the Memory of
relict of the late

*Her maiden name was DE HART, and she was a native of Elizabethtown, New Jersey.

[page 201]

Col. John MAYO,
of Belleville,
near Richmond, Virginia,
The remembrance of her
virtues, her strength of
mind and character, her
kindness and usefulness,
will ever be cherished by
her bereft children and
friends.  She lived beloved
and respected, and died
sincerely deplored,
In the the [sic] 83rd year of
Her Age.


Obit. 2nd of October,
Anno Domini 1843


Green be the turf above thee,
Mother of our other days;
None knew thee, but to love thee,
None named thee, but to praise.


Nat. 14th of February,
Anno Domini 1761.

We will conclude with the following inscription to the memory of two children of the late General Winfield SCOTT, whom married a daughter of Col. John and Abigail MAYO, whose epitaphs precede this.  The tomb is altar-shaped, with white marble slab and panelled slate sides, which, from the mouldering of the cement, are now falling away:

[page 202]

In Memory
Two lovely children,
Born April 18th, 1819, Died Sept. 23rd, 1820,
Buried at Montpelier,
the seat of
Ex-President MADISON;
Born Mar. 23rd, 1823, died May 17th, 1827,
who lies
Beneath this tomb,
Sons of
Winfield and Maria MAYO SCOTT.
My soul melteth away
for very heaviness,
Comfort thou me, Oh, LORD!

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