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Notes and Queries

Source: William B. Trask, “Notes and Queries,” New England Historical and Genealogical Register 41[1887].

[page 412]


George PROCTOR was a grantee of land in Dorchester, Feb. 10, 1634 (Dorchester Town Records, i. 13; 4th Report of Record Commissioners, page 9), consequently an inhabitant if the town at that date.  The History of Dorchester (page 73) mentions his wife Edith and daughters “Sarah and Mary, who probably came with their parents.”  They had subsequently other children born to them in Dorchester, namely, Abigail, Thomas and Samuel.  Now if Mary PROCTOR was born in England, it must have been previous to Feb. 10, 1634, when her father received from the town an allotment of three and a half acres of land.  She would have been, therefore, 70 or more years of age had she lived till March 22, 1704, and about eight years older than the gravestone makes the wife of Thomas PIERCE to have

[page 413]

been at her death.  Whereas, the birth of Mary FRY and her age as given on the stone corresponds: born in Weymouth, Jan. 9th, 1641 [1644? – photocopy unclear], died in Dorchester, March 22, 1704, aged 62.  The entire evidence serves to show that Mary FRY, of Weymouth, married Thomas PIERCE, of Dorchester.


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