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Prince Edward Will Book 1754-1784

Source: J.C. Kolbe, “Prince Edward Will Book 1754-1784,” Southside Virginian (January 1987).

[page 18]

P. 351.

Will of Sarah LIGON; to son William a negro Lewis; to grandson Jno. Turner LIGON son of William LIGON negroes Dick & Dinah which are given as compensation for caring

[page 19]

for James ATWOOD till he reaches 21; to dau. Sarah ATWOOD if she comes into county she to have negroes Phyllis […line left out?…] grandson John T. LIGON; to grandson Wm. LIGON son of Henry LIGON dec a negro Amy; to Henry LIGON son of William LIGON a negro Cesar; to grandson Jas. ATWOOD negro Lucy and if he dies to his brothers William and John ATWOOD; to grand dau. Mary MASON a negro Agg; to grand dau. Eliz. Ligon ATWOOD a negro Patt; to grandau. Mary ATWOOD a negro Judith; son-in-law Thos. LIGON dau-in-law Eliz. LIGON; to dau Sarah ATWOOD I lend negroes Joan, Py; Ex. grandson John T. LIGON wit. John RICHARDS, George FOSTER, Thomas VAUGHN, Abraham FOSTER

d. 4 July 1784

R. January Ct. 1785.

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