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Czech Immigration Passenger Lists

Source: Leo Baca, Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, Volume 7 (Richardson, Texas: published by the author, 1998).

[page 6] 

The following list covers arrivals in New York between 1887 and 1896. This list was derived by reviewing and abstracting 166 rolls of microfilm, specifically rolls 503 through 669 of Microcopy 237 (Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, 1820-1897). The result was the identification of 39,165 Czech arrivals.





While I would like to claim completeness, I can not. There were many problems such as missing lists, illegible handwriting, spelling, and so forth. But the effort is as comprehensive as I could make it.

The data that follows contains the following information: the name of the person (other probably Czech spellings are shown in parenthesis), age (shown as a fraction if less than one year), the name of the country from which the immigrant came, the name of the ship (underlined), the date or arrival, and the destination (if given).

[page 28]

CEIKA, Anton 32, Bohemia; Bohemia, 13 March 1888


CEJK, Josefine 40, Franziska 17, Austria; Fulda, 24 April 1888

CEJKA, August 30, Bohemia; Scandia, 21 May 1895

CEJKA, Filemena 19, Kasehovice, Bohemia; Dresden, 13 June 1893

CEJKA, Franz ?, Magda. ?, Jacob 17, Svinetice, Austria; Bohemia, 12 May 1888; Minnesota

CEJKA, Josef 33, Marie 24, Stefanie 3, Marie 10/12, Bohemia; Willehad, 7 June 1894

CEJKA, Joseph 30, Anna 28, Joseph 4, Jan 3, Franz 2, Jaroslav ½, Austria; Polynesia, 16 June 1890

CEJKA, Therese 20, Austria; Elbe, 10 April 1889

CEJKA, Wenzl 26, Marie 20, Anna 2, Bracice, Bohemia; Elbe, 30 July 1887; Cleveland


CEJLLA (?), Vaclav 19, Bohemia; Gera, 10 August 1892; Ohio

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