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Petitions of the Early Inhabitants of Kentucky

Source: James Rood Robertson, Petitions of the Early Inhabitants of Kentucky to the General Assembly of Virginia, 1769 to 1792 (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1998), [originally published as Filson Club Publications No. 27, (Louisville, Kentucky, 1914)].

[page 103] 



the petition of James BUCHANAN of the County of Bourbon humbly sheweth that your Petitoiner having acquired at a great expence the claim of one half the lower blue Licks on Licking Creek of a certain James PARBERRY of Henry County & hath lately had the same divided and conveyed by Deeds in Fee Simple which were acknowledged and recorded according to Law: Your Petitoners part of the said Tract or parcel of Land includes the only good place for a Ferry across said Creek on the road leading from the mouth of Limestone to Lexington & your Petitioner at the request of many of his Neighbours hath provided a Boat & hands at his own Expence & set over passengers in time of high water from many of whom he has neither received Fee nor reward therefore your Petitioner prays that a Ferry may be established on his Lands on the one side of Licking Creek to his Lands on the opposite Shore. Your Petitioner lately alarmed by an advertisement set up at the door of the Court House of this County by said PARBERRY declaring his Intentions of applying tot he next General Assembly for the establishment of a Ferry on what he calls his Lands on the said Creek running parallel with your Petitioner’s which Place your Honorable House may be assured is a rapid and entirely unfit for a Ferry & therefore he can derive very little advantage to himself but would do much Injury to your Peti-

[page 104]

tioner who hath for some Time lived with his Family on the Place much exposed to the Indians: your Petitioner in support of the above allegations hath obtained a certificate of Colo James GARRARD Survaeyor of the said County who run the dividing Line by Consent of the Parties which Line stands as the Boundary mentioned in the Deed To which Certificate your Petitioner hopes your Honorable House will give the highest credit he being no way interested. Your Petitioner begs Leave further to inform your Honorable House that the said PARBERRY had prior to the Sale of the one Half sold to your Petitioner disposed of his other Half of the said Claim unto William BUCHANAN at the same time giving sufficient writings for the Conveyance of the Same and receiving full value in Lands lying on Holstan’s river which obligations have since been assigned over and now become the claim of Mr. James FRENCH of the District of Kentuckey. And your petitioner for the better Information of your Honorable House hath inclosed a true copy of the Articles of agreement between William BUCHANAN and sd PARBERRY & your Petitioner humbly hopes that your Honorable House will take the same Into consideration & grant him the said Ferry & your Pettioner as in duty bound shall ever pray.


This is to certify that being call’d on by Mr. James PARBERRY to Divide the Tract of Land that contains the lower Blue Licks and having run the Dividing Line through the two Licks, one on each side of Licking Creek and having View’d the situation of the Landings proper for a Ferry are of opinion that the lands of Mr James BUCHANAN is by far the most proper for a ferry By reason of a short Break of the Hills which forms a perfect Eddy and secure Landing when the Creek is past fording which runs rapidly over Mr. PARBERRYs Landing, and I do further certify that I am not Interested any way in the Establishment of the ferry at the Lick, only as a Citizen Given under my hand this 15th day of Sept 1787.

James GARRARD, Surveyor Bourbon C.

[page 105]

I John EDMUND Clerk of Bourbon County do Certify that the within Petition was advertised according to Law


September the 20th 1787.

Endorsement on back of petition. 27th October 1787 — Referred to Propositions — (rept.)

[page 127]



the petition of the Inhabitants of Bourbon County Humbly Sheweth that the Land whereon our present Courthouse now stands to the amount of two hundred & fifty acres is laid off in Lotts by the Propriator, for the purpose of setling a Town which Lotts are principly bought up by those who are now living on & improving them and have erected a number of very convenient buildings — on sd Lotts we your petitioners conceiving it realy necessary that sd Town be established by Law pray your Honourable body that a Law pass for the establishment of a Town agreeable to the manner the Lotts are

[page 128]

now laid off and that Trustee be appointed for the purpose of superintending & Regulating of the Building of sd Town and in duty Bound we pray—



Endorsement on back of petition. Octo. 28th. 1789. — Refd. to props. (reasonable) (repd.)

The request was granted in an act entitled, An Act to establish a town in each of the counties of Madison, Albemarle, and Bourbon. Henings Statutes, Vol. 13, 87.

The town for Madison was Milford, and for Bourbon it was Hopewell.

The trustees were Notley CONN, Charles SMITH, Jr., John EDWARDS, James GARRARD, Edward WALLER, Thomas WEST, James LANIER, James LITTLE, and James DUNCAN.

[page 145]



the Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of the County of Bourbon Humbly sheweth That in the year one thousand Seven Hundred and eighty eight there was an inspection of Tobacco established at the Junction of Hinkson & Stoner fork of Licking and that Stoners fork has been found by trial made as navigable

[page 146]

a very considerable Distance above the Junction and for as large Boats, as it is below; and as long in the year and that it makes its way throug the center of the County, through a fertile soil thickly Inhabited, abounding with a variety of Fish, and that it is the only stream by which the greater part of the County can be relieved from a Difficult Land carriage of many miles, in exporting of their produce, and that an attempt is made for obstructing the same by the Court of sd County granting an order for a mill without any restricktions whatever, when granting two others the one prior & the other posterior to the former, obliging the owners to keep a passage for boats forty feet by twelve; the validity of which will evidently appear by the certificates attending this Petition from the Clerk of the County; Now being convinced that the obstructing the navigation of sd River would be highly injurious, and contrary to the Interest of the County; and also that your Honourable House are fully possessed of the advantages from a water carriage. We therefore pray that your Honourable House will take the same into consideration and remove all obstructions that shall be made across Sd River; and establish the navigation of Licking Beginning at its Junction with the Ohio thence up to the mainfork, thence up the South fork, to the Junction of Hinkston & Stoner thence up Stoners fork to Bramblets Lick in such manner as in your wisdom you may think best and we your Petitioners shall ever pray


[This petition, according to the index in the back of the book, was signed by, among others, James BOYLE, James STRODE, John STRODE, Stephen STRODE, and Thomas CONSTANT.]


Endorsement on back of petition. Octo. 22d. 1790. — Refd to props.

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